Is Shark Rocket Pet Pro Worth Buying?
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By pppggg | 15 September 2020 | 0 Comments

Is Shark Rocket Pet Pro Worth Buying?

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Most customers wonder whether the Shark Rocket Pet Pro vacuum cleaner can do any better job at getting rid of pet hair at home. Before you get to buy this vacuum, it will be quite prudent to be conversant with how it is designed.

Shark Rocket Pet Pro Design

Shark Rocket Pet Pro is a decent cordless stick vacuum with lightweight nature. Amazingly, it can be simply adjusted from being portable handheld to an upright stick. 
Basically, Shark Rocket Pet Pro is divided into three essential parts:
· Cleaning head
· Wand- it can be MultiFlex or standard; the model is the determinant
· In-hand vacuum-comes with a dust bin
Surprisingly enough, you can easily reconfigure the vacuum by just joining all of its parts together to form a stick or handheld vacuum. It solely depends on which design you want at that particular moment.
Here are the essential parts of Shark Rocket Pet Pro, you need to be aware of their make;

The Controls

You can easily use the controls which are just located at the handle. It operates by allowing you to make quick slides on it, which are as follows;
· Off- enables you to turn off the vacuum
· Setting 1- for cleaning hard surface floors by use of a low suction power
· Setting 2-for cleaning carpeted floors but consumes more power than setting 1

The Brushroll

To prevent tangles from hair or any other debris, Shark Rocket Pet Pro has perfectly designed the brush roll to counter this hectic challenge.
This simple, hybrid spiral design comes with a bright yellow rubberized blade, which sweeps debris through the brush roll and forces it into the dustbin. In addition to that, its design is modified to clean up pet messes too! 

LED Headlights and Indicators

The LED headlights allows you to vacuum dark hard-to-reach areas without requiring an external light source.
These indicators are purposely installed to indicate varying battery life levels as you are using it. This is featured as follows;
· Full charge- indicates three solid bars
· Mid charge- indicates two solid bars
· Low charge- indicates1 solid bar
· Almost empty-indicates one flashing bar
· Zero charge- no bar

The same LEDs do also function as battery charging indicators. Let us check this out;
· Low charge- only one bar flashing.
· Mid charge- shows one solid bar and one flashing bar
· Almost full charge- shows double bars and a single flashing bar
· Full charge- triple solid bars

The Cordless, and lightweight design

Shark Rocket Pet Pro vacuum cleaner gives you the ultimate manoeuvrability you need due to its cordless and lightweight nature. You get the advantage to clean in and around the house; you are never limited to a specific position.

It is essential to be aware that at 7.17 pounds only, Shark Rocket Pet Pro can be carried around for hours without easily you wearing out. Your cleaning session becomes just but a piece of cake.

Shark Rocket Pet Pro Pros

· It has an awesome ability to pick up pet hair from any surface easily.
· Pretty easy to maintain with no recurring costs.
· Has a long battery life of 40 minutes
· Equipped with a modified brush roll design for fewer tangles.
· It has an anti-allergen system, which gives allergic users ultra-protection.
· Since it is cordless, it enables you to reach each and every part of your house at your convenience.
· Having a removable battery gives a perfect chance to extend the cleaning session by replacing the exhausted one with a fully charged one.

Shark Rocket Pet Pro Cons

· It has got a too small dust bin capacity
· It lacks a pet grooming brush

Shark Rocket Pet Pro Accessories & Parts

The Shark Rocket Pet Pro with the following essential cleaning tools and accessories that can help you in the long run with the device. You will also find out that you need some other attachments that can be of greater help. 
 Some technical adjustments and repairs can be easily executed as long as you are properly equipped with the following parts and accessories. 

· Anti-Hair Wrap Motorized Pet Tool – it is incorporated with a bristle brush-roll, which as you clean, removes embedded pet hair from the brush-roll as it spins, making it tangles free.
· Multiplex wand - this one is rigid; hence, it enables you to squeeze under furniture without necessarily having to lean down that lower.
· Lithium-ion battery- a single battery can last for 40 minutes. This duration can be insufficient if your vacuuming area is quite large. Since the battery is removable, you can simply prolong your vacuuming session by equipping yourself with one or two extra batteries.
· HEPA Filter – all the dirty air is thoroughly cleansed by the use of this filter. Even particles of 0.3 microns cannot pass through it. This guarantees you 99.99% allergen protection.
· Crevice tool- it is narrow to vacuum hard-to-reach sections such as between the car seats neatly.
· LED Lamps- they are normally three, positioned on top of the nozzle, allowing you to illuminate and vacuum the dark areas and quickly detect debris in your house.  
· When pressed, Trigger increases the suction power, just simply squeezing it whenever you want a faster and more intense vacuuming.
· Hard bristle brush- its hard and tough in nature, sorts you better when it comes to cleaning stubborn dirt on the surface you want to clean. 


Shark Rocket Pet Pro Maintenance

Luckily enough, Shark Rocket Pet Pro does not demand much maintenance efforts. You only need to take a keen interest in the following core factors for a smooth and fun-oriented journey with Shark Rocket Pet Pro:
· The battery should be properly charged- its battery lasts for 40 minutes or less, determined by which suction power mode you use. Since the battery is removable, you should be keen when uninstalling it from the vacuum housing and direct it into the charging base whenever you want to recharge it.
· The dust bin should be emptied or washed properly- since it is quite small, it needs to be emptied frequently. Remember, cold water can efficiently do the washing; after you are done with washing, kindly allow it to dry for 24 hours, that is when you can reinstall it.
· Cleansing the Felt screen- this should be often done by removing the debris using your hand. Filters should be thoroughly washed or replaced- here we are talking of two filters; the pre-motor and post-motor filter. Below is how you can separately clean them.
· First, remove the pre-motor filter- gently press the dustbin release button, then carefully extract it from the vacuum. After that, you can now pull the foam and felt filters out of the dustbin.
· Post-motor filter removal- get the dustbin out of the vacuum body, then gently pull the vacuum's post-motor filter by the handheld portion.
Is the Shark Rocket Pet Pro a good value?

Shark Rocket Pet Pro offers you the ultimate best build quality and design that you need, with easy maintenance steps. Its wonderful ability to be adjusted between being handheld and a stick vacuum definitely suits your cleaning needs. Cleaning the brush-roll is not a big deal; you only get to enjoy the step the Anti Hair Wrap Motorised Pet Tool takes in eliminating pet hair tangles and other debris around the brush-roll. It is absolutely worth owning it at your home!

Shark Rocket Pet Pro Review

The answer is definitely, yes. Shark Rocket Pet Pro is purely worth having. The Shark Rocket Pet Pro is ultimately known for its awesome ability to clean your lovely pet's hair and other messes. It needs very few and easy maintenance measures. Interestingly, this cool vacuum excellently does away with pet hair no matter the type of surface it is assigned. Even more, you will admire its awesome manoeuvrability! Get one today at a reasonable price.

In Conclusion

All you need is to enjoy all the gorgeous features of Shark Rocket Pet Pro, like the self-pet hair tangles removal, with the help of an anti-hair wrap motorized pet tool. You cannot miss the cordless design it displays, plus its decent build quality.


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