Which Shark Vacuum is the Best?
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By Lauren Quan | 18 September 2020 | 0 Comments

Which Shark Vacuum is the Best?

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When it comes to a house, car, and office cleaning, everyone expects sparkle clean floors, dust and pet hair-free sofas, curtains, and any other general but essential surfaces. Current technology has come into your way to make all your cleaning expectations a dream come true. Most popular and excellent vacuum cleaners' developers, like; Shark, Dyson, Miele, Proscenic, and many other well-known brands. Among these great vacuum developers, Shark delivers you the topmost brands with quality designs that fit your cleaning specifications.

Here are the top Shark vacuum cleaner brands:

Shark Rocket Pet Pro
Shark Rocket Pet Pro vacuum cleaner is highly technologically designed to adjust between being a portable handheld to an upright stick vacuum. Its attractive display of LED headlights gives you the critical alerts that guide you throughout your vacuuming session.
Here are the Shark Rocket Pet Pro's pros;
  • Shark Rocket Pet Pro vacuum offers you an ideal opportunity to prolong your vacuuming session by replacing the exhausted battery with an ultimately charged one.
  • For fewer tangles, the Shark Rocket Pet Pro vacuum is well endowed with a highly modified brush-roll.
  • This device is powered by a long-lasting battery, which enables you to vacuum for 40 minutes.
  • Every part of your house or office that needs cleaning can be reachable since it is cordless.
  • A HEPA filter has been installed, purposely, to give allergic users 99.99% protection by trapping dust, pet hair, or any other allergy-causing micro-organisms.
  • Its incredible suction power makes dirt on any surface vulnerable to the Shark Rocket Pet Pro vacuum cleaner.
  • You cannot believe this, but the Shark Rocket Pet Pro vacuum is far easy to maintain.
Shark Rocket Pet Pro vacuum's cons
  • Unluckily, Shark Rocket Pet Pro has a small dust capacity that requires frequent emptying.
  • It does not provide a pet grooming brush.
 Shark IQ Robot Vacuum
Shark IQ Robot Vacuum, as one of the pride of Shark, brings you the technologically updated features like; IQ navigation, home mapping, voice control, self-cleaning brush-roll, potent suction, efficient edge-to-edge cleaning, and self-emptying capabilities.

Shark IQ Robot Vacuum Pros
  • It has the best ability to suck up any debris due to its strong suction power.
  • Shark IQ Robot Vacuum is capable of cleaning multiple surfaces, be it carpeted, hardwood, or any other floor surface, it works excellently.
  • Through the application of IQ navigation, by using voice control, your cleaning becomes pretty much convenient. In the process, it would have mapped your whole house for future cleaning, and you can also select which room to clean or not to.
  • Shark IQ Robot Vacuum is bagless, so you do not have to be buying dirtbags now and then.
  • Its parts can be readily found whenever you want to do a replacement.
Shark IQ Robot Vacuum Cons
  • In maximum mode (mostly), it isn't quiet.
  • Its app may occasionally tend to crush 
  • Shark IQ Robot's battery takes too long to recharge fully, that is, four hours.
Shark ION Robot 750 Vacuum
Shark ION Robot 750 vacuum cleaner is among the top sophisticated robot cleaners that offer you unique features that make your cleaning program as effortless as you would wish. You can imagine how you can si0t on your couch and watch your robot do all the cleaning tasks.

 Shark ION Robot 750 Vacuum Pros
You get to enjoy a whole hour of vacuuming- on a single complete battery recharge. Cool enough, whenever this battery power is depleted, the vacuum automatically goes back to the dock for recharging.
Simple dust canister emptyingyou easily remove the dust canister by pulling it out, open, empty, and slide it back to your vacuum.
It has an easy to use mobile appwith several properly organized features, and it can do accurate scheduling. Provided that you have an internet connection, you have the power to control the vacuum anywhere.
Perfect working cliff sensorsby the sensors' help, there is no way the vacuum can tumble over any edge, for instance, when moving down the stairs.
Shark ION Robot 750 Vacuum Cons
  • It has a poor pickup on deep pile carpet- it leaves some debris behind, which means it has to redo the vacuuming.
  • Scattering of debris by spinning brushesmostly, this happens on hard surfaces.
Shark Apex Uplight Vacuum
Shark Apex Uplight has unique features that make it outstanding among the upright vacuums. Every user can attest to its portability, brought about by its lightweight nature. Surprisingly, Shark Apex Uplight can as well be used as a handheld vacuum. Among other upright vacuums, Shark Apex Uplight is the only one that can clean both horizontal and vertical surfaces.

Shark Apex Uplight Vacuum Pros
  • Powerful suctionfor a vacuum to be proved to have an extreme suction power, it has to be capable of picking hair from a carpeted surface. Shark Apex Uplight can do this instantly!
  • LightweightShark Apex Uplight vacuum proves to be unique from other upright vacuums, by its small weight, making it easy to carry around for a long time.
  • Versatility- Shark has made successful efforts in equipping Shark Apex Uplight with the ability to execute multiple functions like cleaning floors, put the extension cord and make it to serve as a canister vacuum. You can clean below the seats and other hard to reach areas.
  • Transparent Dust binthis allows you to know whether the dust container is filled up quickly.
  • Scratch preventionits brushes immediately stop rolling once the vacuum is parked, so the brushes do not scratch the floor surface.
Shark Apex Uplight Vacuum Cons
  • Its suction power cannot be adjustedthis lacking feature allows the damage of delicate surfaces that require a lower suction power mode.
  • No turning off the brushesthis allows the brushes to continue rolling even when you do not want them to, this can endanger other floor surfaces.
  • Only significant when you have few petsthis will save you from frequently emptying the vacuum's dustbin.
Shark Rotator with DuoClean Vacuum
Shark Rotator with DuoClean is one people's favorite due to its breathtaking features along with its gorgeous physical design. Its endowment with a perfect low profile to make you a happy cleaner when it easily cleans almost under all of your furniture. You will love it!

Shark Rotator with DuoClean Vacuum Pros
  • It is effortless to use and maintain the Shark Rotator with DuoClean since you will never have to buy any dirtbag (it is bagless)
  • You get to enjoy the lift-away feature. Lifting and carrying the dust canister can be done with ease. Also, you can do motor assembly while using the hose, wand, tools using the other hand.
  • Dimly lit areas can be easily illuminated by its bright headlights, giving you the ability o vacuum every part of your house.
  • Low, medium pile carpets and bare floors are introduced to its Duoclean capability, making your floors exceptionally clean.
  • Shark Rotator with DuoClean brings you a HEPA filter along with a sealed system, guaranteeing allergic users a 99.99% allergen-free atmosphere.
Shark Rotator with DuoClean Vacuum Cons
  • It is quite noisy compared to other Shark Upright vacuum; this can bring disturbance when a silent atmosphere is needed.
  • The narrowness of the Shark Rotator with DuoClean, even though it is good at navigating tight sections, it compels you to be passing around in multiple.
Shark Ion Robot S87 Vacuum
Shark Ion Robot S87 Vacuum comes with an app on your android phone, enabling you to clean your floors to a decent standard effortlessly. Shark brings you a hand vacuum for anything that needs elbow grease

Shark Ion Robot S87 Vacuum Pros
  • Shark Ion Robot S87 Vacuum is well equipped with a quality battery with long battery life.
  • This device is technologically modified into making use of an app, allowing you to do other tasks as it carries out the cleaning.
  • It has a powerful suction that accelerates your vacuuming task.
 Shark Ion Robot S87 Vacuum Cons
  • It does not make use of remote control.
  • You often get to receive inconsistent notifications from the app.
Cleaning has never become as easy as when you realize the power of vacuums in your cleaning journey. Shark has the best vacuum cleaner brands that you can choose from. Some of the Shark brands are multipurpose while others are not, always make sure you ascertain your needs before making a choic.


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