Roomba e5 vs. Roomba e6: How Do They Compare?
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By pppggg | 10 September 2020 | 0 Comments

Roomba e5 vs. Roomba e6: How Do They Compare?

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It certainly is not the most straightforward task to pick from the wide range of vacuum cleaners on the market today. Many similar devices from different manufacturers are available, but they always appear to have a unique feature, which others do not have. The e-Series is a mid-level vacuum sold in favor of animal owners who need a strong vacuum to take away pet hair and animal allergen. Though both of these robotic vacuums share a lot in common, we'll highlight some subtle differences in this article, which can help you decide which one is most meaningful to you.

Roomba e5


The Roomba e5 vacuum robot is one of iRobot's top-tier models. This robot vacuum has strong performance, intelligent home, and mid-scale pricing capabilities. If you do not need an edgy innovation but want outstanding cleaning performance, then e5 is a great choice.

Roomba e6


The Roomba e6 is the Roomba e5 fraternal twin update. It has the same power, time, and spec, but two virtual walls and an additional filter.  It provides Wi-Fi, scheduled cleaning, and run time up to 90 minutes. Navigation is a bit simple, making e6 a solid 10/10 when you're seeking the best offer. 
1. Roomba e5 vs. e6Design

Roomba e5:

Let's begin with the look that you'll first see when you face the robots. Like most other Roombas, Roomba e5 is round in shape, featuring the iRobot locomotive and three buttons on the top. This robot can easily fit in tight areas around your house with a width of 13.3 inches and a height of only3.6 inches. There is also a helpful handle to bring the Roomba back to its charging dock if it is not loaded before it reaches the loading dock.

Roomba e6:

This one is slightly wider than that of e5, with a width of 13.4 inches and 3.6 inches, so it could not fit well through small gaps. When you look at this vacuum from the top, the top face is equipped with the three famous buttons. The central button starts a regular cleaning cycle and cleans the Roomba at the charging station. Just like the e5, the robot can be transported when needed.
2. Roomba e5 vs. e6What’s Different?

Between Roomba e5 and Roomba e6, some minor specifications account for the key variances. The distinctions are mentioned below:
1. Cost:

Roomba e5 is $300, while the Roomba e6 is $400.

2. Virtual Wall:

Roomba e5 does not come with virtual walls, whereas Roomba e6 is accessible with other inbox complements, such as the two virtual walls. This dual-mode barrier uses two different methods to fence areas off.

3. Color:

The Roomba e5 is all black; the Roomba e6 is two-tone, black, and white.

4. Filter:

Roomba e5 includes a pre-installed filter, while Roomba e6 also contains a single replacement filter and a pre-installed filter.

5. Availability:

Roomba e5 can be found conveniently online, while Roomba e6 is available only for some retailers. A quick search of the Internet shows that the e5 can be purchased from iRobot and Sam's Club's website. Roomba e6 is not widely available online and available on websites like Amazon and Walmart from independent vendors.
3. Roomba e5 vs. e6What’s the Same?
These two Roomba robots are almost similar, apart from the minor differences listed above. Some of the characteristics common to both robots are:

· Time to run: 90 minutes
· The capacity of batteries: 1.800 mAh
· Navigation Control: iAdapt 1.0
· Brushroll: double; rubberized;
· Dimensions: 13.3′′ DIA x 3.4′′H
· Powerful Suction
· Wi-Fi connection: Yes.
· Efficient filtration
· Dirt Detect Technology
· Washable dust bin
· Cliff Detect sensors
1. Battery life:

Battery life is an essential element of a robot vacuum. It determines how long the vacuum will take before a charge must be returned to the charging dock. Both the e5 and e6 utilize a lithium-ion battery. The battery has a run time of up to 90 minutes if fully charged. Since these two vacuums do not restart a cleaning job interrupted by a low battery, you must be sure to keep them from cleaning a room too large to be cleaned.

2. Navigation And Smart Control:

Navigation is an essential aspect of a robot vacuum, as after cleaning, you won't always be there to guide it back to the dirt or recharge dock. This Roomba has a range of technologies to make your way around your home.

The two robots operate with iRobot iAdapt, the same navigating technology. Even if robots randomly move about, they still learn and adapt to your home. Therefore, over time they navigate better.
The Dirt Detect sensors primarily support it in finding the dirtiest areas that require thorough cleaning. In addition, underneath the robots, there is a height sensor that can avoid falling. For example, once one of them arrives at a stair, he stops and turns away. It also has cliff sensors that prevent steep descent and respond to navigation technology, which helps clean it without missing a spot.

3. Wi-Fi Connectivity:

If you have a Wi-Fi device, you can add some convenience to your life to extend this Roomba functionality. The Roomba e5 and e6 are Wi-Fi compatible and can be connected to your phone.  The dedicated application needs to be downloaded from your smartphone (iOS or Android). Then you can monitor your robot remotely through the app and provide instructions.
You can use an Alexa or Google Home Assistant to connect the Roomba more conveniently to give voice commands from your couch comfort, which gives you plenty of freedom for cleaning. If you're going to sleep or leave the house, everything that works for you works with the robot.

4. BrushRoll:

Both e5 and e6 use pairs of rubber brushes, instead of bristles found in most traditional vacuums, to collect dirt and waste. Each brush has a different pattern and rotates in a direction to the other so that one brush loosens and sweeps waste towards the opening of the suction while the other brush lifts the waste into the opening.

5. Efficient Filtration:

Both are equipped with a high-efficiency filter and are great for allergic homes or multiple animals. This filter captures particles of up to 3 microns, eliminating up to 99% of all molds, mildews, spores, and animal dander prevents them from returning to the air during exhaust.

6. High Suction Power:

The suction power of e5 and e6 robot vacuums have continued to improve iRobot technologies. In this new e series, the suction power is five times higher than the older 600 series. As a result, dust and dirt, whether large or small, can quickly be recovered from the vacuum.
4. Roomba e5 vs. e6What’s the better value?
You would essentially have to purchase the same vacuum with the same hardware and programmed with the same software when choosing between the robot vacuum Roomba e5 and Roomba e6. If you are a former owner of Roomba and have different virtual wall devices, the e5 is your way. However, if you never possessed a vacuum from Roomba before and would like additional virtual walls, the e6 might fit your needs better.
The Roomba e6 is winning here, with a stern look at its value and extra equipment packaging. Although only a few direct retailers offer, this small difference is sufficient to remove the e5.
5. Final Verdict
Having taken all the facts, these are both very similar Roombas. The only real difference is the accessory package between these two models. However, it is essential to note that the Roomba e6 has two Virtual Wall Barriers, and only the Roomba e5 has one. This makes the e6 a little superior and the purchase worthwhile, as most other essential features of these two vacuums are similar. The only reason for choosing the Roomba e5 can be when there is no e6 in your area or looking for a more affordable option.


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