Is Bissell Crosswave Worth Buying?
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By pppggg | 15 September 2020 | 0 Comments

Is Bissell Crosswave Worth Buying?

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Bissell Crosswave Design


This upright vacuum has been designed to give the combined ability to sweep, mop and vacuum. It comes with a modern look in a blend of titanium and blue colours. The Bissell Crosswave is designed to resemble a stick vacuum that comes with some additional features and is super easy to assemble. Its cleaning head is designed a flexible,
manoeuvrable, multipurpose and multi-surface brush roll. The
Bissell Crosswave Pet Pro on the other hand is purple in colour and comes with a tangle free pet brush roll. The multi-surface brush roll on the Bissell Crosswave is able to mop hard floors, stir up debris and also wash area rugs. The brush roll is made of soft cloth strands so that it is able to soak in the cleaning solution and water used for cleaning without scratching delicate floors. The brush roll can be released with a simple click making maintenance quite easy. It comes with a diverse set of specialized accessories, a multi surface brush and a wide range of detergents to make your cleaning more convenient.

The vacuum cleaner is fitted with two independent tanks. One holds the mixture of water and cleaning solution while the other holds the sucked up dirty water and debris. The clean water tank has two fill line indicators to be used depending on the size of the messes, that is small area messes and large area messes. They also indicate how much of cleaning solution and water should be mixed. This helps users avoid wastage by mixing the right amounts of water and cleaning solution. The other dirty water tank has a capacity of 0.4 litres. It has been designed to be easily removable from the vacuum cleaner itself.

The controls are located along the handle to help the user choose between cleaning modes. The user can choose between rugs and hard surfaces. On the handle, you will also find the knob that starts the supply of the mixture of water and cleaning solution to the brush roll.

The vacuum cleaner is fitted with a 25 foot cord that can be wrapped around the machines backside and increases the reach of the machine from its power source. It is quite portable too, given it weighs just 11 pounds. The Bissell Crosswave is 46 inches tall, 12 inches wide and its cleaning head is 10.6 inches deep. Other versions are however cordless, such as the bissell crosswave cordless max and the bissell crosswave cordless.
 Bissell Crosswave Pros

· The Bissell Crosswave comes with very little annual maintenance costs meaning its use is quite budget friendly
· This wet and dry vacuum is easy to set up and use.
· This machine gives amazing cleaning results on area rugs and other varieties of hard surfaces.
· It puts out excellent suction power for great performance
· The Bissell Crosswave is easy to manoeuvre even in tight spaces
· It leaves surfaces almost dry
· It has been designed with appealing aesthetic quality and build quality
Bissell Crosswave Cons

· The Bissell Crosswave does not do well on carpets. Its performance is restricted to area rugs.
· It has a slight problem when cleaning liquid against walls and edges
· Its retail price is a tad expensive
· Emptying the Bissell Crosswave can be a messy task
· This machine tends to be rather noisy when in use

Bissell Crosswave Accessories & Parts


Multi-surface brush roll

Just as the name states, this brush roll is meant to be used on different surfaces, whether rug or hard surface, and still give exceptional results. It is designed to have a soft fibre core brush and bristles with medium firmness.

Hardwood Floor Brush roll

This brush roll comes with some of the Bissell Crosswave versions. It does not come with medium firmness bristles but quite resembles the multi-surface brush roll. It is best used when polishing hard wood floors as it is made of soft fibre.

Area Rug Brush roll

This brush is specialized for area rugs. Unlike the other two, it does not have the soft fibre core but is wholly made up of bristles with medium firmness. This makes it easier for the vacuum to stir up and suck up dirt which increases performance on rugs.

Pet Brush roll

The Pet Brush roll is quite similar to the multi-purpose brush roll. Its design makes it able to capture long hairs

Cleaning Solutions

Bissell Crosswave comes with a wide array of detergent cleaning solutions. These solutions can be mixed with clean water and used to clean different uses such as hardwood flooring, pets or area rugs.

Cleaning Tray

The Bissell comes with a cleaning tray that can be used to clean its brush roll. The vacuum is placed on the cleaning tray with cleaning solution and turned on to clean the brush rolls.


It comes with a washable filter for easy and affordable maintenance. The filter however has a limited lifespan and may need replacement after a while.

Bissell Crosswave Maintenance

The Bissell Crosswave comes with an appealing 2 year warranty. While maintenance is easy there are some key maintenance tasks that should be taken into account.

· This vacuum cleaner is fitted with one washable filter that requires frequent cleaning.
· This washable filter should also be replaced once in a while as they tend to wear out.
· When the debris tanks is full, it is highly recommended that it is emptied and rinsed clean.
· The brush roll may get dirty or worn out overtime and need replacing. This is necessary to keep the performance of the vacuum machine excellent.
An estimate places the maintenance cost for this wet and dry vacuum at $40, inclusive of the cleaning solutions, brush roll and filter replacements.
Is the Bissell Crosswave a good value?

 The Bissell Crosswave is the ideal solution to your sweeping, vacuuming and mopping needs. Its vast range of utility makes it quite the useful tool. It comes with its cleaning solutions for versatile use on different surfaces but the user can also make their own to save on expenses. The Bissell Crosswave comes with a 2 year warranty that makes its purchase quite appealing. It is important to note that using any other solution will void the warranty for this machine.

 Bissell Crosswave Review


 Getting Started and performance

The Bissell Crosswave is quite easy to setup and this was made even easier as it comes with a manual to help the user assemble the many accessories. Getting started is pretty easy and requires very little technical know-how. The Bissell Crosswave has amazing suction power coupled with its innovative brush roll accessories to ensure great results when cleaning.

Size and Portability

The Bissell Crosswave is not that manoeuvrable. With a swivel head that only turns to 25 degrees, it may not be able to easily reach some tight spaces for that deep clean. This could be a deal breaker for some people and some home layouts. It is therefore ideal for open spaces.


This heavily accessorised wet and dry vacuum cleaners is rather noisy, which is expected given the many extra additions found on its body.

Ease of Use, Maintenance and Pricing

This vacuum cleaner is fitted with one washable filter that requires frequent cleaning. This washable filter should also be replaced once in a while as they tend to wear out. The brush roll may get dirty or worn out overtime and need replacing. This is necessary to keep the performance of the vacuum machine excellent. The Bissell Crosswave retails at $300, which is quite affordable when compared to other similarly featured wet and dry vacuum cleaners.

In Conclusion

The Bissell Crosswave doesn’t only offer great efficiency and cleaning performance, it also gives you a fun cleaning experience and is definitely good value for your money. It has multiple utility because it can sweep, vacuum and mop. Its design is appealing and useful. Maintenance is cheap and easy and so is its operation once you get the hang of it. This vacuum cleaner is definitely a good buy.


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