Is Shark ION R85 Worth Buying?
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By pppggg | 23 September 2020 | 0 Comments

Is Shark ION R85 Worth Buying?

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With the rapidly escalating world of technology, everything has been made simple, faster, more accurate, and efficient. Life has been made pretty much easy, with everything instantly manipulated by the highly advanced technology. In our daily hustle and bustle, you will discover that we need a clean working environment. Our homes should be the most hygienic and far much cleaner than any other place. Currently, you should worry less, on how you will get to clean your floors each day. Vacuum cleaner developers like Shark, Dyson, Proscenic and other prominent brands have come up with a variety of vacuum models that will correctly sort you out when it comes to home/office cleaning. Among the several models from Shark brands, let us look at the Shark ION R85 vacuum cleaner.

Shark ION R85 Vacuum Design

Shark ION R85 vacuum cleaner has a circular body shape, and black with shades of grey, making it to resemble the earlier Shark ION robot vacuums.

The robot vacuum has three significant buttons that you can use to issue commands. It has a clean button which is large in size compared to the other two. You will find the Max button which lets the robot to vacuum at a maximum suction power. The third button, which is the Dock button, is essential because when pressed, the vacuum automatically goes back to the dock for charging.

Above the three buttons are light indicators that notify you with the charge level, any error, and Wi-Fi connectivity status. The robot is able to give certain sounds to alert you any ongoing error.

On the underside of the Shark ION R85 vacuum, is the main brush-roll made up of rubberized blade and spiral bristles making it capable of cleaning any type of floor ranging from carpeted ones to the hardwood floor and even bare floor. There are also double side spinning brushes that direct debris into the part of the main brush-roll. These side brushes are good at cleaning edges and corners; pushing the dirt on edges and corners to the middle of the vacuum where it meets the main brush roll that pushes the dirt into the debris bin.

 The Shark ION R85 vacuum has unique spinning brushes since they have got a single-arm compared to other models that have double arms. They also spin at a slower rate than other brushes thus preventing it from flinging much debris on certain surfaces such as on hardwood floors.

The robot vacuum is equipped with three suction power modes in order to suit different kinds of floor surfaces. Tile and hardwood floors require a low suction power mode; therefore, the lower airflow will stop debris from blowing around the vacuum’s vent.

Smart sensor 2.0 Navigation is installed in order to detect any obstacle that may come on its way by moving in a sporadic manner. Once it detects an obstacle like for instance a wall or furniture, it diverts itself away from that particular barrier and finds any other space around it, making the floor cleaning a success.

Shark ION R85 vacuum features its own android app that you can issue commands through your mobile phone or tablet, and also other special apps that use voice control like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, that can control the robot vacuum. These apps can only control the robot vacuum through a Wi-Fi connection.

Shark ION R85 Vacuum Pros

· It has the excellent capability to clean pet hair compared to its recent predecessors.
· The vacuum robot has variable suction modes, thus can vacuum perfectly according to the type of floor.
· It offers a whisper-quiet vacuuming, except when it is on the maximum mode thus will not disturb any silence enthusiast.
· It works gently on furniture without damaging it by very high suction power.
· The device is easily compatible with modern voice control technology through Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.
· Cleaning schedules can be programmed, and the robot automatically starts the cleaning at the set time.
· It is well equipped with a large dustbin capacity.
Shark ION R85 Vacuum Cons

· In comparison with ILIFE robots, it has less battery run time.
· The robot can only use standard navigation which usually roams in a random direction.
· It is still using a magnetic tape to protect it from no-go zones instead of smart sensor technology.
Shark ION R85 Vacuum Accessories and Parts
Shark ION R85 Vacuum does not need too many accessories and does not break down easily, but it essential to have some knowledge on its parts that you will need as go along using this amazing Shark robot.
Now here are the 
Two side brushes- you will need them since they play an essential role in cleaning corners and edges where the central brush cannot.

Two sensors-the sensors will prevent the robot from stumbling against obstacles. Whenever the vacuum loses its sensors, you can acquire them at your nearby shop. 
A HEPA filter- this filter traps dust from the air giving users complete protection from allergens and asthmatic triggers. The filter in the Shark ION R85 Vacuum is not washable; therefore, you need to replace them as the need arises. These filters can be easily acquired in the market.

A dust bin- its compatible capacity of 0.7 quarts is needed whenever you may find out that the first one is worn out.

 Vacuum body- the Shark ION robot body, can be replaced, whenever the first one has become old, after changing the body you will find yourself owning a brand-new vacuum out of the old one.
A remote control- the remote comes with its batteries whenever you purchase it. Although you can still do everything by the use of the app controller, you might still need a remote for convenience.

Charging dock- this one is also obtained by purchasing it separatelythis is where the robot vacuum returns for charging when it detects a low battery power. 

Shark ION R85 Vacuum Maintenance

For your robot vacuum to last longer, you have to take a few steps to make sure that it is well maintained. You will have to look at the following measures you have to take a keen interest in throughout your journey with Shark ION R85 Vacuum cleaner.

Never wash the main filter- through the mistake of washing the filter with water, you would have damaged the robot’s motor as you know well that the motor is responsible for the turning of the brushes.

Battery replacement- after some years of use, you will need to replace the robot’s battery since as it is used it wears out over time. Also remember not to overcharge the battery and never use all the power, just recharge the robot whenever the power is low.

Proper vacuum storage- the place where you store your device matters a lot. Always make sure you keep the robot in a dust and moisture-free surrounding. Also do not place it where you pass every now and then since you might accidentally damage it as you move around.

General vacuum cleaning- you should carefully wipe the outer vacuum body with a soft wet cloth to eliminate any sort of dirt around it.

Is Shark ION R85 Vacuum a Good Value?

Generally, Shark models are of great help due to their outstanding performance at an affordable price. Shark ION R85 Vacuum cleaner is best known for its high level of manoeuvrability and flexible navigation capability since it is not corded. It gives you the ease you need while cleaning your floors by a simple app that controls the robot’s functions. 

Shark ION R85 Vacuum review

Do you wish to have the Shark ION R85 Vacuum cleaner at your service? Surprisingly you can get one at your own convenient shop. You will find yourself technologically ahead of others, with a robot vacuum that cleans your house to satisfaction.

You can now see to yourself that Shark ION R85 Vacuum cleaner is worth owning. At long last, you will realize how faster and efficient your floor cleaning has become. Even though the vacuum will not be that good when it comes to high pile carpet cleaning, you will surely love its working intelligence.


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