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By Lauren Quan | 24 September 2020 | 0 Comments

Bissell Vs Shark: Which Is Better for Pet Hairs?

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Pets are valuable and make our lives happier. With the adorable pets around the house, comes the unpleasant task of cleaning after them. You can make cleaning quick and effortless with a reliable and a trusted brand of vacuum cleaner. You need to invest in a high-performance and durable vacuum cleaner to save you time and the trouble. Choosing the right vacuum that will efficiently pick up dander from the floors is not an easy task. In this article, we will review among the markets best vacuum cleaners to save you the hassle. Bissell and Shark vacuum cleaners have a strong presence in the market.

Bissell Vs. Shark: Pet Hair
Both brands are dedicated to producing vacuum cleaners that are highly efficient in picking up pet hair and dander around the house. Although both companies have high-quality vacuum cleaners for picking up pet hair, Bissell beats Shark.

Bissell has been producing vacuums with pet owners in mind since early 2000’s. Additionally, to show their dedication and love for pets, the company has partnered with and started a foundation in 2011 called Bissell Pet Foundation. In terms, of taking of pet hair, Bissell has a wide range of products for the job. Therefore, Bissell is better than Shark when it comes to pet hair.

Bissell Vs. Shark: Filtration
The vacuums from both brands. Shark vacuum cleaners have HEPA- High-Efficiency Particulate Air. Bissell vacuum cleaners utilizes the non-HEPA filters. Both the filters are efficient when it comes to trapping the dirt particles. However, if you are looking for a vacuum that will take care of your health, especially if you suffer allergies, Shark vacuums are the better option. HEPA filters traps tiny particles of dust, smoke, dander, and pollen and prevents it from escaping into the air. If your only problem is pet hair and debris around the house, Bissell comes with filters that eliminates the unpleasant odor.

Bissell Vs. Shark: Noise Levels
It is not strange thing that vacuum cleaners are huge and produce a lot of noise. The noise from the vacuum cleaner does not only cause disturbance to people, but also pets. If you have pets, a noisy vacuum cleaner will make your pet uncomfortable and that is heartbreaking.

Shark vacuum cleaners have noise reduction technology which does not make the cleaning experience traumatic for your pets. The Bissell vacuum cleaners lack this feature and are a bit louder. So, in terms of noise levels Shark vacuum cleaners are better.

Bissell v Shark: Bagless Technology
Both Shark and Bissell utilize the Bagless technology for collecting dirt and dust. You do not incur costs in buying the trash bags which saves you money. When it comes to the capacity of the dustbin, Shark vacuums are bigger with a range of 0.6 to 1.1 gallons. On the other hand, Bissell vacuum cleaners have dustbin capacity ranging from 0.11 to 0.52 gallons. Shark beats Bissell when it comes to the dustbin capacity.

Bissell Vs. Shark: Suction Power
Both brands of these vacuums claim to have powerful suction power in all their vacuum cleaners. Shark claim that their vacuum cleaners have never lose suction power in all their models. When it comes to cleaning high pile carpets, Shark is a great performer.
Bissell vacuums have powerful suction power on all its cleaners. Some vacuum cleaners have the SuctionChannel technology. Both Bissell and Shark vacuum cleaners have good suction power to meet all your cleaning needs.

Bissell Vs. Shark: Warranty
Both brands offer their customers a good amount of warranty. However, Shark beats the Bissell brand when it comes to warranty period. Shark offers a warranty of up to five years, while Bissell offers a warranty of two years. If you are looking for a vacuum with longer warranty period. Shark may be what you are looking for.

Bissell Vs. Shark: Durability
An important factor to consider when buying a vacuum cleaner is checking for the durability. Both brands have high-quality vacuum cleaners. However, Shark beats Bissell in quality superiority. Users reviews show that Bissell vacuum cleaners are prone to scratches and bumps, something that Shark vacuums lack. If you are looking for a studier and highly durable vacuum cleaner, consider a Shark vacuum cleaner.

Bissell Vs. Shark: Price
One of the major factors in determining the type of vacuum you end up with is the price. Bissell vacuum cleaners are less expensive compared to Shark vacuums. If you are on budget, Bissell vacuum cleaners will come in handy for you. If you want more features in a vacuum and you do not mind digging deeper into your pockets, Shark will give you value for your money.

Bissell Vs. Shark: Attachments
Another factor to help you determine which of the two brands is best for your cleaning needs, consider the attachments that comes with the vacuum.
Bissell vacuums come with several attachments for different cleaning needs. It has extension wands and 2-in-1 models that also double as handheld vacuums.
Shark vacuum cleaners have attachments such as extension wands and handheld models for easy cleaning all around the house.

Shark Ninja Vs. Bissell Crosswave Pet Pro
  Bissell Crosswave Pet Pro Shark Ninja
Weight 11 lbs. 9.9 pounds
Cord Length 25 Ft. 23 ft.
Filter Thick Pleated HEPA filters
Suction power 100-150 AW 600W
Tank capacity
  • 28 oz. water tank
  • 14.5 oz. water tank
0.91 quart
Dimensions Width-12 x46x10.5inches 10.2 x 9.8 x 46.4 inches
Noise Levels 62- 68 db. N/A
  • cleaning tray
  • storage tray
  • two-8 ounce cleaning formulas
  • Brush roll
  • Rinse and storage tray
  • 2 multi-surface pet brush roll
  • 2 wood floor brush rolls
  • 2 Bissell Multi-Surface Pet Formula
  • Under-appliance wand
  • Duster crevice tool
  •  Upholstery tool
  •  Pet multi-tool
  •  On-board storage clip
  • Wall mount
  • Accessories bag
SharkNinja HV381 Stick Vacuum

The Shark Ninja vacuum cleaner has Duo Clean technology with a bristle brush for deep cleaning of the carpets. It is lightweight for easy movement up and down the stairs. It enables the vacuum to be easily converted to a handheld vacuum. It comes with a variety of accessories to help you meet all your cleaning needs.

The DuoClean technology utilizes two brushes on the main to reach dirt and pet hair trapped deep in the carpets and other floors. Shark Ninja is suitable for cleaning all types of floors, including the carpets, hardwood floors, tiles, and laminate flooring.

  • Powerful suction power with better ability to pick up dirt
  • Has noise reduction technology
  • Quick and easy maintenance
  • LED indicator lights
  • Ultra-lightweight
  • Triple particle cleaning
  • Utilize DuoClean technology
  • Powerful motor
  • Does not lose suction strength on different floors
  • Large capacity dustbin
  • It has HEPA filters
  • Expensive
BISSELL CrossWave Pet Pro
Bissell CrossWave is one of the best and high-performance vacuum cleaner from the Bissell brand. It has thick brush rolls capable of digging into the carpet to remove pet hair and long strands of hair. Bissell vacuum cleaners are reputable for cleaning after the pets. The vacuum is ideal for you if you have the fury friends in your house. Additionally, you will not need two different machines for cleaning chores. CrossWave Pet Pro is a duo-cleaner, which means it can mop and clean at the same time.

  • Odor absorbing filters
  • Large capacity dustbin
  • Light weight
  • Easy and simple maintenance
  • It has LED light
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Long Retractable wand
  • Duo Cleaner
  • Limited vacuums available
Pets are part of our family and make our lives worthwhile. If you have pets, then you probably know that it is hard to live without a good vacuum cleaner. The two brands are great performers when it comes to picking up pet hair. Bissell vacuums cheaper and specially designed to clean up the pet hair and dander. Shark is a great at cleaning up after pets, just not as efficiently as the Bissell. However, you can be sure that either of these brands will help in keeping your home clean.


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