Roomba 980 Review, Is It Worth The 399.99USD?
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By Lauren Quan | 14 September 2020 | 0 Comments

Roomba 980 Review, Is it Worth the Price of 399.99USD?

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iRobot is a renowned company when it comes to the production of not only top-tier robot vacuums but also other household products such as robot coders. For decades that company has provided its customers with state-of-the-art robot vacuums among them the Roomba 980 vacuum cleaner.

This is an upgrade of the Roomba 960 model. But unlike its predecessor, it comes with numerous add-ons such as extra accessories, a longer-lasting battery, and robust suction power. This article offers a detailed review of this nimble and modern vacuum cleaner. So, is it worth the buying price? Well, let’s find out!


Unlike the older Roomba 800 series that had a glossy black finish, the 980 vacuum comes in a dark gray shade that is much appealing to the eye. And, iRobot has uncluttered the user interface by providing you three buttons. The clean, spot, and Home buttons. The clean button is the largest allowing you to easily start and stop cycles with ease.

The home button will return the robot vacuum to its docking station while the spot mode button cleans specific areas. This is especially crucial if you want to vacuum an area filled with particles.

Also, you’ll notice the presence of a 45-degree camera and sensors that map your house, identifying objects and obstacles. It weighs 8.7 pounds and measures 3.6 inches tall making it an ideal option for cleaning below furniture.

iRobot Home App

The vacuum cleaner can be controlled via the iRobot Home App. It is compatible with Android and iOS devices. It lets you schedule and reschedule cycles, opt for the Carpet Boost mode that increases the suction power especially when it detects a rug or carpet. You can also set the Edge Clean mode to clean along the perimeter of your room.

Lastly, the Two Cleaning Passes mode is initialized via the app. The downside to this is that families without smartphones will have a hard time accessing these advanced features. With it, you can connect to your home network allowing you to remotely control the vacuum cleaner.

Battery life and charging
The 980 vacuum runs on a lithium-ion battery, unlike older models that ran on nickel-metal hydride batteries. As such, it has a longer runtime and lasts for long before replacement. In fact, it has a 120-minute runtime between charges.

And when the battery runs low, it automatically goes back to the docking station for recharging. As it finds its way to the charging station, it will play several tones to alert you that it has finished a cycle(s). It takes 2 to 2.5 hours to fully charge the vacuum. If the battery is deeply discharged, it will take approximately 30 seconds for it to wake up. When charging, the vacuum will reset to hibernation to conserve energy.

Carpet cleaning

Well, like other Roomba vacuum cleaners, the 980 is especially intended for cleaning carpets. With the 10x AeroForce system, it cleans thoroughly compared to its predecessors. Also, it comes equipped with new Carpet Boost Technology. This thoroughly vacuums the carpet by increasing the motor speed hence the suction power.
Furthermore, the vacuum is designed to navigate around obstacles. This is one of the chief reasons why so many homeowners prefer using the Roomba 980. And thanks to its height, it can clean below furniture with ease.

Hard floor cleaning
This vacuum does an exceptional job when it comes to cleaning hard floors such as hardwood and laminate flooring. Thanks to its ability to detect debris, it will automatically beat and shake the particles allowing for easy suction.

Cliff detection
With the Roomba 980 vacuum, you don’t have to worry about tip over near stairs since it features a cliff detection feature.

As earlier mentioned, the vacuum is equipped with a camera and sensors to map your house. The camera forms a virtual landmark of your furniture, obstacles, and more. As such, it will automatically avoid these landmarks as it vacuums your room.

Also, it maps the house as it cleans. This means that should the battery get discharged, after recharging, it will automatically remember where it left, go there, and resume cleaning.

The best part?

The 980 is meant for homes with large spaces. As it repeats this route over and over, you are guaranteed of stellar results in the long-run. Besides, it follows a straight path, unlike older models that use a random pattern.

This type comes with critical accessories for optimal cleaning experience. They include 2 virtual wall barriers, a home base charging station, an extra filter, and an extra side brush. Thanks to the additional wall barrier, you can control the 980 vacuum cleaner to vacuum a single room without getting out of the door.

The barrier features two modes; the virtual and Halo mode. The virtual, as explained above, forms a wall barrier that prevents the vacuum from going through an opening. On the other side, the Halo mode form a barrier in form of a circle around an object with a diameter of 26 inches.

Cleaning methods

This vacuum utilizes several cleaning methods with the counter-rotating brushes being the key cleaning object. iRobot ditched bristle brush for a brushless roller. This allows you to easily remove hair or dander that has been trapped on the roller.

It also comes with a side brush that vacuums the along wall edges and corners ensuring the whole room is clean. The third-generation motor provides more power ensuring that the 980 performs a perfect job.

Noise levels
This vacuum is quite noisy compared to the 960 model. It has a noise level of approximately 70dB when in carpet boost mode. This can be extremely noisy if you have a large carpet space.  
Roomba 980: is it worth 399.99USD?
Well, as you can see this vacuum offers you numerous benefits thanks to the industry-standard features. Is it worth the price? Yes! Why? You may ask.
  • It comes with a long-lasting battery that offers up to 120 minutes runtime. This means you can clear a large space with two hours non-stop. It’s hard to find robot vacuums with such long runtime.
  • Second, it comes with Carpet Boost Technology. This ensures that all debris on the carpet floor is captured. As such, your carpet will be sparkling clean.
  • Third, it comes with a brushless roller saving you the agony of removing trapped hair and dander. This means it will clean the rooms exceptionally since there are no obstacles to the cleaning head.
  • The robot can map your house as it cleans the rooms and identify areas that you don’t need to clean. Also, thanks to the camera and sensors, it can easily navigate around corners and obstacles. You’ll never find it stuck in front of a chair or table.
  • Another reason it’s worth the price is that it is an economical alternative to stick vacuums that are used for cleaning hardwood floors.
  • Finally, you can control it remotely via the iRobot Home App. Moreover, the app provides advanced controls for precise and optimal cleaning.
There is no doubt that the iRobot Roomba 980 vacuum cleaner is worth the money. Now, why opt for a robot vacuum? Let’s find out!
Reasons you should buy a robot vacuum
  1. It automatically detects debris either on the carpet or hardwood floors.
  2. It is easy to use. All you have to do is press the clean button and do the rest via the app.
  3. It can clean numerous surfaces. For example, the 980 is ideal for carpet and hardwood floors.
  4. It’s easier to set boundaries when using it.
  5. Finally, it is small, compact, and lightweight for everyday cleaning.
If you want a thorough cleaning of your room, then settle for this Roomba 980 vacuum cleaner. Not only is it efficient but also offers more suction power hence exceptional cleaning. We guarantee that will be worth every penny.


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