Is the Rabbit air minusa2 air purifier worth buying?
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By pppggg | 17 September 2020 | 0 Comments

Is the Rabbit air minusa2 air purifier worth buying?

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Rabbit air minusa2 air purifier Design

The Rabbit Air MinusA2 was designed to rid the air of odours, germs, dust, allergens and toxins for that fresh quality air. This air purifier was given great aesthetics merged with efficient functionality to make it a sophisticated machine. On the first look, the first ting to capture your eyes will be the beautiful front panel designs. This purifier gives the user an opportunity to choose their preferred front panel designs from the nine designs that are available in Rabbit Air’s Artist series. There is also an all-white basic design for those who are not interested in customization.
This purifier unit once fitted with a custom front panel design can also be mounted on a wall with the aid of wall brackets to resemble a picture or painting. Its modest size is a plus here as it makes the unit remain quite unnoticed when mounted on a wall. Beside the front panel is an array of lights and buttons that serves as the user interface. The buttons are properly labelled and well placed for ease of use and understanding. The lights are also well placed to make it easy for the user to understand the various modes and operations of the unit.
This air purifier unit has a square like design and is averagely sized for a purifier. It measures 19 pounds in weight and is 19.25 inches tall, 21.4 inches wide and 7 inches thick. The custom front panel designs and wall mount however make this size negligible as the unit looks smaller once mounted to a wall.
The Rabbit air minusa2 unit is Wi-Fi compatible to make it possible for the user to connect it to their smartphone through the Rabbit air app. This app gives the user control over the unit and increases functionality by availing more interactive features such as monitoring air quality and choosing different cleaning modes.

For its performance, this design adopted an innovative 6 stage purification system, which is one of the cutting edge filtration systems in the industry. This 6 stage system comprises of an array of filters stacked within the purifier. These filters include the pre-filter, the medium filter, the HEPA filter, a customized filter, a carbon filter and a negative ion generator. When put together, they form the highly efficient system that guarantees quality fresh air. Another notable design here is the customizable filter feature. Rabbit Air gives the user four options to choose from. These are germ defence, pet allergy, odour remover and toxin absorber.

Rabbit air minusa2 air purifier Pros 

· The Rabbit air minusa2 gives incredible cleaning performance
· It has been designed with a 6 stage purification system which combine to remove extremely small particles together with the larger particles from the air
· It has been built with Wi-Fi connectivity to give the user easy remote control. This feature gives enhanced interactivity with the unit through a smartphone app
· This unit is very quiet even when set to the highest fan speed setting
· It can be used to clean spaces up to 350 feet for people with allergies and up to 700 square feet in normal instances
· It comes with a washable pre-filter giving it longer life and making maintenance easy and cost friendly
· It is designed to have an automatic sleep mode that relies on ambient lighting
· The unit comes with a 5 year warranty on purchase
· It is deemed to be Ozone safe
· The unit has amazing aesthetics given it comes with different custom front panels for the user to choose from. This makes it possible to hang it up as a wall painting

Rabbit air minusa2 air purifier Cons

· The Rabbit air minusa2 is inarguably quite pricy to purchase, with the unit retailing at about $600 and its annual filter replacement at $70.
· This unit may have a little difficulty with eliminating strong odours such as smoke and cigars
· It does not come with the wall mount bracket on purchase. It has to be acquired separately
· Having a narrow air intake means that the air purifier has a slow airflow rate hence cleaning may take a while for large spaces

Rabbit air minusa2 air purifier Accessories & Parts


Front Panel

This is the front most part that also covers the interior parts of the unit. The Rabbit Air Minusa2 either comes with a custom front panel with a design chosen by the user or the basic white front panel. Rabbit Air’s Art series offers the customer 9 different designs to choose from. These designs are not fixed and may change from time to time depending on their popularity. These custom front panel designs are an innovative way to improve the aesthetics of the unit to complement its functionality.

Wall Mount

A wall mount bracket can be purchased separately for this unit. It can then be used to fit the whole unit on a wall of your choosing making the unit occupy less room space while also blending into the aesthetics of the room. This is greatly enhanced by the custom front panels


This air purifier has a 6 stage purification system made up of the parts below.


The pre-filter is found at the front and is used to trap large particles in form of dust, hair and allergens.

Medium filter

This follows the pre-filter and is used to trap particles in the air that are larger than one micron. They include pollen, pet dander and mould.

HEPA filter

This part of the system traps particles larger than 0.3 microns and is mostly preferred for reducing allergens with an aim of prolonging the life of the filters.

Customized filter

Rabbit Air gives the user four options to choose from. These are germ defence, pet allergy, odour remover and toxin absorber. The Germ defence is ideal for people with weaker immune systems and is meant to trap particles of bacteria, mould and viruses. The pet allergy filter traps pet allergens and dander while the odour remover gets rid of smoke, cigarette, cooking, mildew and pet smells. The toxin absorber gets rid of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and is ideally used in new and recently renovated spaces.

Carbon filter

This is the next filter that is used to trap chemicals and other household odours.

User Interface

This part of the air purifier serves as the main control hub. It comprises of control buttons and indicator lights to help the user interact with the unit. The user interface here is well labelled making it quite easy to understand and use while greatly increasing the available functionality.

Remote Control

The rabbit air minusa2 comes with a remote control for added functionality. While this is useful, it does not have the functionality that comes with the smartphone app. The remote also needs to be within range of the unit in order to work unlike the smartphone.

How Do You Clean a Rabbit air minusa2 air purifier HEPA Filter?

Before you clean a HEPA filter it is necessary to know if the filter is a permanent, washable or replaceable filter. If it is labelled permanent or washable it is possible to clean it. However, it is highly discouraged to clean replaceable filters. This is mostly because of the risk of inhaling pollutants found on the filter and the risks of destroying the filter during cleaning.

It is highly recommended that HEPA filters be replaced and not cleaned. IF it is washable however, it is recommended that the filter is rinsed under cold water while avoiding touching the filter material. If it is a permanent HEPA filter, it is recommended that cleaning be done quite gently using a vacuum cleaner to suck away the dirt from the filter surface. Water should not be used on such filters.

For the Rabbit air minusa2, only the permanent pre-filter is washable and it is recommended that it should be cleaned every month following the above mention guidelines for washable filters. The rest of the filters are not washable or permanent and should be replaced every 12 months. Cleaning them is not recommended as it is bound to damage filter fibres and reduce performance.

Is the Rabbit air minusa2 air purifier a good value?

This air purifier’s innovative design and filtration system make it quite ideal for homeowners. In spite of the costly purchase price and the pricy replacement filters it remains a worthy investment due to its perks and performance. The 5 year warranty is also quite appealing and gives the user a comfortable safety net. It is ultra-quiet, has long life filters, can be mounted on a wall and is aesthetically pleasing. This makes the Rabbit Air Minusa2 a worthy investment and definitely guarantees good value.

Rabbit air minusa2 air purifier Review


Size and Dimensions

This air purifier unit measures 19 pounds in weight and is 19.25 inches tall, 21.4 inches wide and 7 inches thick.


This unit’s performance can be termed as exceptional. Its pricy retailing does not disappoint. The performance ratings for this air purifier are quite high. It is supposedly able to improve air quality by up to 99% and achieve an air quality index of zero, which is quite spectacular. This great performance is paired with its user friendliness, ease to operate, adjust and control to give extreme efficiency.


In spite of its size, this one of the quietest air purifier models on the market. It produces only 25.6 decibels when running on its lowest setting And 51.3 decibels when running on its highest setting. This is mainly attributed to the innovative use of a brushless DC motor.  


Some of the recommended maintenance practices for the Rabbit air minusa2 are:
· The particle sensor should be cleaned once every 3 to 6 months and should be done by using a damp cotton swab on dust inlet and outlet
· The main air intake and outlet are to be cleaned using a soft brush.
· The front panel should be cleaned by removing it from the unit and dusting it off with a soft brush or dry cloth
· The mood light lens on the back of the panel should be cleaned using a dry cloth, cotton swab or soft brush.

In Conclusion

The Rabbit air minusa2 is exceptional. It not only looks good but also works well. Its exceptional performance makes it one of the best air purifiers available on the market. Its innovations are well incorporated and make this the ideal unit to have in your home.


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