Shark vs Dyson : The Definitive Guide
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By Joey | 11 September 2020 | 0 Comments

Shark vs Dyson : The Definitive Guide

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                                    Shark vs Dyson : The Definitive Guide
Shark and Dyson cordless vacs are the most popular vacuum robot brands on the market. So, as a user, consider spending your money purchasing either of these brands. They are all designed to make cleaning more comfortable and actual.

In this guide, we are going to compare and contrast between the Shark and Cordless Dyson models. Both of these vacuum cleaners provide a better cleaning experience and easy usability. However, there are factors to consider to determine the best. Therefore, we are going to compare in terms of;
  • Suction power
  • Mapping Technology
  • Pet hair
  • Weight
  • Battery life and many more
  • Both the Dyson and shark are big brands with different models on the market as fast-developing technology is concerned. The following table shares different popular models with both shark and Dyson models.
    Model Cordless Vacuums
    Shark 1.Shark Navigator
    2.Shark Rocket
    3.Shark Rotator
    4.Shark APEX
    5.Shark IONFlex
    Dyson 1.Dyson V5
    2.Dyson V7
    3.Dyson V8
    4.Dyson V10
    5.Dyson V11

    As much as the brands have further divisions like Dyson V10 Motorhead and Shark Upright, they are still powerful to clean with. Looking for budget-friendly models may be of each brand then go for the Dyson V10 Motorhead and Shark ION F80.
    Pet families would like to have upright vacuums. The best vertical Shark model recommended is Shark APEX DuoClean Zero-M, and for Dyson model get the Dyson Animal Ball 2.
    The important thing about these two brands is that both models have swivel steering; hence can clean corners of the house, has large dustbin sizes, so you don’t have to clean more often, exceptional filtration. They all come with accessories for variable cleaning modes.
    Advantages and disadvantages of cordless vacuum
    Model Advantages
    • Disadvantages
    Dyson V7
    • Less expensive as compared to V8
    • Runs up to 32mins, which is adequate for an average home.
    • Easy to empty as compared to its previous versions
    • It is lightweight
    • Appropriate for small to medium-sized homes
    • Reasonable charge time
    • Versatile
    • The relatively large dust canister
    • Quiet no much noise
    • Less suction power in low power mode
    • With a motorhead or animal, there are no soft head brush cleaners.
    • Heavier compared to V6
    • Short runtime in maximum mode
    • It does not guarantee deep clean like a full-size vacuum.
    • Average edge cleaning
    Dyson V8
    • Suitable for a small apartment to clean
    • Convertible to handheld
    • It is not too loud
    • Better filtration hence useful for people with asthma and other allergies
    • Relatively expensive, not a choice for those looking for budget-friendly
    • Large areas to clean? This may not be your choice
    Dyson V10
    • Great suction against pet hair
    • Portable
    • Can be converted to a handheld
    • It has a large dust canister compared to previous versions
    • not too loud
    • has torque drive cleaner head and soft roller cleaner head
    • reasonable recharge time 3.5hrs
    • uses HEPA filtration thus improved sucking
    • large handheld unit
    • 35 min full runtime with a powered cleaner head in low power mode. Very efficient
    • greater cleaning ability
    • No swappable  battery
    • The power trigger makes your finger tired when holding down the button
    Dyson V11
    • Great suction against pet hair
    • Portable
    • Can be converted to a handheld
    • LCD Control Panel makes it human interactive
    • Reasonable runtime
    • It has three models divided but still powerful in each
    • It is suitable for carpet cleaning
    • Auto power mode that is implemented when using the torque drive cleaner head
    • Quiet
    • Easy to move around with
    • Guaranteed high-quality filtration with the presence of HEPA filtration
    • Large dust canister you have to empty after a while and not so often
    • Has no swappable battery accessories
    • It is heavier
    • Long recharge time if you are cleaning and the battery ends before finishing, you have to wait as long as 5hrs to resume after fully charged.
    • Trigger to be depressed to power up
    • The high Torque cleaner head causes scatter in low power modes
    • Expensive hence not budget-friendly
    Shark Navigator
    • On/off brush rolls controls unlike APEX
    • It has a lift-away feature
    • It has three filters that are easier to access
    • Very short hose
    • Not the excellent job for the vacuum when picking up hair hence unsuitable for pet hair
    • Edge cleaning test failed
    • Average bare floor pickup
    Shark Rocket
    • Great suction against pet hair
    • Portable
    • Can be converted to a handheld
    Small dust canister
    Shark Apex
    • Low profile hence can get underneath the furniture
    • Bare floors effective
    • Uses Duo Clean technology that enhances picking up dirt
    • Suitable for pet hair pickup
    • corded ones they have extended power code
    • Easy to empty and reattach
    • It has the lift away pod
    • compact
    • Not too loud
    • Small dust canister
    • No adjustable suction
    • movement is average
    • No adjusting the brush roll
    • Edges cleaning is ineffective
    Shark IONFlex
    • Comes with two battery accessories
    • Uses DuoClean technology
    • Easy to charge the batteries
    • Reasonable runtime
    • Fairly strong suction powerful
    • Simple and easy to access controls
    • 5yr warranty
    • It has washable and reusable filters
    • Stick vacuum is heavy
    • Handheld feels bulky
    • The MulitFLEX technologies awkward to use
    • The battery temperature won't charge if they are too warm or too cold.
    Dyson v7 & Dyson v8
  • Both may not be a choice for those in need of extensive home cleaning
  • Dyson v8 is more expensive as compared to Dyson v7
  • The V8 has a more improved suction power as compared to V7
  • V8 runs up to 40 mins which is longer than v7 which runs up to 30 min
  • Dyson v11 animal & Dyson v10 animal
  • Dyson V11 is more improved as it’s the later version of v10
  • V11 better for carpet, Hard Floor with higher suction power as compared to Dyson v10
  • Battery life in this cases V11 last longer in 66min normal suction mode and 43min medium as finally 8mins in turbo. While v10 takes 45min suction 27min in medium and maximum 7mins in turbo
  • Which is the most affordable Shark, Dyson or Proscenic?
  • With affordability, we consider the most budget-friendly and efficient for your home cleaning. You are comparing the latest models of each brand and its effectiveness, beginning with shark IONFlex DuoClean, Dyson V11, and Proscenic P10.
    However, according to various customers who have bought Shark and Dyson vacuum cleaner, they say that they are almost similar. However, there are some differences between Shark and Dyson. When it comes to Dyson, it is costly, bulky, and has a high suction power. Comparing the Shark vac, which is relatively affordable, lightweight, but doesn’t have a high suction power.
    Other things you should consider when looking forward to buying one of these vacuum cleaners is the weight. The Shark IONFlex DuoClean weights 3.9kgs while Dyson V11 weighs 3Kgs. Thus, you should consider a less dense vac to make your cleaning time easy, especially when cleaning high places such as the ceiling.
    When it comes to run time, Dyson V11 has a maximum run time of sixty minutes, unlike IONFlex, which has a run time of between twenty to thirty minutes. Therefore, to get detailed info about the difference between these two models, here is a table showcasing important information about these vacs.
    Model Dyson V11 Shark IONFlex DuoClean
    Height 50.6" 45.9"
    Width 9.8" 13.4"
    Depth 10.3" 10.2"
    Weight 6.68 lbs. 8.7 lbs.
    Battery 3,600 mAh -
    Run Time 60 mins. 20-30 mins.
    Dust Bin Capacity 0.77 L 0.33 L
    Maintenance Costs $0 / year $28 / year
    Cleaning Performance 99% 98%
    But even though Shark and Dyson seem to be an excellent choice for you. Have you thought about Proscenic P10? This is budget-friendly and has powerful features compared to shark and Dyson. Additionally, it uses the latest technologies used in making vacuum cleaners, which makes home cleaning more comfortable.
    The P10 has four adjustable suction modes, which allows you to capture hard to remove debris from any surface. Its maximum suction mode is 22,000Pa, while the lowest is 6,500Pa. Hence, when you compare it to the two models, you will find a big difference.
    Without going further Proscenic P10 should be your choice as it is cheap compared to Dyson and Shark. So, visit
    Proscenic today and get the P10, which comes with a one-year limited warranty, and you will be offered free shipping.
    Hurry while stocks last.

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