Dyson V 10 Animal VS Dyson V11 Animal Vacuum Cleaner
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By Lauren | 07 September 2020 | 0 Comments

Dyson V 10 Animal VS Dyson V11 Animal Vacuum Cleaner

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Want to know more about Dyson V 10 Animal Cordless Vacuum Cleaner? Dyson V 10 Vacuum Cleaner is a cordless stick vacuum cleaning device manufactured by Dyson Ltd. A technological gadgets producing enterprise famous for multiple reasons. Dyson products are not only unique and versatile but also provides better customer satisfaction in terms of quality and performance. Available in multiple price ranges across the market the household appliances are lavish and extravagant.

Dyson puts a huge amount of effort into the erection and design of their tools to attract worldwide customers and is known for lying on the higher end of price spectrum. Prominent devices sold under the trademark include a variety of vacuum cleaners including both corded and cordless vacuum cleaners, Upright vacuum cleaners, Stick vacuum cleaners, air humidifiers and purifiers, air conditioners, heating tools and styling materials and related products.

Having a Dyson vacuum cleaner at your home can save the trouble of working with other inefficient cleaning appliances and cleaning up the mess created by pets and children. Moreover, Dyson has introduced a complete range of Animal vacuum cleaners specially manufactured for looking after the waste created by the animal fur in your surroundings. Dyson V10 animal and Dyson V11 animal both are the major elements of this range and their remarkable features are mentioned below.

Dyson V 10 Animal VS V 11 Animal Vacuum Cleaner

Some of the prominent differences in terms of performance, design, battery, suction power and price these two vacuum cleaners are introduced ahead.

Dyson Cyclone V 10 Animal Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner

1.Design and Specification

Dyson Cyclone V 10 Animal Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner is embedded with an extremely powerful Cyclone technology along with additional filtration system that integrates a highly efficient Highly Efficient Particulate Absorption filter and various other smaller filters. Other equipment included in the main body include a long reach wand and a mini motorized tool with a motorized brush roll.

Additional accessories come in a variety of range and involve a combination tool, a crevice tool, a stair tool, dusting brush etc. Furthermore, as mentioned in the product name, the device is cordless and lightweight. Despite inclusion of multiple cleaning tools in the system the vacuum cleaners weighs only 5.86 pounds and can be easily carried out from one place to another.

Other bestselling features include its ability to convert into handheld device along with the incorporation of a cleaner head that is based on the torque generation mechanism. Therefore, increasing the functionality and efficiency of the system. Besides this the canister having 20 gallons dust storing capacity saves the effort of repeatedly emptying the dirt bin.

2.Performance and Suction Power
Dyson V 10 Animal vacuum cleaner is integrated with a diverse range of suction modes ranging from minimum to maximum offering varying efficiency of capturing dust on different flooring materials. Exceptional suction power is attributed to cyclone technology that generates a very strong air currents by producing centrifugal force in the system. The system is 55% more efficient than its predecessors.

Apart from this, the HEPA filtration system integrates reusable and easily washable filters that extends the life of vacuum cleaner along with easy maintenance. HEPA filters also has the potential to capture particles of up to 0.3 microns in size with 99.99% efficiency. This, enables the gadget to capture molecules as small as pollens and microorganisms increasing the chances of appliance to be used by various patients that are forbidden to stay near dirt.

Cleaning ceilings, stairs alongside cleaning under furniture and reaching enclosed spaces has become easier with the
availability of long reach wand and other additional accessories like crevice and combination tool. The mini motorized tool and motorized brush roll has the capability to capture animal hair and fur very easily from carpet surfaces and in depth. Soft dusting brush enables the vacuum cleaner to work efficiently when switching from one surface to another.

V 10 animal cleaner can also be easily transformed into hand held vacuum cleaner for cleaning furniture and cars that might not be achievable by ordinary vacuum cleaning tools. On the flip side, the gadget is very expensive costing round about $500 and due to large stick size is unable to efficiently operate under furniture. These characteristics might be a concerning factor for consumers regarding V 10 vacuum cleaner.

3.Battery and Charging Time
Lithium ion construction of built-in Dyson V 10 animal vacuum cleaner enables it to conserve power for longer intervals of time. Though battery drainage depends on multiple factors including the mode of suction as well as use of additional accessories. Average battery time of cleaner is between 10 to 60 minutes with power retention of 30 minutes at medium suction mode. Thus, it is the ultimate recommendation by most of the consumers of the appliance.

The price point of Dyson V 10 Animal vacuum cleaner is $489. This vacuum cleaners stands in the list of some of Dyson most expensive vacuum cleaners and is not affordable or recognized as overly priced by most of people.


  • 55% more efficiency
  • Triple Suction modes
  • Efficient on diverse range of surfaces
  • Energy-Efficient at medium suction power
  • Amazing for Pet hair
  • Light Weight and Easy to maintain
  • HEPA filtration up to 99%


  • Costly
  • Might not operate well under furniture

Dyson V 11 Animal Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

1.Design and Specification
Weighing 6.6 pounds Dyson V 11 Animal Cordless vacuum cleaner is not only light weight but also a smart technological appliance erected explicitly for cleaning animal fur. Embedded with auto and eco mode designed to automatically adapt to the environmental parameters and to enhance efficiency while saving power.

Intelligent cleaning mode coupled with LED screen and multiple cleaning accessories including combination tools, stair tool and motorized brush enhance the appliance efficiency. Additional filtration system mainly containing the HEPA filter. 14 Cyclones incorporated in the vacuum cleaner provides exceptional suction power. Moreover, the digital motor spinning at 125000 rpm additionally enhances the suction speed.

The cleaner is available with 2 year warranty and a docking station to rest the vacuum cleaner when not in use and while charging. Torque driver head similar to V 10 animal vacuum cleaner is also present in this model along with a stylish slim design with a large bin to carry the waste of whole house in a single attempt.

2.Performance and Suction Power
HEPA filters provides particle absorption efficiency of 99.97% with sizes ranging up to 0.3 microns. Therefore, increasing the suitability of device to be used around asthma patients and other people with allergies. Cyclone integrated in the system generate strong enough force of about 79.00g to force the dirt from the depths of carpeting material to dust canister.

The digital motor also enhances the suction power up to 40% with the spinning power of 125000rpm providing additional abilities to device to capture animal fur and larger hair strands with little difficulty. The appliance is also noise free and operates very quietly thus increasing the environment efficiency of the apparatus. The device possesses twice the suction power as compare to its rivals in the industry.

The point and shoot dirt canister offers safe and sanitary waste handling along with the inclusion of auto, eco and boost mode.  These modes equip appliance to adapt to their environment offering energy efficiency and provide quick and intensive cleaning that makes it superior to its predecessors. The high Price of the technology is a major drawback of this model of Dyson vacuum cleaner.

3.Battery and Charging Time
Dyson V 11 animal cordless vacuum cleaning is super energy friendly and can retain power for about 60 minutes without compromising the performance and quality of the vacuum cleaner. The device contains a replaceable lithium ion battery that possesses the ability to clean the whole house in a single attempt.

The price of Dyson V 11 Animal Cordless Vacuum Cleaner is $599 and this version in more expensive than V 10 model.


  • Eco mode, Auto mode and Boost mode
  • Superior Suction Power
  • Efficient for Pet hair cleaning
  • 60 minutes of running time
  • 40% suction power
  • 2 year warranty


  • Expensive
On a whole Dyson V 11 animal vacuum cleaner is more efficient and environment friendly than its V 10 counterpart and has very little negative aspects associated with it. Apart from the price which is higher in case of V 11 Vacuum cleaner in all other parameters V 11 vacuum cleaner stands out in the market and is toughest competitor to all the others with regards to suction power, filtration mechanism and battery time.


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