Dyson V6 Animal, Should I Buy it?
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By Lauren Quan | 16 September 2020 | 0 Comments

Dyson V6 Animal, Should you Buy it?

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Cordless stick vacuum cleaners are one of the best appliances you can buy for home cleaning purposes. In that regard, we found out the Dyson V6 Animal will be the best stick vacuum you can buy. Our reason for this pick is simple a reputable vacuum cleaner manufacturers make it, uses the latest vac technology, and it is inexpensive.
Therefore, to help you understand more about the Dyson V6 Animal, we have analyzed various aspects of this
Dyson stick vacuum cleaners. In this review, we are going to cover the following things.

  • Features
  • Best for which type of surface
  • Specifications
  • What is in the box?
  • Useful Cleaning Tips
  • Pros and Cons
  • FAQs

Features of Dyson V6 Animal
The following are features that make the Dyson V6 Animal have a high cleaning performance. They are outstanding when you compare them to other cordless stick vacuum models.
Here are the features of the V6 Animal.
The Dyson digital motor V6 enables this appliance to work appropriately. Dyson digital motor V6 has a power consumption of 350W, which is high than previous Dyson models making this vacuum cleaner to possess a high suction.
2 Tier Radial Cyclones
For this stick vacuum cleaner to capture all dirt from your floor or ceiling, it has fifteen cyclones which are in a two-tier arrangement. Furthermore, they are parallel to each other for a high airflow as it creates strong centrifugal forces for high dirt capture regardless of size.
Power Modes
Choose between the Max or Powerful mode when vacuuming with the Dyson V6 Animal. The Max mode creates a high suction when cleaning a high pile carpet or a floor with high dirt concentration. However, if you want to clean for an extended time, use the powerful mode. Select the power mode by pressing the push button on the vac.
Dyson wants you to clean your home effectively. That’s why when you purchase the Dyson V6 Animal, and you get additional cleaning tools such as the crevice and mini-motorized tools.
Crevice Tool – This tool is essential as it enables you to remove dirt on edges and narrow gaps efficiently.
Mini-motorized Tool – Cleaning tight spaces is usually a challenge when you have a stick vac. That’s why this tool is here to help you clean hard-to-reach areas efficiently.
You can also combine tools for a seamless switch when cleaning different surfaces.
Clean Your Ceiling
Its ergonomic design and less weight gives you the ability to remove dirt from your ceiling effortlessly. Additionally, the wand is detachable, which is a significant advantage when cleaning.
Convert to Handheld
Do you have a car? Or do you want to clean your sofa or bed without straining? Then when you buy the Dyson V6 Animal, you can transform it into a handheld vacuum cleaner. This will give you the autonomy to clean your car, sofa, or bed without struggling.
Docking Station
The one challenge when it comes to stick and upright vacuum cleaners are storage. But this is an issue sorted out by Dyson. When you purchase the V6 Animal, it comes with a docking station which acts as a storage and charging unit. Therefore, it doesn’t consume your floor space hence reduction in accident possibility.
Hygienic One-Click Dust Bin
Why touch dirt after cleaning your home? That’s not right, and due to that, Dyson made sure that the V6 Animal and other Dyson vacuum cleaners have the hygienic one-click dust bin. This prevents you from coming into contact with dirt at any moment.
Note: Don’t fill the dust bin to the brim as it will reduce the suction power of this vacuum cleaner. When it reaches the max point, empty it before continuing.
Type of Brush
This vacuum cleaner has two brushes, which include stiff nylon bristles and carbon fibre filament. All these have their functions, which we are going to discuss in the next segment.

Best for Which Type of Surface?
As a user whose primary intention is always to have a clean home, you need to check if it’s meant for cleaning multi-surface or for a single surface. On that note, I would like to inform you that the Dyson V6 Animal is a multi-surface stick vacuum cleaner.
You can use it to vacuum hard floors and carpets. For you to achieve this, it has two types of brush. The stiff nylon bristles are meant for cleaning carpets while the carbon fibre filament is for vacuuming hard floors.
  • Cleaner head – Carbon fibre turbine head
  • Type of Filter – Washable
  • Charging time- 3.5 hours
  • Run Time – 20 minutes
  • Weight – 2.11Kg
  • Cyclone Technology – 2 Tier radial cyclones
  • Dustbin capacity – 0.4L
  • Warranty – 2 years
  • Height – 250mm
  • Length – 1214mm
  • Width – 208mm
Note: The run Time above is when you are using the powerful mode. When using the Max mode, it will work for seven minutes. Additionally, the cleaner head is another factor when it comes to run time.

What is in the Box?
Here are things you will get in the box when you buy the Dyson V6 Animal.
  • Removable wand
  • Battery charger
  • Combination tool
  • Docking station
  • Crevice tool
  • Manual
  • Mini-motorized tool

Useful Cleaning Tips
Maintaining the cleaning performance of the Dyson V6 Animal, there are things you need to consider. In this part, you are going to learn useful cleaning tips when using the V6 Animal.
  1. How to Empty and Clean the Dustbin
As you clean your home, ensure you take a look at the dustbin. Ensure that dirt doesn’t go past the Max point indicator on the bin. When dust reaches that point, empty by pressing the red push button, which is near the vacs handle.
Furthermore, use a dry cloth to clean the dustbin after emptying the dirt. Never use a wet cloth or wash it with water.
  1. How to Wash the Filter
Dyson V6 Animal’s filter is washable for a lifetime, which reduces the cost of buying a new one every time. Wash the filter by removing it from the head of the vacuum cleaner.
  1. How to Check for Any Blockage
When the Dyson V6 Animal pulses several times, that means the appliance might have a blockage. But how do you check for blockage? Before you check, ensure that you have unplugged it from the charger. Then detach the wand from the cleaner head.
Next, check for any debris on the rear and neck of the cleaner head. Then take the wand and check if there is any debris too. Also, check whether the dustbin has got any blockage. When it comes to checking the dustbin, detach it and take a look at the suction inlet.
After that, you can now reinstall the vac to its typical nature and continue vacuuming your house.
  • It has a strong suction
  • Best for multi-surface
  • Cleans pet dander
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use and change cleaning tools
  • You can transform it into a handheld vacuum cleaner
  • 20 minutes of run time
  • Frequent dustbin emptying

How Many Times Do I Need to Wash the Filter?
  • For proper maintenance, you need to wash the filter once every month. If you don’t know how to remove and clean the filter, check the manual guide in the box.
Is it Recommended to Clean When the Cord is Attached?
  • Never do this as you might destroy the charging cord.
Can I Clean Wet Surfaces using the Dyson V6 Animal?
This vacuum cleaner is meant for dry dirt. Therefore, please don’t use it to clean wet surfaces.

Buying the Dyson V6 Animal will be the best choice you made when it comes to stick vacuum cleaners. It has a powerful suction that ensures no dirt remains on your carpet or floor. As a pet owner, this is an excellent appliance after a series of positive reviews by pet owners who have this vacuum cleaner.
Moreover, you can clean high places in your home, ensuring every part of your home is neat. Therefore, purchase the V6 Animal today and get a high cleaning performance.



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