A comparison between Dyson v11 and shark ion f80
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By Lauren Quan | 25 September 2020 | 0 Comments

A comparison between Dyson v11 v/s shark ion f80

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Wondering whether to buy a Dyson or a Shark Ninja vacuum cleaner? With the availability of multiple vacuum cleaners’ brand and models in the market, it is indeed difficult to choose the suitable gadget for oneself. Comparing two different equipment is inevitable with regards to their performance and most importantly price. 

Despite the excellent efficiency many top notch vacuum cleaners are abandoned in the market every year due to their pricey nature. Therefore, it is important to completely analyze the performance and cost efficiency of the appliance beforehand to avoid unnecessary troubles.

Hence, comparison between two extremely efficient devices i.e. Shark Ion F80 vacuum cleaner and Dyson V11 Cordless vacuum cleaner is mentioned below.

Shark Ion F80 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner with Multi-flex
Cordless and lightweight Shark Ion F80 vacuum cleaner is suitable for vacuuming a large house. This is attributed to a large dust canister integrated in the appliance to store up to 0.3 quarts of waste and debris. The product weighs only 8.5 pounds and is incorporated with multi-flex technology and a variety of sensors that helps the device to navigate around the house. 
Additionally, lift away technology enhances the portability of the apparatus. The vacuum cleaner also possesses the ability to fold and fit into a confined space.  The hand-held version of the product is suitable for cleaning cars and furniture but might feel a bit bulky as reported by some consumers. 

 Shark Ion F80 vacuum cleaner is available with only a handful of accessories and consumers might need to buy additional tools depending on their needs. Some prominent tools available with the appliance include a charging dock, 2 rechargeable batteries, a crevice tool, a large nozzle for cleaning ceiling and curtains along with a charging cable. 

Suction Power
 Duo clean technology incorporated with brush rollers and a powerful motor head provides outstanding vacuuming efficiency to the appliance. These tools embedded in the main apparatus body force the dust out of the carpet fibers alongside animal hair strands and fur. Therefore, leaving a clean spotless floor behind. 
Besides this, the gadget features two different suction modes for different flooring materials I.e. Ion boost mode having suction power of 38 CFM and Ion Power mode having the suction power of 24 CFM. Both suction modes provide different performance efficiency and cleaning benefits.

Shark Ion F80 vacuum cleaner is integrated with multi-flex technology that allows the device to bend easily under the furniture. Thus, easing the trouble for bending down and reaching the desired location manually. Furthermore, duo clean technology present in the device contains a soft and a hard brush for cleaning bare floors and carpets, respectively. 
Along with this, pre and post motor filtration capture numerous amounts of dirt particles providing a pollution free environment.  Multiple suction modes also provide extraordinary suction power along with energy preservation for various users' needs.

Battery and Charging Time
25.2 V lithium ion batteries present in the Shark Ion vacuum cleaner require 3'5 hours to charge completely. The battery is also efficient in terms of retaining power and can provide a running time of 80 minutes when both batteries are utilized together at Ion Power Mode and 20 minutes in Ion Boost most. Besides this, batteries are replaceable and can be utilized consecutively for better results. Mode with higher suction power is recommended for cleaning carpets and rugs.

The price of Shark Ion F80 cordless vacuum cleaner is $344.87. This model of Shark is very inexpensive as compared to Dyson V11 model.

  • Lightweight and Cordless
  • Removal batteries with longer running time
  • Multiple Suction modes with 100 air watts of power
  • Ability to bent under the furniture
  • Ability to convert to handheld version
  • Difficult to operate on carpets
  • No HEPA filtration
Dyson V11 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner 
Dyson v11 cordless vacuum cleaner is a lightweight, intelligent technological device designed specially to keep your home clean and safe from pollutants. The appliance weighs only 6.6 pounds and is cordless in nature. Embedded with the powerful motor spinning at the rate of 125000 resolutions per minute, the product generates an exceptional suction speed.

In addition to this, a large canister is also part of the system which enables consumers to store immense amounts of debris without the need to empty the bin repeatedly. Furthermore, the main body of vacuum cleaner is mounted with an LED screen displaying various cleaning modes including Eco mode and auto mode that can be utilized depending upon the user's need. Moreover, cyclone technology integrated in the gadget coupled with an advanced filtration system provides exceptional cleaning efficiency.

Dyson v11 cordless vacuum cleaner comes with numerous accessories which provide additional benefits. Accessories available with the main product include stair tool and combination tool to enhance the performance of the equipment on stairs and ceilings.

Along with this, an additional motorized brush is also provided to the customers to capture animal fur and large hair strands from carpets. Docking station is also included in the list of accessories and can be utilized for charging and placing the vacuum cleaner while not in use.

Suction Power
 The digital motor Incorporated in Dyson v11 cordless vacuum cleaner has the ability to spin at the rate of 125000 resolutions per minute and generate suction power twice as strong as its competitors. The gadget provides the suction power of up to 40% due to the presence of 14 cyclones in the main equipment.
The strong suction power enables the device to capture dust and debris from deep inside the piles of carpets and performs extraordinarily well on hard floors as well. In addition to this, the strong suction speed also prevents the clogging of equipment. Which not only enhances the lifetime of the apparatus but also sustains the suction speed of the vacuum cleaner.

Cyclone Technology has the ability to capture debris from deep inside the carpets generating the force of up to 79 grams. Moreover, HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Absorption) filters provide a deficiency of 99.9 7% by capturing dust particles ranging up to the size of 0.3 microns.

Therefore, increasing the suitability of product to be used around lungs patients. The pointer to does canister provides sanitary waste handling and thus, protects the consumers against harmful pollutants. In addition to this, the device is noise free and features multiple cleaning modes including auto mode, boost mode and eco mode. These modes generate suction power and preserve energy depending on the automated settings. Hence, making the gadget a tough rival to its industrial counterparts.


Dyson V11 is embedded with a replaceable lithium ion battery that possesses the potential to retain power for 60 minutes without impacting its performance. Battery time may vary to some degrees depending on the mode of cleaning being utilized and flooring surface. Overall, the product has the capability to clean the whole house in one single charge.

 Dyson V11 cordless vacuum cleaner has a price tag of $599 and is very expensive as compared to other highly efficient vacuum cleaners around the market.

  • Multiple Cleaning Modes
  • 60 minutes of running time
  • HEPA filtration with 99.97% efficiency
  • 120 air watts of suction power
  • Lightweight and cordless
  • Expensive
  • 4.5 hours required for charging
Dyson V11 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner v/s Shark Ion F80 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner
Shark Ion F80
Dyson V11
Weight 8.5 lb. 6.6 lb.
Suction Power 100 air watts 185 air watts
HEPA filtration No Yes
Accessories 2 rechargeable batteries, charging dock, nozzle and crevice tool, charging cable Combination tool, stair tool, motorized brush roll, docking station
Charging Time 3.5 hr. 4.5 hr.
Battery Time 20-80 minutes 60 minutes
Price $344 $599
 Prominent features of both Shark Ion F80 and Dyson V11 vacuum cleaners have been listed above and provide a great insight into the working of both appliances. From above mentioned facts it can be deduced that Shark Ion vacuum cleaner is more performance efficient as compare to its Dyson counterpart. Which although possesses higher suction power and contains HEPA filtration but is not a tough competitor of Shark in other aspects. Moreover, Dyson V11 vacuum cleaner is more expensive as compare to F80 vacuum cleaner and therefore, can be easily replaced in the market.


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