Are Shark Vacuum Cleaners Any Good?
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By Lauren Quan | 14 September 2020 | 0 Comments

Are Shark Vacuum Cleaners Any Good?

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The market is full of different models of vacuum cleaners. But which is the best for purchase? In today’s guide, I will inform you about the Shark vacuum cleaners. It is among the top vac model in the market that you should consider buying.

Therefore, if you were not sure about the Shark vacuum cleaner by the end of this review, you will have all the required information about Shark vacs.
So, let’s begin.

Features that Make Shark Vacuum Cleaners the Best
The technology used in making vacuum cleaners is advancing fast. There are many things that you should be on your fingertips before splashing your cash. You require a vac that will work as per your requirements.

Remember, not all vacs are meant for the same purpose. Some are for pet dander, while others remove different types of dirt. Therefore, let’s delve more to know what features make Shark vacuum cleaners worth buying.

Shark vacuum cleaners are categorized into several styles, such as upright, stick, robot, and handheld vacs. Therefore, according to your preferred pick, the type that works for you.

Ease of Use/Control
When you check out Shark vacs, all of them are very easy to use. Why do I say so? For upright, stick, and handheld vacs, they have an ergonomic handle that when you grip the vacs, it is hard to fall as you clean.
Also, for Shark robot vacs, you can control them using the Shark Clean app or voice assistants like Alexa and Google Assistant. They also come with home mapping features for easy cleaning.

Can you carry the vacuum cleaner around your home while cleaning? That’s very important because the less the weight, the easy it is for you to maneuver the vac around your home. For your information handheld, upright and stick Shark vacs are lightweight to enable you to clean every part of your house.

The suction power of Shark vacs is high, enabling you to clean even the 0.3-micron dirt particle from your home’s surface. This allows you to effectively clean your home without any worries about redoing the cleaning process.

Dustbin Capacity
For you to clean a large surface, Shark vacuum cleaners come with a large capacity dust collector. This reduces the time and energy you will use to empty the dustbin.

The Best Shark Vacuum Cleaner
In this part, you will get to learn about the best Shark vacs depending on various factors.
Best Overall: Shark Apex Upright Vacuum with DuoClean Technology AZ1002
After a review from our home appliance expert team, the Shark Apex Upright vacuum with DuoClean technology was chosen as the best. The AZ1002 is best because you can use it to clean hard floors and carpets. It comes with the Zero-M anti-hair wrap, which makes it among the best to vacuum pet hair in your home.
The DuoClean technology enables it to thoroughly deep clean all surfaces efficiently. This vacuum cleaner has LED lights that are on the floor nozzle and handle to illuminate the floor as you clean.
Fitted with the powered lift-away mode, you can detach the pod and clean under furniture with ease. Even though it is a corded vacuum cleaner, the cord is 30 feet long, which facilitates cleaning a large floor space. Remember that this Shark vac comes with powerful suction for effective cleaning.

Best Handheld: Shark WV201 Wandvac Handheld Vacuum
When it comes to a handheld vacuum, cleaner weight is a significant factor. Additionally, there are other factors, such as run time, suction power, and filter type. After considering all these factors, the Shark WV201 won as the best handheld Shark vacuum cleaner.

It is ultra-lightweight (0.635 kilograms), which gives you a peaceful time while cleaning your home. For fast charging, it comes with a charging dock. On the charging dock, you can store the vac and its accessories.

The WV201 comes with a multi-surface pet tool that you will use to remove pet hair and tough dirt from carpets and upholstery. Furthermore, the duster crevice tool facilitates car cleaning. When you are done cleaning emptying the dust collector is easy as you press the release button once while pointing it to the hygienic bin.

Best for Pet Hair: Shark Rotator Powered Lift-Away TruePet NV752
Are you a homeowner who loves pets? Then you must be having challenges cleaning pet dander. Most of the time, pets shed their hair either on your bed, sofa, carpet, or hard floor. But which Shark vacuum cleaner is the best for use?

After a thorough analysis, we concluded that the Shark Rotator NV752 is the best for pet hair. It comes with a powered lift-away, which allows you to disconnect the canister and clean hard-to-reach areas. For it to capture all dirt from your floor, it has LED lights on the nozzle and handle.

Controlling this vacuum cleaner is easy as it has fingertip control, which you can switch from one cleaning mode to the next effortlessly. When it comes to maneuvering the NV752, it has an advanced steering technology.

Therefore, don’t suffer from pet hair as the NV752 is here to help you when it comes to cleaning.
Best Robotic: Shark IQ R1001AE
Are you looking for a Shark robot vacuum cleaner? Then go for the Shark IQ R1001AE. It has a self-emptying base and home mapping technology. This robot vacuum is best for hard floors. The R1001AE has a bagless dustbin which can hold up dirt for up to a month.

When we compared its suction to other Shark robot vacuum cleaner, the Shark IQ R1001AE has a higher suction than a different model. You can schedule whole-home cleaning or zone cleaning though the Shark Clean app or using voice assistants such as Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

This vacuum cleaner has a home mapping capability, which helps you choose which room you will or not clean. It has a self-cleaning brush roll that captures pet hair and long hair without tangling.

When the battery level is low, it automatically goes to recharge and will resume cleaning from where it left. Furthermore, it has a dual-edge and corner brushes for complete home cleaning. The slim design enables it to get under furniture and clean quickly.

Best for Multi-Surface: Shark Navigator NV352 Upright Vacuum Cleaner
Your home might have a different surface like carpet and hard floor. But not all Shark vacuum cleaners are made to clean both surfaces. That’s why we found it necessary to inform you about the best multi-surface Shark vac.

For that reason, the Shark Navigator NV352 was chosen to be the best. It has the lift-away technology, which enables you to detach the canister and the nozzle and clean tight spaces or hard-to-reach areas. The NV352 has HEPA filter and anti-allergen complete seal technology for effective dirt capture.

Maneuvering the Shark Navigator NV352 around your home as you clean is smooth has it has a swivel steering. This vacuum cleaner has a thirty feet power cord for extensive floor space cleaning. Additionally, you can transform this Shark vac to a handheld vac.

This vac is lightweight, which doesn’t give you challenges to clean multiple rooms as you will not be tired.

Best Cordless: Shark ION F80 IF281
The Shark ION F80 is the best cordless Shark vacuum cleaner you need to purchase today. It has a run time of eighty minutes. Additionally, it has removable batteries for seamless cleaning, even when the battery’s power is low. Use the Shark ION F80 to clean both hard floors and carpets.

It uses MultiFLEX technology, which enables the wand to bend as you vacuum under furniture and tight spaces in your home. You can convert the ION F80 to a handheld vacuum to clean high areas such as the ceiling.

When it comes to portability, this vacuum cleaner weighs about four kilograms. Moreover, when you purchase it, you get a five-year warranty.

These are the best Shark vacuum cleaners you need to buy. They are high-quality and worth your money. Therefore, don’t think of any. If you got any questions, please message us by leaving a comment.

About Proscenic Vacuum Cleaner
Even though Shark vacuum cleaners are among the best model in the market, it is best to learn about Proscenic vacs. Manufactured purposefully for home cleaning, vacuum cleaners from Proscenic are know to be the best.
They are made using the latest vacuum cleaner technology. Therefore, our today’s pick when it comes to the Proscenic vacuum cleaner is the P10.

Proscenic P10
The P10 is an affordable and powerful stick vacuum cleaner you should be buying. It has a 20,000Pa suction power more than any other model in the market presently. The head brush is rotatable, which means you can clean different angles without any issues.

Its battery is removable; thus, you can exchange if you have another when the one you are using is out of power. For the vac to capture even the smallest dirt particle, it has headlights on the nozzle. The P10 has a low maintenance cost as the dust container, HEPA filter, and roller brush are washable with water.
So, with all these features, think of buying the P10 today.


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