The Cheapest Dyson Vacuum: Dyson V7 Animal
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By Lauren Quan | 21 September 2020 | 0 Comments

The Cheapest Dyson Vacuum: Dyson V7 Animal

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Sometimes it gets tiresome and confusing trying to purchase the most suitable vacuum cleaner. The current market has over one million products, but it takes a product with unique features to attract more customers. Dyson Vacuum cleaner has got you covered when it comes to quenching the thirst of struggling to get a perfect vacuum cleaner.

Designers decided to make upgrades to the Dyson V7 vacuum cleaner, and they include; longer working time, efficiency in suctioning dust, and affordable maintenance costs.

Dyson V7 Animal has a recently fitted tab whose function is to release dust cases while working. It has a power button designed from the latest technologies where it indicates a battery percentage.

About Dyson

Dyson refers to an international technology enterprise consisting of over 3, 000 engineers. These engineers maximize their diversified skills in solving electronic, acoustic, software, and robotic problems that other individuals ignore. The primary aim of the James Dyson Foundation is to combat the engineering shortage and challenge misconceptions about this niche.


  1. On/off the trigger
  2. Power mode switch
  3. Dust bin release tab
  4. Dust bin
  5. Tool/wand link point
The dust bin is designed to rest above the central system. The user can pull the tab upwards while working, which then increases the dust bin interior's level, opening the bottom fitted with flaps.  Its newly fitted design allows effectiveness when the user empties the dust bin.

Battery, power management, and performance
Once the Dyson V7 battery charge is full, it becomes ready to perform its functions. The user can now manage battery usage while working. The vacuum cleaner has a battery that can function in two modes, namely, low and maximum. Battery switched to low mode can go for half an hour for the low mode during work time, making it more efficient than the max mode, which goes for only 6-7 minutes of work time. Its battery comes in 2,100mAh size.

You can control the power system by pressing the trigger fitted on the system handle. Its unit has no switch for turning on the power. It has a trigger control whose function is to shut down the motor and to put its power on.
Soon after the release of the V7 model, the Dyson vacuum cleaner recently improved its batteries. The V8 currently works 40 minutes upon full charge compared to V10 with an extended working time of 60 minutes.

The maximum battery mode uses more suction power than the low power mode, so its battery functions less time, making it less efficient.  

Maneuvering ability
Out of many models of vacuum cleaners, Dyson V7 Animal vacuum cleaner is easier to use while cleaning. Switching on the stick mode lessens the wand’s weight, allowing the floor to turn at a right angle. The floor’s tip can make 90 degrees corners around any furniture, allowing the user to work efficiently. Users can also turn one of the little gears into a wand, enhancing the reaching ability when cleaning a raised surface.

On the other hand, the switch to the handheld mode allows the movements to become easy because of reduced weight. Users can easily clean harder spots by switching to crevice gear mode. It has a combo dust brush that
enables one to sanitize very delicate spots.

Noise examination must be done before delivering any vacuum cleaner into the market. Experts employ a sound measuring device that examines the strength of sound produced during cleaning time during the test. Placing Dyson V7 on a low power mode allows it to produce an average volume of 70 decibels.

The 2-in-1 design
This particular design gives the cleaner the perfect time and more cleaning styles. It allows the cleaner to switch the method into stick and handheld modes, allowing regular clean-up of the stick vacuum conveniently.

Soon after the Dyson V7 vacuum has trapped all the waste from the surface being cleaned, the structure cleans them through a double-tier radial cyclone filtration mechanism. The structure passes the unit through debris, facilitating effective storage.
The working of the Dyson stick vacuum

The Dyson 17 uses a straight suction mechanism to remove dirt on a variety of tools. However, few models use an agitation method to remove dirt and garbage during suction. The greatest thing is that the Dyson stick vacuum cleaner has elaborated its suction with the V7, which allows cleaning of deeper spots.

The price of the Dyson V7

Anyone can afford Dyson V7. The recently launched V8 and V10 models cost a little more than the V7. That is why the majority opt for this one.


The Dyson V7 comes with a warranty of 2 years and a return period after a month of purchase. The two are under the standard warranty and return period. However, when the Dyson V7’s warranty expires, one pays annual charges of $15, whereby the costs will include battery replacement every two years.

The difference between Dyson V7 Animal Pro and V7 Animal

The Dyson V7 Animal Pro has a ‘hygienic dirt-ejector’ situated in the dust container, enabling the cleaner to push out the dirt after pressing the release lever. On the other hand, more dust becomes trapped when using the V7 Animal. As a result, one has to frequently empty the dust bin, making the work messy and tiresome.
The V7 Animal Pro has a unique filtration quality that captures allergens, preventing them from falling back into the clean surface. The other version lacks this quality.  

Maintenance of the Dyson V7 Vacuum Cleaner

Cleaning of the Dyson V7 is done in three sections, namely;
  • Cleaning-up the innermost filter-the innermost filter on a Dyson V7 can last for longer than you expect. You should always wash the innermost filter once in a month with chilly water and desiccate for a day to facilitate efficiency while working.
  • Washing the HEPA filters (if it is there) - few of the Dyson V7 models have the newly fitted HEPA sieve feature. If your Dyson V7 tool has the HEPA filters, you should wash the filter once a month with chilly water. Then let it dry for a day. The only time you should have concern is when the sieve gets damaged or stolen. The HEPA sieve can serve for a long time, giving the cleaner more service.
  • Cleaning-up the battery –the only time one has to worry is when there is damage in the battery.
Advantages of Dyson V7 Animal vacuum cleaner
  • Turning the power to full enables the vacuum to be
  • Its filter can provide one with unlimited service
  • It has the abilities to make great maneuvers
  • Its competent, i.e., it can function on any floor
  • It facilitates good election of its tools
  • It is excellent in picking up pet hair left on the floor
  • The tool allows the cleaner to work effectively and with no difficulties
  • Once the cleaner turns on the power, the motor region located above the handle becomes hotter, making the user grasp the handle with discomfort while cleaning.
  • The power button must always be switched on, giving more work to the handler.  Pet hair sticks in the mini motorized tool most of the time while carrying out cleaning routines. As a result, the efficiency of machine performance reduces.
  • When the maximum power mode is on, the work-time of the battery reduces to six minutes. It means one has to charge the battery frequently to carry out the remaining cleaning duties. So, the battery has to remain on the other mode to provide more service.

The Verdict

The Dyson V7 has existed for a few years, and it has already gained fame all over the globe; however, it is still the top choice one can go for since it cleans efficiently in most homes.  Its features are awesome and competent; that is why the number of reviews keeps increasing day by day. We hope the Dyson V7 Animal review helps you consider it in your next shopping.


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