What’s The Best Dyson Pure Cool Air Purifier?
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By pppggg | 24 September 2020 | 0 Comments

What’s The Best Dyson Pure Cool Air Purifier?

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The normal air we breathe, notwithstanding where we are, cannot be as pure as we expect it as to be. Nowadays, there are air pollutants that are almost everywhere. Whenever you stay in an office, car, or any room at your home, you will wish to have the same freshness that you will get as that felt when you are near a waterfall or any other natural refreshing place. Sometimes the air in the room can get too warm or sometimes too cold, and you need to stay in a balanced atmosphere as we know very well that there are certain airborne, allergic and asthmatic diseases that can come as a result of breathing contaminated air. This has become a major problem, especially in the major cities in the world. Dyson has come to the rescue by creating the best known for its excellent working air purifiers that bring pure comfort and an admirable air condition in your room or car. This purifier developer has come up with various purifier models that can serve you to their perfection.

Before we get to answer which of the several Dyson pure cool air purifiers is the best, let has first have a look at this;

What is the Dyson pure cool air purifier?

The Dyson pure cool is a well-known air purifier developer that have helped many, more so in getting an ideal atmosphere for a good sleep, as you can agree with the fact that we spend most of our lives in our bedrooms. This Dyson pure cool air purifier is composed of these three basic parts; the fan, air purifier, and the air quality sensor.  Dyson pure cool air purifier comes with a smartphone integration with the air purifier through the Dyson link app, thus enabling an easy way of controlling the air purifier. They also have a HEPA filtration system that captures unwanted gases, allergens, pollutants, and bacteria from the surrounding atmosphere. The Dyson pure cool air purifier brings the following best models you can choose from.

Dyson Pure Cool DPO4

Dyson Pure me Cool DPO4 air purifier is the latest model from Dyson and has quality features that make it take the best overall Dyson position. This air purifier is perfectly equipped with quality components like the digital LCD readout system that grants the real-time information to your smartphone about the surrounding air quality through a simple Wi-Fi connection. The Dyson Pure me Cool DPO4 filtration system is well equipped with three layers that include a HEPA filter with activated charcoal. Also, an innovative air multiplier technology bladeless fan system is installed, giving you a powerful airflow for cooling, especially when you are in medium-sized rooms. This purifier is outstanding in terms of cleaning the PM2.5 and PM10 particulate matter and noxious gases like nitrogen dioxide and other volatile organic compounds from the surrounding air.
You can effectively control the Dyson Pure me Cool DPO4 air purifier by its magnetic remote, which has buttons that give the following key commands; setting oscillation, auto mode, scrolling through various data panels from the digital LCD readout, adjusting the fan speed, shifting to purification-only mode, and finally the toggling night mode. The most exciting feature is the remote. It is magnetic, which makes it easily slot into the top part of the tower. Besides, the top and the bottom parts of the remote are see-through, allowing you to define the battery housing and the IR blaster. With the Dyson Pure me Cool DPO4 air purifier at your service, you live to your best!

Dyson Pure Cool Me BP01

Dyson Pure Cool Me BP01 is designed in a way that it is a compact air purifier that can be ideally used in small rooms. It is best for personal use. Without blowing anything away around it, it can execute a powerful airflow of 257 liters/ second. You will love how it operates silently, and it is light, thus gives you the ease to carry it around.

The air purifier makes use of a glass HEPA filtration system that effectively removes allergens, asthmatic triggers, volatile organic compounds, smoke bacteria, and other harmful micro-organisms from the air you want to breathe. An activated carbon filter is also put in place to control odors and any medium and large-sized particles. The filter life solely depends on how you often use your air purifier. If the fan is run for 12 hours daily, the purifier will require you to change the filter after a year.

What makes the Dyson Pure Cool Me BP01 an excellent air purifier is its fan located just below its dome. This fan has a sliding mechanism that enables you to accelerate or decelerate the purifier's airflow. The air purifier's dome is also adjustable to allow air to flow to your specified direction.

Dyson Pure Cool me TP02 is equipped with a circular LCD screen that displays the filter life, airflow speed, oscillation, sleep timer, and the operating mode. Unluckily, the LCD screen does not display any data concerning the quality of air in the surrounding.

This air purifier gives you an easy way to control it. The good thing about its remote is that it can be stored through a magnetic holder positioned on the unit's front. You only need a remote control with six significant buttons that send specified commands. You will find yourself having to;

1. Adjust the airflow power
2. Turn on or off the machine
3. Check the HEPA filter's life
4. Switch on the sleep timer
5. Changing the oscillation

This is one of the cheap air purifiers you can get from Dyson and will perfectly suit you if you have to use it for small rooms.

Dyson Pure Cool TP02

Dyson Pure Cool TP02 is a recent technologically advanced air purifier, which has shown its marvelous performance. It exhibits the third-highest airflow power, which is at 410 liters/ second.

The air purifier's performance in terms of purification, statistics have shown that it has the capability to reduce PM2.5 to 0.2, PM 10 to 0.2, and also the AQI to zero.

Dyson Pure Cool TP02 is quite unique. It does not have a fan; instead, the air is channeled through the bottom unit, passes through the filter, and then expelled out through the amplifier. Now that the amplifier substitutes the fan, you can look closer to how it operates. The amplifier here is just the oscillating element where purified air is made to rush out from the device. Dyson Pure Cool TP02 being a bladeless purifier, gains the modern taste. As you go along using the purifier, you will occasionally need to clean the amplifier. It is this simple; you only have to use either an ordinary cloth or a dusting brush that can be obtained from a vacuum cleaner
The Dyson Pure Cool TP02 can be controlled in two ways: remote control or the Dyson Link App. If you opt to use the remote control, you will have to only watch your command being executed, but you will not have any visual interface from the remote or purifier. On the other, if you use the Dyson Link App, you will have the power to schedule the purification sessions. You can as well adjust the device’s settings to customize the air purifier.

The air purifier does use a single HEPA filter, which is a large circular. This enables the elimination of airborne particles and every other impurity of up to 0.3 microns in the surrounding air. Dyson Pure Cool TP02 air purifier is a life safer and can awesomely improve your lifestyle.

Dyson Pure Cool air purifier Comparison Chart
Model TPO4 TPO2 TPO1
Design Bladeless Bladeless Bladeless
Oscillation 350 180 70
Model Cooling only Cooling only Cooling only
Description Desk Tower Tower
Max Airflow 419.6 liters/sec 410liters/sec 434 liters/sec
Height 27.2’’ 40’’ 40’’
Amp size 13.9’’ diameter 7.7’’ diameter 7.7’’ diameter
Weight 10.25 lbs 7.9 lbs 8.4 lbs
Filter Glass HEPA 360 Glass HEPA HEPA
Accessories Remote Remote Remote

Should you buy a Dyson Pure Cool air purifier?

The Dyson Pure Cool air purifiers come with many outstanding features that you will like. You will be highly impressed with how you will get freshness and pure air to make the true meaning of life. Dyson Pure Cool air purifier will serve you the best!


The Dyson Pure Cool Air Purifiers are among the top competing brands in the market. Before landing a specific air purifier, always access your home needs first. Check on your budget so that the air purifier you buy does not strain your budget much. You can always trust the Dyson air purifiers.


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