Review: Dyson V8 Absolute Vacuum Cleaner, Should I Buy it?
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By Lauren Quan | 18 September 2020 | 0 Comments

Review: Dyson V8 absolute, Should I Buy it?

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Vacuum stick shopping can be a hectic mess especially if you have no clue of what you’re looking for. With so many brands promising the best combination of features, it can be hard to filter the noise and get exactly what you’re looking for. This review looks into the features of the prominent Dyson V8 Absolute to help you come up with an informed buying decision. Developed and manufactured by The James Dyson Company, Dyson V8 is considered one of the top choices for home owners across the world.

About The James Dyson Foundation

The James Dyson Foundation is a top-rated technology firm that makes quality home electronics and appliances. Founded in 1991, the British company has established significant participation in trade partnerships, provision of employment opportunities, and the development of reliable equipment including stick vacuum cleaners, hand dryers, lights, heaters, and much more. It also fosters the development of young brilliant minds into expert engineers through mentorship, guidance, and problem-solving. This way, the company has created a good reputation among customers and a good name in the technology industry.

Dyson V8 Features

Dyson stick vacuum products are well known for their vast capacity. The company manufactures its products in an attempt to fix customer problems. For the Dyson V8, you will find most features -and accessories- were designed to make it easy to use and boost performance while preserving the integrity of the cleaner. The main features include;


Dyson V8 delivers a powerful 115AW suction force thanks to its Dyson V8 motor. This feature comes handy for people whose homes are highly contaminated with fine dust particles and other smaller allergens.

Unfortunately, some cleaners can’t reach the dirt within the carpet or tiny floor spaces. If you want to capture most of the dirt lodged deep in your carpet, go for the Dyson V8. The vacuum stick drives stiff nylon brushes deeper into the carpet fabric to capture the dirt. It’s soft on all wooden floors to prevent damage and scratches. Some people find this feature suitable for the car.

It's also equipped with a HEPA Filter; one of the best filtration systems in the market.

Battery, Power Management, and Performance

Some older upright vacuum cleaners did a terrible job of maximizing the result and optimizing their power requirements. The corded vacuum cleaners required users to keep them plugged into the wall sockets. They had long cables though such cables are never long enough to capture every corner. This limited the total distance you could cover with the machine so, if your room is too big, you either install more wall sockets, get a longer cord or leave some areas untouched.

Dyson eliminates this problem with cleverly sourced solutions; a wall-mounted charging dock that also acted as storage for the device. Since the vacuum cleaner is powered by a nickel-cobalt-aluminum battery, you can walk with the handheld stick to the area you want to clean and do it in a few minutes. The battery is designed to store energy for up to 40 minutes and only takes 4 hours to recharge. Since you’ll probably move up and down to get tougher spots fully cleaned, you will need frequent charging. That’s where the wall mount comes in. You can easily charge the device, use it, and then store it safely wherever you like.

Older vacuum cleaner models worked great but lacked one thing; flexibility. With the weight of the motor, dust bag, and the bulky design, it is impossible to carry them to a higher place and clean for instance; the ceiling. Again, Dyson V8 engineers discovered the fault and decided to make a flexible, less bulky vacuum cleaner that could fit anywhere. You can clean the windows at the top of the window frame, the farthest corners, under small cupboard space (without moving the unit), and much more. All this can be accomplished with minimal effort. The device also comes with several color options such as yellow, nickel, or iron.

Dyson awards its users with a set of accessories to aid in daily cleaning. These include; a soft roller cleaning head, a motorized brush roll, a crevice tool, the docking station for easy storage, and a dusting brush. These tools can be hooked onto the stick without problems simply with the push of a button. Nobody wants to spend hours of precious time cleaning under the frustration of failing equipment. With these accessories, you should be able to clean your place with ease and comfort.


- Best performance compared to mains electricity vacuum cleaners.
- Enhanced flexibility allows users to clean where corded vacuum cleaners can’t.
- Proper waste disposal.
- Improved battery and great performance


- The hefty price tag
- Experiences challenges with bigger debris on hard floors

What are the differences between Dyson V8 Absolute and V8 Animal?

If you ever owned a Dyson V8, you will have noticed that it’s an upgraded version of the V6. Both have similar features with only few variations and improvements. For instance, the Dyson V8 features a bigger battery chunk, a bigger bin tank, and a bigger filter. This allows it to perform much better than the V6.
The V8 Absolute and V8 Animal have lots of similarities in terms of power, HEPA filtration, dust capacity tanks, runtime, power modes, suction power, and motor system. Their performance is almost similar but they do possess a few differences including;

1. Pet hair cleaning
V8 Absolute is designed to pick up daily messes like small food particles, breadcrumbs, dust, smaller debris, and much more. It works best on harder floors and carpets. On the other hand, the V8 animal is designed to pick up pet hairs across all kinds of floors.

2. Cost
Although both vacuum cleaners have more similarities than differences, the V8 animal is sold more expensively by different suppliers than the Absolute version.
3. The V8 Absolute has a Soft Roller cleaner which is not featured in the V8 Animal. The Softer Roller cleaner is specifically designed for cleaning non-carpeted and polished surfaces. This makes the V8 Absolute a better pick if you want something that works across all types of floors.

The Verdict

The Dyson V8 vacuum cleaner stands among the best picks in the market. According to customer feedback, the only thing standing between you and the best vacuum cleaner is the slightly higher price. Vacuum cleaners are great must-have tools for people with limited cleaning time, medical condition, and for those who want to enjoy precious time doing other things. A lot can be said about the Dyson V8 but one fact remains true; the choice entirely rests upon you. If you compared the Dyson V8 to other brands of corded and cordless cleaners, you will find it more superior to its competitors. It makes cleaning fun and regular thanks to its many utilities and features.


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