The Best Shark Vacuums 2020
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By pppggg | 22 September 2020 | 0 Comments

The Best Shark Vacuums 2020

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Looking for a vacuum cleaner that offers excellent cleanliness and easy usability, and appears cheaper, slightly lighter? Shark vacuums have got you covered. Shark is, for a good reason, one of the most common vacuum brands on the market today. Their vacuums are designed to make cleaning more straightforward, more comfortable, and more effective.
What Is a Shark Vacuum?

Shark is a company founded by Euro-Pro Operating LLC. Shark is a maker of kitchen products, such as irons and mops, in addition to vacuums. Shark has now evolved into a fairly big business, so they have a lot of options on the market, including sweeping machines, steam mops, and vacuum cleaners, which are very popular in the U.S. Shark has a bit of everything, such as robot vacuum, secondary setups and cabled or cordless style. They often manufacture multiple lines at various price points, so anything is available for all budgets and conditions. Shark vacuums are the perfect combination of affordability and efficiency, and they are also flexible.

Why Choose Shark Vacuums?

The Shark alone dominates more than 20% of the U.S. vacuum cleaner industry and achieved leadership by suppressing Dyson's top brand. Shark offers the consistency of a Dyson but with a much more affordable price tag. And what you're losing for strength, you make up for flexibility. One of the key reasons why the Shark brand is famous is that it also has tremendous financial worth. They are cheap and able to fill in too much versatility.
They have excellent value for money, particularly if you purchase them from Amazon. There is a five-year guarantee that is much more than a 1- or 2-year warranty for most vacuums.
You can quickly and easily clean the grounds, stairs, furnishings, and your car's interior with the best Shark vacuum cleaners in your house. With so many advantages combined, Shark is undoubtedly worth making a choice.

Selection Criteria For Shark Vacuum
· Style/ Type
There is a Shark cleaner to get the job done, from full-size vacuums to stick and handle models. You may like the one that is more multipurpose to satisfy multiple needs, or a few. Your decisions can be guided by the scale of your house and the kind of flooring you have.
§ Characteristics
The sort of flooring you have and the frequency at which you use your vacuum can determine your decision for choosing features.  Shark makes models that cover all components of your needs.
· Feel
Shark vacuums come in diverse weights and capacities. While more massive models will do more heavy-duty cleaning, if you need to bring a vacuum up and downstairs continually, you may want to suggest lighter models. Consider just how simple one can navigate, particularly if you're going to get into tight spaces and corners.
· Cost
The Shark VACMOP Pro would set you back lower than $150, while you can expect to spend between $250 and $350 on the standard Shark vacuum model on the market. A fully automatic robotic vacuum can cost around $600.

The Best Shark Vacuums 2020
· Best Overall: Shark APEX Upright with DuoClean


The Shark APEX DuoClean Zero-M is the best vacuum Shark ever made with outstanding solid construction, performance, and accessories. It combines all the most robust Shark characteristics into a single, absurdly beautiful vacuum.

Not only will the room be washed, but even it will tidy itself up! In addition to its innovative construction, this device features a detachable canister that expands the cleaner head's reach, making messes impossible to access a thing of the past. Customers shared their appreciation of Apex's silent sound design and efficiency on several surfaces — hardwood floors, carpets, and even upholstered furniture.  Besides, the advanced anti-allergen full seal technology and Filter system contribute to its overall performance. With all these features and more, the Shark Apex Upright Vacuum is guaranteed to keep your whole home tidy.

A few users found that the hose to be rigid and difficult to stretch. Even with their troubles, though, they find the Shark has super suction and washing ability to cover all their flooring needs.
· Best for Pet Hair: Shark Ninja Rotator Powered Lift-Away TruePet


The Shark Rotator TruePet is an outstanding choice for a strong upright built with pets in mind. It has a huge dust bin size of 3.1 liters (almost one of the highest on the market) and various bell-and-whistles that contribute to this vacuum's total benefit.

Suppose you live in a pet-friendly home but are nevertheless eager to clean up as much pet fur as possible, not to mention other clutter. In that case, the Shark Rotator Lift-Away TruePet Upright Vacuum is an excellent decision. The True Pet rotator helps you to attach a motorized brush to your hose and take the lift-away canister with you anywhere your pet fur is lurking. Under the bed or on your beloved cushion, overpower those pet fuzzies with high-powered bristle motion and good suction. Moreover, pet owners and allergy sufferers alike will enjoy the fact that this Shark vacuum model also features a filtered air system and a HEPA filter capable of containing 99.9 percent of allergens.
· Best for Carpet/Solid Floors Combo: Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional

Shark Navigator Professional NV356E (lift-away) is a reliable alternative for hardwood flooring or other concrete surface floor cleaning with lift-away technology and a brush roll shutdown.

 Analysts have noted that Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional’s suction is excellent on all surfaces. To eliminate allergens and pollen, the air filtering system comprises two in-process filters and HEPA filters. The Lift-Away handheld device uses a wand handle, shorter hose, and several head adapters. They suck up dust from the furniture and cobwebs from the roof edges and use the smallest fixtures to reach the carpeted stairs efficiently. All three are washable, meaning that you don't waste money to replace dirty filters.                          
Overall, it's the perfect option for those of us who want one vacuum solution for various floor surfaces.

· Best Robot: Shark ION Robot R85


If you want to vacuum without moving the vacuum, this robotic shark system will be your therapy. With sidearms for the corners of the wall and dual brushes to target both carpet and concrete surfaces, you can protect any area you can, even though you're not there to supervise. 

Users appreciate the cleaning suction this device gives, but remember that a typical single-story will need two passes with a charge in between to get the job done. When it recharges, it returns to the spot it finished vacuuming. This system features built-in navigation that learns where to clean using an eyesight system to avoid furniture and barriers. Its low profile means it can even get between the seats and the sofa. And when you are away from home, you can program this with your Alexa app.   

· Best for Small Spaces: Shark Rocket DuoClean Ultra-Light HV382


 Shark Rocket DuoClean Ultra-Light HV382 is a corded (30 foot) stick device with detachable portable versatility built-in. The dust cup and the engine can be attached to the motorized attachments for mini-cleaning control with good suction.
It comes with a shortlist of accessories to satisfy the most basic cleaning needs. One DuoClean brush head handles intense washing of carpets and rugs, while the lighter brush takes up small bits of dirt and dust on concrete surfaces. Unfortunately, if you clean up a lot of debris, you will also need to remove a tiny dust cup, a one-touch operation over the garbage. This vacuum fits perfectly into closets or corners if storage space is at a premium, and your floor plan isn't significant.              

· Best Budget: Shark Navigator Freestyle Upright

The Shark Navigator Pro is a healthy choice if you are looking for a great deal in an upright vacuum. With several variations, this upright has good suction, helping to provide the correct tool for the job when you need it.
However, it has some significant benefits, including the fact that it is rechargeable (four hours at a max charge) and delivers a reasonable version of most of the main features. Suction fits the most common uses. Overall, if you don't want to spend in a lot of equipment and don't have daily heavy-duty vacuuming needs, Shark Navigator Freestyle Upright is a decent choice.

FAQS About Shark Vacuum
§ Are Shark Vacuums Reliable?
§ Who owns Shark vacuums?
§ Are Shark Vacuums Better Than Dyson?
§ Which Shark Vacuum Has The Most Suction?
§ What Is The Best Shark Vacuum For Carpet And Hardwood Floors?
· Are Shark Vacuums Reliable?
Shark vacuum cleaners tend to be very robust, and you can expect your Shark machine to last between five and seven years if you look after it appropriately. Shark stick expectations also stand for durability, as with its upright vacuums. It is also reasonably easy to directly purchase Shark substitutes via their website or selected third-party retailers if required.

· Who owns Shark vacuums?
Shark is one of the best-known cleaner vacuum brands and is owned by SharkNinja. Since 1995 Shark has produced high quality and reliable machines alongside Dyson, Hoover, Bissell, and iRobot. Shark is one of two labels belonging to SharkNinja, its parent company.

· Are Shark Vacuums Better Than Dyson?
Dyson vacuums are typically more costly and reliable, whereas Shark's vacuums are less costly and more versatile. Shark vacuums are typical for multipurpose. They can be used on carpet or floorboards and are typically fitted with other surface styles. Dyson’s vacuums are better for sucking but less flexible.

· Which Shark Vacuum Has The Most Suction?
Are you looking for a Shark vacuum that has a powerful suction? Apex upright DuoClean has one of the best suction with the provision you with 1350 watts of power. It has tremendous suction power allowing plenty of stubborn dirt to be collected.

· What Is The Best Shark Vacuum For Carpet And Hardwood Floors?
For seven years running, the Shark Navigator Lift-Away NV352 is the top choice for the best vacuum, a perfect vacuum for hardwood floors.  Its heavy suction cleans all surfaces very well, and intelligent design features make it simple for you to maximize your performance on-surface.

In Conclusion

If you're looking for a vacuum cleaner brand that strikes the perfect balance between efficiency and cost, look no further than the Shark brand. Shark is an excellent company of manufacturing products such as mops and irons alongside a range of vacuums at various price points and types. Shark vacuums are specially built to perform equally well on all carpet and hard floors and never scrape surfaces. No matter what sort of vacuum you're searching for, Shark vacuums will meet your needs perfectly.
What are choices correct for you in the shark range, depending on the sort of cleaning activities you are concerned with? But we're suggesting Apex Upright with DuoClean is the best overall choice. It's stable, maneuverable, and works equally well on carpets and hard floors. It's all that makes the Shark Vacuum brand so unique.



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