Benefits of Using a Humidifier
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By Joey | 24 September 2020 | 0 Comments

Benefits of Using a Humidifier

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                    Benefits of Using a Humidifier
Living a healthy life is one of the things that add meaning to life. Having real comfort in your daily endeavors starts within yourself. Current technology has successfully answered and gave out exceptional solutions to most of the challenges that we encounter. Quality and clean air environment play a significant role in humanity. It can significantly affect your lifestyle. Technology has come up with air humidifiers to make sure you enjoy quality air around you.

What is a humidifier?
The current high technology humidifiers quickly sort out symptoms like skin, throat, lips, nose dryness, and irritation. Even some diseases like the common cold and other flu-like symptoms can be taken care of. Humidifiers are there for you to enjoy moisturized air that is pretty much essential for your health. 

How does a humidifier work?
Into explaining this, the evaporative humidifier will be our tool. It is one of the many humidifiers we have. It is effortless and majorly self-regulating. This humidifier is equipped with a cold water reservoir that dispenses the water into a basin. Also, a wicking filter is installed, purposely, to absorb the water from the basin. Then a fan immediately blows air via the moistened filter.
In the air passing through the filter, some of the water is evaporated, thus allowing more water vapor into the atmosphere. More water vapor being added into the surrounding solely depends on the relative humidity of that place; this confirms the self-regulatory feature.
An evaporative humidifier can sometimes be hooked up to the heating and cooling system of a building.

How to clean a humidifier
You will often be required to clean your humidifier for all air spaces to be open and make it more efficient with a clean outlook. You have no reason to worry about how cleaning can be done. It is unbelievably easy! Just follow these simple steps below;
1. Thoroughly wash the humidifier's water tank- make sure you pull out the humidifier's tank and gently pour out the old water. The second thing you need to do is to fill the tank with three cups full of vinegar. For the vinegar to cover all sides and the bottom, you will be required to swish the tank around. Allow it to settle for at least an hour. Why vinegar? It is meant to act as a natural cleanser as it loosens up any dirt build up on the bottom of the tank. After you are done, thoroughly rinse the tank.
2. Rinse the filter- start by unplugging the humidifier, then go ahead to remove the filter, then hold it under the faucet. Gently rinse the filter using cold water to eliminate any impurity present. Finally, place it on a clean towel for it to dry as you clean the other parts. 
3. Gently wipe down the frame- here, a sponge dampened with vinegar and water can sort you out in wiping out the other parts of the humidifier. By so doing, you would have prevented dust along with different sorts of debris from getting into the water tank. It will also curb bacteria or mold growth.

What does a humidifier do?
Humidity can relieve dryness and irritation as it acts as a natural moisturizing agent, and that is why humidifiers come in as your doctor. Seasons like winter can bring you severe discomfort since it is a period when air is quite dry.
A humidifier will make sure the following symptoms do not occur;
  1. Prevent you from experiencing a dry throat.
  2. Curbs nose irritation.
  3. It Serves to Stops any dry cough.
  4. It does away with dry coughs.
  5. It eliminates the irritation of the vocal cords.
  6. Moisturizes dry lips.
  7. It moisturizes dry skin.
  8. It also relieves sinus congestion and any headaches.

Types of humidifiers
Humidifiers come in different types; their various unique features give a great chance to choose what best fits your wants and wishes. Below are the most popular humidifiers you need to know.
Warm Mist Humidifier
These warm mist humidifiers are typically used to cure colds and flu during cold seasons. They operate by heating cold water to form a vapor. This vapor is cooled immediately before being released. Since the water is heated at high temperatures, therefore, no bacterial contamination is experienced.
  1. Inhalants can be added to the vapor to treat colds and the flu.
  2. They are crazy silent, thus no disturbance when silence is needed.
  3. They have less mineral dust accumulation
  4. They have a low risk of bacterial contamination since there are high temperatures.
  1. It isn't easy to clean
  2. There is a high risk of getting burnt, especially if there are kids around.
  3. They have got low energy efficiency.

Cool mist humidifier
To add moisture to the air, these types of humidifiers release cold vapor. They are well equipped with filters that are easy to clean when they trap water impurities. These cool mist humidifiers are of more significant help when there seems to be warmer weather or climate.
  1. The cold vapor they emit is children and pet friendly.
  2. It acts as a remedy for asthma and allergy victims.
  3. You get protected from waterborne impurities since they are all filtered away.
  4. These types of humidifiers are easy to clean and maintain.
  5. They are generally affordable.
  6. Inhalants can be added to the humidifiers to keep cold and flu sufferers in good condition.
  1. They tend to be a bit noisy when they operate.
  2. Since there are no high temperatures, bacteria can get their way into the water tank.
  3. The water tank is vulnerable to the mineral dust.

Ultrasonic Humidifiers
These Ultrasonic Humidifiers operate interestingly, in that they have a metallic diaphragm that vibrates at a very high frequency, thus creating water droplets, which are then emitted into the atmosphere. 
  1. They need less cleaning and maintenance efforts.
  2. There is no hot surface where one can be exposed to burns.
  3. It is a better option for you if you are asthmatic or allergic.
  4. They are crazy silent; thus, they can be used overnight and also where you need no disturbing sound.
  5. They are extraordinarily efficient.
  1. They are easily prone to mineral accumulation.
  2. When compared to other types, it is a bit expensive.
  3. They lack a feature that can prevent bacterial contamination.

Vaporizer Humidifiers
These humidifiers are a bit unique from others, in that they may either emit cold or warm mist. You can add inhalants to sort out any cold or flu.
  1. They operate quietly, thus can be used overnight.
  2. They do not accumulate much mineral dust.
  3. There is a slim likelihood of water tank contamination with bacteria.
  4. They are budget-friendly.
  1. They heavily consume energy
  2. You are prone to burns since there is heating.
  3. They are difficult to clean
  4. They need you to keep them away from the children's access.

Evaporative humidifiers

What you have to keep in mind is that these evaporative humidifiers work similarly as the cold mist evaporators. They do not heat water to create humidity; instead, they use a wick that depends on a fan to circulate humidity. Since there is no heat generation, children and pets are free from the danger of getting burnt.
  1. They are pretty much affordable
  2. Cleaning and maintenance of the humidifiers are not hectic.
  3. Lack of hot surfaces, hence safe for small children and pets.
  4. They offer a remedy for asthmatic and allergic sufferers.
  5. They are self- regulating.
  1. There is noise pollution from the fan
  2. Bacteria can access the water tank.
  3. There are high chances of mineral dust accumulation.

Do you want a luxurious life? Get the humidifier of your choice to do away with the everyday challenges you face during winter seasons or whenever air gets dry. You can also prevent symptoms like common colds and flu. Make your life easy by purchasing one of our reviewed humidifiers today!


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