Is Roborock S4 Worth Buying?
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By pppggg | 15 September 2020 | 0 Comments

Is Roborock S4 Worth Buying?

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You can agree with me that clean environment mostly our floors makes us comfortable to stay and work on and it may be tiresome and costly to clean our floors manually daily thus there is need for vacuum/mop floor cleaner. Finding the best home floor cleaning assistant is not an easy task since one click on the internet introduces you to numerous cleaners that may sometime give you a hard time to choose.
Here we introduce you to the Roborock S4 which is among the best robot vacuum cleaners that offer you the best home/office floor cleaning solutions expected from any standard robot hoover. Roborock S4 comes with different outstanding features that like high-efficiency filters, side brushes, wheels and a set of different sensors that lets you get outstanding performance on any floor. The better part of Roborock S4 is that it is highly compatible with the Mi Home app that you can use to monitor it as it cleans your floor or even finds out any malfunctioning part.

Roborock S4 Design

Roborock vacuum developer company always invests in the most updated features that immensely contribute to your home cleaning experience. Since the Roborock S4 is developed by Roborock, it is featured with the best design that aid it to execute its vacuuming mandate.
Roborock S4 is designed with a raised LDS (Laser Designed sensor) over the dustbin and on the edges that give it a gorgeous look.

Roborock S4 is also designed with a round button assembly that lights up with while in operation with white LEDs. You can access the buttons whether its lid is open or closed.
On the front half of Roborock S4 is a wall sensor together with a spinning side brush. The brush is designed with five different silicon pieces split int halves. On its bottom, Roborock S4 features two wheels. The black wheels are designed with silicone treads which are soft enough to make sure they don’t scratch your hardwood floor while the vacuum is in operation.
On the back of the Roborock S4 vacuum cleaner, it is designed with long charging bars. The charging bars offer a better connection to the charger than when they could have been positioned at the bottom where dirt builds up. On the other hand, the charging dock is designed with a rear cover that covers the charging cables.
Its dustbin is designed long but not deep. It is able to hold more dirt of up to 750 square feet cleaned area.
You will also realize that its innovative design gives Roborock S4 a strong suction even if the dustbin gets full, giving you the best home floor cleaning solution ever.
Finally, Roborock S4 is engineered with four different suction modes. The Standard Cleaning Mode that you can use to clean hardwood and low-pile carpet, the Silent mode which operates in lower decibels as compared to other modes, the Turbo mode for maximum power and the Medium mode which lies between the standard and turbo modes.

Roborock S4 Pros

High Build Quality-the Roborock S4 is built with high quality. It is made of hard plastic with a beautiful finish on the top. The plastic is strong enough to overcome any knocks making it durable. Its two wheels are also made of a high-strength rubber that bumper them making them durable.
Easy and Convenient Storage- Roborock S4 allows you excellent storage capabilities. It easily mounts to the wall around the working station. The charger has a cord management that you can hide the charging cables thus convenient and easy storage.

Descent Dirt Compartment- Roborock S4 features a decently designed and sized easy-to-empty dirt compartment and the App notifies you when it is full for convenient emptying.
High Portability- Roborock S4 is highly portable, weighing 3.85kg, it is to carry it along in case you want to have it on a different room or home.

Impressive Battery Life- Roborock S4 features an impressive, long-lasting battery. On the Max mode, the battery allows you over 120 continuous vacuuming time, allowing you to clean even large apartments.
High Maneuverability- Roborock S4 makes use of the laser sensor navigation, which gives it high maneuverability which also makes it suitable even in a high-traffic room.
Impressive Automation Capabilities- you can easily automate Roborock S4 to have it clean your home even when you are not around. You can automate Roborock S4 to empty the dirtbag, automatically charge automatically, and automatically vacuum.

Easy and Convenient to Control- Roborock S4 can be easily and conveniently be controlled through the Mi App. Using the app control, you can schedule the cleaning exercise, set cleaning boundaries, command cleaning of a specific room, and monitor any malfunctioning of any of its parts. The wireless control is excellent. There is also an option of using buttons.

Four Cleaning Modes- Roborock S4 comes with the four cleaning modes that allow you to conveniently vacuum different types of floors by adjusting between the four modes.

Roborock S4 Cons

No Mop Feature- Roborock S4 does not feature the mopping features like its counterparts Roborock S5 and Roborock S6.
Limited Control- Roborock S4 is not compatible with the Amazon Alexa, and Google Assistant thus limits you to control it only through the Mi Home app.

Roborock S4 Accessories and Parts

Most Roborock cleaner brands come with almost parts and accessories that you can have for replacement in case one fails. Here are the parts and accessories for Roborock S4;

The Roborock S4 Main Brush


The Roborock S4 Main Brush plays an important role in the floor cleaning process. Without the main brush, the Roborock S4 may not be able to detach dirt effectively. You can easily remove it for maintenance and always replace when worn out.

Roborock S4 Side Brushes

The side brushes are designed to serve in cleaning the edges of your floor buy pushing the dirt from the edges to the main brush for suction. They are made from a thermoplastic which I wear-resistant.

The Main Brush Cover

The main brush cover is made from a polycarbonate material that guarantees you a long life. It integrates the bends to trap the pet hair that may entangle the main brush.
Roborock S4 Washable Filter
Roborock S4 Washable Filter is E11 rated showing effective filtration of dust, pollen and any other dirt particles. Although the Roborock S4 Washable Filter is washable, after long use, it may require replacement.
Magnetic Tape
The Roborock S4 makes use of invisible magnetic tapes to create the no-go zones. You can use this to restrain Roborock S4 to clean the specified rooms and keep off other rooms.

Roborock S4 Maintenance

Every machine requires regular general Maintenance, thus the Roborock S4 also should be maintained. There are general Maintenance like washing the dustbin after emptying, and there are other long-term maintenance practices on crucial parts like;
Main Brush Maintenance- the main brush may get entangled with air as it vacuums. Here you need to pull off the hair from its bristles manually.
Side Brush Maintenance- the pat hair is the main form of dirt that can cause damage to the main brush. In case of malfunction of the side brush, you need to unscrew it and remove any dirt trapped. Then, replace them back and screw them tightly.
Sensors Maintenance- in case of unclear visibility by Roborock S4, then you need to wipe clean the sensors.

Is the Roborock S4 a Good Value?

The Roborock S4 has value for your money. It comes with a lot of unique and outstanding features that give you the best home/office floor cleaning experience equal to other high-end vacuum cleaners.
Roborock S4 Review
Roborock S4 is worth buying. After buying, you will not incur other extra costs since it requires little and basic maintenance practices. Its high-efficiency filters guarantee you 99.9% filtration efficiency. The filters are also washable thus do not require regular replacements. 
Roborock S4 also offers many high-performance features that you can’t afford to miss. Its budget is friendly, that will not strain your pocket.


In Conclusion, if you need a floor cleaning pro, then Roborock S4 is among the best of them. Have your home/office floor cleaned effectively handsfree. Amidst your tight schedule, Roborock S4 stands in as the best helper; you only need to schedule it and have your floor cleaned. Roborock S4 is worth it!


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