8 Best Stick Vacuums of 2020, According to Cleaning Appliance Experts
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By Joey | 11 September 2020 | 0 Comments

8 Best Stick Vacuums of 2020, According to Cleaning Appliance Experts

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                8 Best Stick Vacuums of 2020- According to Cleaning Appliance Experts
For all homeowners, stick vacuum cleaners are the best choice for you. More so, when you don’t have the time and energy to lift heavy vacs. Additionally, stick vacuum cleaners are categorized into two, corded and cordless. If you want comfortability as you clean your low pile carpet or hard floor, then consider buying a cordless stick vacuum cleaner.
They give you the freedom to clean a large floor space without worrying about the length of the cord. Therefore, our expert team from Proscenic has analyzed eight of the best stick vacs in the market right now. So, as you read through this guide perfectly know that these are reviews from Proscenic home appliance experts.

What to Consider Before Buying a Stick Vacuum Cleaner
There are many stick vacuum cleaner models in the market, but some do have similar features that you need to check out before buying. Thus, when you are looking forward to purchasing a stick vac today, these are the things you should consider.
A lightweight stick vacuum gives you the autonomy to clean your home like a pro. This is because you get to clean your house without feeling tired. Additionally, the less the weight, the smaller the size hence easy to store.
Surface Compatibility
There are stick vacuum cleaners meant to clean a specific surface. For example, in many homes, the hard floors and carpets are typical. But for your information, not all stick vacs these two types of surfaces. Therefore, if you have such a surface combination, consider looking for a vacuum cleaner that cleans both carpets and hard floors.
Corded or Cordless
Why should you consider this factor? Many homeowners don’t have the time to check out if a stick vac is corded or not? For a corded stick vacuum cleaner, you will be limited to space you will be cleaning. But for a cordless stick vac, you have the freedom to clean every part of your floor without limitation.
Battery Life
The battery life is vital for cordless stick vacuum cleaners. Even though you will not be limited on the floor space, you will clean, but the battery life can alter your working. Therefore, you should consider a vac that can work for long. Let’s say 45 minutes as, within this time, you will have done an excellent cleaning job.
Suction Power
The suction power is essential in helping you know the amount of dirt the vac can pick up when you are cleaning your house. With a low suction power, the vac will not collect every dirt, but when the suction is high, be sure your home will be forever spotless when you clean.

8 Best Stick Vacuums of 2020
Dyson V7
Powered up by the Dyson digital motor V7 our top stick vacuum cleaner is the Dyson V7. Therefore, as a homeowner, this is the vacuum to buy. It has a powerful suction that enables you to remove dirt from your floor and ceiling without any challenges.
The Dyson V7 is one of the cordless vacuum cleaners. It has a run time of thirty minutes, which helps you clean your home effectively. For fast and easy cleaning, it is lightweight and versatile, enabling you to clean under furniture and on high areas of your house. This stick vac is suitable for carpets and hard floors.
Additionally, you can convert the V7 to a handheld vac and use it to clean your car, sofa, and bed.

Dyson Cyclone V10
The Dyson Cyclone V10 is the perfect pick when it comes to a powerful suction. This stick vac picks up 99.9% of dust and debris from your home. It has three cleaning modes that help you remove dirt from different surfaces. The suction mode one enables you to clean hard-to-reach areas on short pile carpets and hard floors.
Suction mode two provides a high suction power to remove dirt from any surface. Boost mode is useful for intensive and occasional cleaning. The V10 is easy to empty as you need to direct it to the hygienic bin and press the release button on the dust collector. Similar to V7, it can be transformed into a handheld vacuum cleaner.

Shark Navigator Freestyle SV1106
Cleaning tight spaces around your house is always a big challenge. But when you have the Shark Navigator Freestyle SV1106, you will not have stress. It is a cordless stick vacuum cleaner that provides you with the required comfort as you clean your home.
This vac has a big dust cup that allows you to clean your home without frequently emptying the dust collector. Its powerful suction system eradicates pet dander. The SV1106 has to clean the setting modes. For easy maneuvering and portability, it weighs 3.4 kilograms.
When you purchase this vac, it comes with a precision charger that facilitates fast charging of fewer than four hours. Also, it comes with a one-year limited warranty.

Black + Decker 4-in-1 Dustbuster HHS315J01
Vacuum your home from top to bottom with the versatile Black + Decker 4-in-1 Dustbuster HHS1315J01 vacuum cleaner. You can transform the HHS315J01 in four ways; hand vac + floorhead, hand vac + pole, handheld vacuum cleaner, and stick vacuum. This gives you the ability to clean your home effectively.
Additionally, to perform your cleaning responsibility conclusively, it is lightweight (weight – 1.3 kilograms). It has a smooth pivot steering, which enables you to maneuver it well as you clean your home. The handle of this stick cordless vacuum cleaner is ergonomic, which makes it comfortable for use.
The Black + Decker HHS315J01 has a sleek and compact design, which makes storage easy. It has a four-liter dustbin capacity, and it is easy to empty.

Hoover Linx Cordless BH50010
Home cleaning is now easier than before with the Hoover Link cordless BH50010. This vac is compatible with carpet and hard floors and transitions between these surfaces with ease. It uses the WindTunnel 3 technology, which provides three channels of suction to capture any dirt from your home.
This vac has a low profile base, which fits nicely under furniture. By a push of a button, you can empty the dirt cup without coming into contact with dust. With edge cleaning bristles, the BH50010 removes dust even on hard-to-reach areas. The maintenance cost is low, as you can wash the filter. Additionally, when you purchase the Hoover Linx cordless BH50010, it comes with a two-year warranty.

Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Slim Corded Vacuum Cleaner
When you have pets in your home, the higher the chances of a house full of pet dander. But why should you struggle when it comes to cleaning? With the Bissell Pet Hair eraser slim corded vacuum cleaner, your cleaning time will be useful. This vacuum cleaner has a twenty-seven-foot long power cord, which enables you to clean a large room.
For easy dirt tank emptying, it uses CleanSlide technology. It has a pet turbo eraser and crevice tool which captures pet hair easily. Storage of this vac is more comfortable as it has a wall mount. The foam filter is washable, which reduces the maintenance of this device.
It cleans your carpets, rugs, hard floors, and pet beds. This product comes with a two-year limited warranty.

Dyson V11

Among the Dyson models, the V11 is the most powerful and intelligent vacuum cleaner. The V11 has a suction power two times more than any Dyson vac. It uses the Hyperdymium motor, which generates a high suction power.
The V11 has an LCD which shows you which power mode you are using between the three power modes which include;
  1. Auto mode
  2. Boost
  3. Eco
This vacuum cleaner is versatile due to it being cordless and enables you to clean every part of your home. Emptying the dust collector is easy as you need to press the push button, and it will release the dirt to your hygienic bin.
Store and charge the Dyson V11 quickly and easily on its wall mount. Additionally, you can convert it to a handheld vac and clean your car.

Proscenic P10
Price is an essential factor when you are buying a stick vac. That’s why you need to know that the Proscenic P10 is the most affordable and high-quality stick vacuum you can buy. It has a 20,000Pa suction power, which traps large dirt particles without any problem.
The P10 has an LCD that displays the battery level, the suction mode you are using, and any error code. Furthermore, you can adjust the suction mode on the screen too. You can clean your home for forty-five minutes non-stop. This vacuum cleaner has a removable battery, which gives you the ability to change as you are cleaning.
On the head brush, the headlights illuminate the floor as you vacuum. Therefore, for a cost-effective stick vacuum, the P10 is the best.

Where to Buy
Amazon – Currently, Amazon is the best e-commerce platform in the globe. Therefore, for different models of stick vacs, then this the place to buy from.
Proscenic – For high-quality home appliances, go to Proscenic and purchase the best products in the market.


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