Is the Molekule air purifier worth buying?
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By pppggg | 17 September 2020 | 0 Comments

Is the Molekule air purifier worth buying?

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Molekule air purifier Design


The design, features and aesthetics on the Molekule air purifier are top notch in this market. It comes in a cylindrical silver body that is made out of aluminium. At the top of the unit is a brown leather strap meant to make the unit easily portable. It has a diameter of 8.25 inches, measures 23 inches in height and has a weight of 18 pounds. At first sight it looks very appealing and promises efficiency. 

On its top face, the unit is fitted with a simple and easy to understand touch screen display which can be used to modify the unit’s settings. Here, the user can select between different cleaning modes. These are Auto Mode, Boost Mode, Silent Mode and Dark Mode. These modes are for increased efficiency, varying cleaning power, noise levels and lighting.
The display is surrounded by a ring of air vents that also emit a glowing light from the fitted PECO filter. The Molekule air purifier uses a dual filtration system that consists of the small Molekule Pre-Filter and the accompanying PECO filter that is fitted at the top. It is designed to take in air from the bottom, pass it through the pre-filter to remove large particles of dust, hair and other pollutants, the send it upwards through the system to the PECO filter to remove more pollutants. The PECO filter treats air by removing particles even smaller than 0.3 microns before expelling them through the air vents at the top of the unit.
The Molekule air purifier unit is Wi-Fi compatible to make it possible for the user to connect it to their smartphone. Setting this up is easy as the app comes with a step by step guide to help you connect your device to the unit. Once connected, the phone can be used as a remote control to turn the machine on or off, monitor air quality, receive notifications from the unit, change cleaning modes, keep track of filter replacement schedules and set how much space to clean.

Molekule air purifier Pros

· The fitted PECO (photo electrochemical oxidation) filter is a welcome alternative to the usual HEPA filter.
· With the PECO filter, the unit is able to destroy Volatile Organic Compounds that can pose health risks if inhaled.
· It has an auto mode that automatically detects air quality and dynamically adjusts its speed and power for efficient air cleaning.
· It has been built with Wi-Fi connectivity to give the user easy remote control. This feature gives enhanced interactivity with the unit through a smartphone app
· Maintenance is quite easy as it only entails replacing the PECO filter semi-annually. It is also recommended that the Pre-filter be replaced quarterly. This does not require a lot of technical know-how.
· The user is able to select between four different cleaning modes. These are Auto Mode, Boost Mode, Silent mode and Dark Mode.
· This unit is suitable for use on large rooms as it has the ability to clean spaces up to 600 square feet.

Molekule air purifier Cons

· The molekule air purifier is inarguably quite pricy to purchase, with the unit retailing at about $700 and its replacement filters at $65.
· The running and maintenance costs tend to be higher than your usual air purifier
· In some cases there may be slight issues with linking the smartphone application to the device as it requires a slight learning curve
· The light from the PECO filter is bright and may need to be turned off at night. While in dark mode however, the benefits of this filter are unavailable as it requires the light to work.
· The molecule is slightly bulky weighing 18 pounds.

Molekule air purifier Accessories & Parts


The Power Cord

The unit comes with a grey, 6 inch power cord that powers the whole setup. It plugs into the base of the unit on one end and a standard duplex wall socket on the other end.

The Filters

The Molekule air purifier comes with a dual filter system. This system combines the use of a pre-filter and a PECO filter. The pre filter does the initial cleaning and removes larger particles from the air in form of dust and hair. The PECO filter does the final treatment and is more thorough thanks to the innovative use of electrochemical oxidation. It destroys foreign particles found in air and can work on particles even smaller than 0.3 microns in size. On purchase, the unit comes with the fitted filters, two extra pre filters and one PECO filter for replacement.

Leather Strap

The unit is fitted with a brown leather strap at the top to make portability easy. The strap makes it possible to lug the heavy unit around.


The powerful motor is housed in the round section just above the pre filter and sucks up air through the main intake.

Air discharge

The air vents located at the top of the unit are the point of air discharge. These vents released purified air into the room. The discharge is composed of broken down but harmless compounds that you would normally find in the air.

How Do You Clean a Molekule air purifier HEPA Filter?

Before you clean a HEPA filter it is necessary to know if the filter is a permanent, washable or replaceable filter. If it is labelled permanent or washable it is possible to clean it. However, it is highly discouraged to clean replaceable filters. This is mostly because of the risk of inhaling pollutants found on the filter and the risks of destroying the filter during cleaning.
It is highly recommended that HEPA filters be replaced and not cleaned. IF it is washable however, it is recommended that the filter is rinsed under cold water while avoiding touching the filter material. If it is a permanent HEPA filter, it is recommended that cleaning be done quite gently using a vacuum cleaner to suck away the dirt from the filter surface. Water should not be used on such filters.
For the Molekule air purifier, it is highly advisable that the filters be replaces as scheduled instead of being cleaned as it could lead to damaging the filter fibres.

Is the Molekule air purifier a good value?


This air purifier is quite expensive and prompts the question of whether it has good value. In spite of its retail pricing, the Molekule air purifier guarantees top notch specifications, design, aesthetics and performance. It is guaranteed to improve air quality by up to 90%. It comes with increased functionality thanks to the Wi-Fi connectivity and its accompanying app based remote control. The touch screen is easy to use and highly interactive. The machine is also built on high quality parts. All these go to emphasize that the Molekule air purifier while costly is definitely good value and therefore worth investing in. You are likely to get even more value from this air purifier unit if:
· Are looking for an air purifier suited for larger spaces such as rooms over 600 square feet in size.
· Are interested in an air purifier with simple to use and easy to understand controls.
· Are expecting top notch performance from your air purifier.

Molekule air purifier Review



The performance ratings for this air purifier are quite high. It is supposedly able to improve air quality by up to 99% and achieve an air quality index of zero, which is quite spectacular. This great performance is paired with its user friendliness, ease to operate, adjust and control to give extreme efficiency.

Cleaning Modes

This air purifier has four cleaning modes. These are Auto Mode, Boost Mode, Silent Mode and Dark Mode. For Auto Mode, the speed of the fan is automatically determined once you input information such as room size. It guarantees optimal performance based on the entered information. Boost Mode makes the purifier run at full power until it is set to a different mode. It is ideally used after cleaning, vacuuming or especially dirty air. In silent mode, the unit operates at a level where h sound output is minimized to approximately 40 decibels. In Dark mode, the lights from the PECO filter are dimmed. This however means that the bacteria and pollutants can’t be treated. They are however stored until dark mode is turned off and normal operation modes resume. It is mostly used at night when the user wants to sleep.


Many people consider noise a factor when buying cleaning equipment. The Molekule air purifier is supposedly as quite as a whisper. It produces 42 decibels in Auto Mode, 30 decibels in silent mode and 55 decibels when running at full power in Boost Mode.

Setting up, use and maintenance

There is no need for setup with this purifier as all you have to do is unbox it and plug it in. It will then run an Initial Cleaning cycle to get acquainted with the new environment. The user can then easily swipe right or left on the touch screen display to scroll through different settings, put the unit on standby, check filter status and select between different power modes. Maintenance of the Molekule air purifier is pretty straightforward and involves:
· Replacing the PECO filter every 6 months
· Replacing the pre-filter every 3 months
The unit is fitted with a filter indicator on its display screen that shows just how much life the filter still has left.

In Conclusion

The Molekule air purifier is very efficient. It is a well-designed unit with great aesthetics, innovative technology and user friendliness giving one of the best performances on the market. It guarantees great quality air free of dust, hair, allergens and other harmful pollutants. This unit has cutting edge technology and a very high performance rating making it good value in spite of its high retail price. The Molekule air purifier is therefore an ideal option for someone willing to spend on getting the best air purification this market has to offer.


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