Bissell Pet Pro, A Good Vacuum for Pet Hairs
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By Lauren Quan | 22 September 2020 | 0 Comments

Bissell Pet Pro, A Good Vacuum for Pet Hairs

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According to a
2017/18 National Pet Owners Survey, 68% of US households own a pet; that’s an estimated 85 million families with dogs, cats, and other pets. Without a doubt, pets are the most treasured beings in our homes, but they also leave tons of fur on carpets and furniture that aren’t easy to rid of.

Regular cleaning gadgets barely cut it. It calls for devices with extra-suction, good filters, and cleaning mechanisms to remove the finest particles.

That’s where the vacuum cleaner comes in. The machine is equipped to remove stubborn pet hair on multiple surfaces and barely gets tangled with pet hair. Also, it cleans dirt in the tight corners of a home and works relatively first. The Bissell Pet Pro is one such device specially designed to remove pet hair from surfaces. Here’s a detailed review of the device.

  • Extremely versatile
  • Cleans upholstery too
  • Cleans thoroughly

  • The fill tank can only be used with a specific cleaning solution

Bissell has an extensive product line, with most of the products made specifically for pet-friendly households. The Pet Pro model is incredibly safe and effective at cleaning multiple surfaces, including rugs, wood floors, tiles, rubber floor mats, and laminate flooring.

The Pet Pro vacuum cleaner has a pretty functional design taking up relatively small cupboard space. The machine's main body is relatively thin, allowing you to easily carry it around when cleaning a large area, while the handle is pretty large, providing a firm grip.

As for the main wand connecting the handle and the body, it has a flimsy construction that makes the vacuum cleaner light enough to carry around. Its bottom features a multi-surface cleaner that looks similar to other vacuums. It comes with lots of brushes and a replaceable piece of fabric that ensure it picks up all the dirt on the floor. Also, the swivel at the bottom of the cleaner allows you to place the handle down flat alongside the cleaner allowing you to reach under surfaces under the furniture.

Cleaning Performance
As mentioned earlier, the vacuum works by sucking up dirt and washing the surface simultaneously. This means it’d not be enough to assess the machine’s performance based on suction only; the agitation also plays a critical role.
For the suction, the Pet Pro touts 100-150 AW, adequate to pick up pet hair, heavy and hard-to-pick dirt. As for its agitation, the brush roll attains 3000 rpm, adequate for removing pet hair on different floors.

Note, you can only use this vacuum cleaner with the liquid provided. You may purchase more from Bissell as it’s not advisable to use cleaning liquids from other brands with this vacuum cleaner. Bissell provides a variety of cleaning solutions for cleaning wood, area rugs, among other surfaces. They include:
Formula Purpose
Multi-surface Pet For removing pet odor and cleaning area rugs and hard floors
Area rugs Used on area rugs. It also freshens a space
Wood floor Used on delicate wooden floor
Multi-surface formula Cleans area rugs, hard floors, removes pet odor and everyday messes
Prior to vacuuming a surface, choose between the floor and the carpet mode to ensure the machine dissipates the right amount of liquid to clean the floor. This is because tougher areas need more cleaning liquid than soft surfaces like a low-pile carpet. A test on its ability to remove stains also shows the Pet Pro performs exceptionally well. It could remove deep carpet stains, in the form of dog or cat urine, dirt, and vomit.

Two-tank Technology
The device is equipped with a two-tank technology that separates clean and dirty water. One tank holds clean water mixed with the cleaning formula, and the other stores dirty water that contains sucked up debris. As such, you never need to worry about the clean water getting mixed up with the dirty water.

The tank holding dirty water accommodates up to 14.5 ounces of liquid and is equipped with an automatic system that shuts off the motor once it fills up. What’s more, the dirty water tank uses a strainer to trap the pet hair, so it doesn’t get mixed up with the water when emptying the tank. This means once you are done cleaning, you only need to lift the strainer to empty the contents safely in a toilet or sink. Once the dirty water tank fills up, it produces a shrill sound alerting you to empty the tank.

On the other hand, the clean water tank holds 28 ounces of liquid and doesn't have an alert system. As such, you’d need to keep on checking if it needs a refill.

Handy Tip: A full tank cleans 700 square feet
It would help if you used the two lines on the tank showing the amount of water that needs to be added to clean small and large area messes and the cleaning solution required. The measurements come in handy when estimating the amount of cleaning formula required to clean a specific space.

Washable Filter
Bissell’s Pet Pro is equipped with a washable filter that traps sucked up debris and dirt. Note the filter isn’t HEPA-equipped, but it does a reasonably good job at trapping allergens. Be sure to wash it regularly and leave it to dry it before fitting it back into the equipment. Note, such filters age over time hence the need to look for signs of deterioration.
Additional Features

Tangle-free Brush Roll

The vacuum comes with a tangle-free brush roll too. It has been designed to resist the tangles on pet hair, which eliminates the frustration that comes with pet hair wraps.

CrossWave Pet Pro Brushroll
Its two-tank system ensures the brush roll uses a fresh cleaning solution to mop, which leaves a cleaner surface. With the controls on the handle, it’s easy to switch the cleaning modes with the vacuum that can transition from cleaning area rugs to bare floors.

Benefits of the Pet Pro
Double Cleaning Action
When vacuuming a surface, the brush roll rotates to sweep dirt into the suction path enabling the device to lift dump dirt into the dustbin. The vacuum cleaner can also mop a carpet. However, unlike the previous vacuuming action, the unit releases the cleaning liquid on the rotating brush, acting as the mop to wash the surface. Note the wetting of the brush roll doesn’t stop the device from vacuuming the surface. It keeps on picking up dirt. If sweeping and washing the floor simultaneously, the suction dries the area getting cleaned, so there are no streaks left.

Impressive Reach
The Pet Pro comes with a 25-foot cord providing an unparalleled reach. This means you can clean multiple rooms without interruption.

Easy Maintenance
Maintenance is critical to keeping the device in top-notch condition. It involves an easy three-step process:
  • Cleaning the Brushroll: the brush roll plays a critical role in the vacuum cleaner's overall performance, hence the need to remove and clean it regularly. You only need to fill some water into the tray, turn one the machine, and it will clean itself
  • Changing of the filters: Since the device comes with only one filter, it is essential to clean it after every cleaning session
  • Emptying the tank: The tank is equipped with a strainer that makes it easy to separate pet hair from the dirty water

Changing tools mid-cleaning can be a disruptive. Luckily Pet Pro comes equipped with multi-surface brush rolls that feature a combination of three types of single-functional rolls for wood flooring and rigs. It has thick fibers and runs at 3000 RPM allowing it to pick all pet hair and debris.

The Bissell vacuum cleaner is an excellent buy for homeowners with pets that shed. Its powerful suction and agitation enable it to remove all the pet hair lodged in your carpets and upholstery. What’s more, if looking for a cleaning gadget that can clean multiple surfaces, the Pet Pro provides admirable consistency.


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