Dyson V 10 Animal, a Good Vacuum Cleaner for Pet Hair?
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By Lauren Quan | 07 September 2020 | 0 Comments

Dyson V 10 Animal, A Good Vacuum Cleaner for Pet Hair?

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Are you a Dyson user? Want to sneak peek into more information about their products? Dyson is a well-known brand in the 21st century for their exceptional customer service and unique products. Manufacturer of plethora of electrical appliances embedded with up to date technological materials, Dyson was established in 1991 and ever since has been dedicated to providing quality services to their consumers.

Hair styling tools, vacuum cleaners, humidifiers, air purifiers etc. are major gadgets produced under the brand name. Vacuum Cleaners are also available in diverse ranges and are launched in series including Dyson Cordless vacuum cleaner series, Dyson Upright vacuum cleaner series, Dyson Animal range, Dyson absolute cleaning range and much more.

Apart from its outstanding products quality and design the trade mark is also famous for its exceptionally high price range. But all good things cost a hand or more. Isn’t it? Below mentioned are some insights into Dyson V 10 Animal Cordless Vacuum Cleaner and a few inexpensive alternatives to this lavish vacuum cleaning agent.

Dyson Cyclone V 10 Animal Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner

1. Design and Specification
Weighing 5.86 pounds Dyson Cyclone V 10 Animal Cordless Stick vacuum cleaner is a perfect example of a lightweight, portable cleaning device embedded with Lithium ion batteries long with a mini motorized tool. Additionally, a torque drive cleaner head is also integrated into the system to enhance the efficiency of the apparatus.

Cyclone technology as the name indicates is the main highlighted feature of this version of Dyson vacuum cleaners and is incorporated with advance filtration system. Long reach wand, Stair tool and crevice tool are additional accessories available for consumers alongside a wall mounted dock that can serve as a resting spot for the vacuum cleaner.

The appliance also possesses the dust carrying capabilities of 20 gallons which is good for cleaning whole place in a single attempt. Moreover, mini soft dusting brush and combination tool are other prominent features associated with V 10 Cyclone Animal.

2.Performance and Suction Power
Designed explicitly for picking up animal fur and large hair stands Dyson V 10 Animal vacuum cleaners performs extraordinarily amazing on carpets and other surfaces. Torque Cleaner head arms the appliance to remove dirt and debris buried deep inside the fibers of carpeting material offering a fresh look.

Long reach wand and stair tool coupled with mini motorized tool ensure the ability of apparatus to reach higher surfaces and enclosed narrow spaces that might be difficult to reach by an ordinary cleaning equipment. Advance filtration system provides protection against microscopic dust particles and prevent the exposure of such waste to the user.

In addition to this, the filtration technology is capable of capturing 99.99% of particles ranging up to 0.3 microns in size and therefore, enhancing the cleaning efficiency of the gadget. The filtration material is scientifically proven to purify the air around your home. Cyclone technology integrated in the device offers multiple suction mode which in turn provide varying degree of suction power and performance ratings to the device.
Maximum suction mode provides the highest suction power and is mostly recommended for carpets and other hard to tackle material. The device provides 55% higher system efficiency as compare to its V 7 counterpart and is favored by majority of consumers.

On the other hand, extremely high price might be a down point to Dyson V 10 animal vacuum cleaner. Additionally difficulty faced by users for operation under the furniture due to a large stick size has been a cause of concern by majority.

3.Battery and Charging Time

Lithium ion batteries embedded into the appliance are capable of retaining power from about 10 to 60 minutes depending on the suction mode and power settings. Most users report that the device can last for around 30 minutes at medium suction mode and it also the most recommended mode for efficient performance with minimum battery consumption.


Dyson Cyclone V 10 Animal Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner is available with the market price of $489 at most retail stores across the world.


1. Multiple Suction Modes
2. 55% higher suction power than Dyson V 7
3. Mini motorized tool and additional accessories
4. Efficient of carpets
5. Suitable for Cleaning Pet hair
6. Good Power retaining abilities


2. Might be difficult to use under furniture

Performance of Dyson V 10 Animal on Pet Hair
The mini motorized tool and motorized brush roll on alongside the cyclone technology and filtration mechanism combine to increase the animal fur trapping efficiency of Dyson V 10 Animal vacuum cleaner. The brush roll on provides minimum, medium and maximum suction power to the apparatus. The suction power of this model is 55% higher than its V 7 predecessor.

This later on, works together with mini motorized tool to capture animal hair strands from stubborn surfaces such as carpets and other fibrous materials. As the device is mainly designed for tacking animal fur and hair, it also possesses ability convert into handheld version that assist the cleaning of various type of furniture making cleaning an even easier process all over the house.

The filtration mechanism can absorb microscopic dust particles which enables it to be used around patients with asthma and people with diverse range of allergies therefore, increasing the demand of this vacuum cleaner all over the globe despite of its high price range.

Proscenic P10 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner; an Inexpensive Performance Efficient Alternative

Unlike Dyson vacuum cleaners, Proscenic P 10 will not cost you an organ and thus, is a cost effective, highly efficient alternative to most of costly vacuum cleaning devices in the industry. Some prominent attributes of P 10 vacuum cleaners are mentioned below.

1. Design and Specification
Lightweight and cordless Proscenic P 10 weighs only 8 pounds and is available with 12months warranty for quality issues. The appliance is embedded with multiple cleaning tools including a long nozzle, a round brush, a floor brush, a main brush, mini motorized tool etc.  Additionally the main apparatus is incorporated with a powerful turbo motor that provides a very powerful suction speed to the device.

LCD screen integrated on top of the vacuum cleaner displays the suction and power modes. Moreover, multiple cyclone filters offer complete sealing of the equipment to avoid escapement of any unwanted dust particle from the device. HEPA filters ensures the absorption of 99% of microscopic dust particles making the device safe to be used around multiple patients. 

2. Performance and Suction Power  
Cyclone technology enables the device to have multiple suction modes that provide different suction power. The highest suction power generated by the P10 vacuum cleaner is 22000 Pa followed by 6500 Pa at minimum suction mode.

Medium suction mode is the most recommended mode for power saving and better cleaning efficiency in device.

In other aspects the device is perfect for cleaning large debris and animal fur from carpets and hard floors. Long reach wand and additional accessories enable the apparatus to clean high ceilings, stairs and other enclose spaces such as under the furniture. Though battery might not last long in case of continuous use of additional accessories at maximum suction power.

The filtration system is also very effective in cleaning the minute debris and dirt particles around your home. Especially High Efficiency Particulate Absorbing Filter that possesses the ability to absorb 99% small sized particles from the surroundings including microorganisms and pollens that might be source of various allergies.

3. Battery and Charging Time
Lithium ion battery incorporated in the system has the ability to preserve the power from 25 to 45 minutes depending on the power and suction setting of the vacuum cleaner. To achieve better results it is mostly advised to use vacuum cleaner at medium suction power that provides longer battery time and the device can operate for longer periods of time.

4. Price
The device is available at the market price of under $200 which makes it two times cheaper than its Dyson competitor that costs nearly $500. Thus, Proscenic P 10 is my ultimate recommendation to those that are looking for inexpensive alternatives to overpriced vacuum cleaner.
Hence, these were some prominent attributes of famous vacuums cleaners present in the market in 2020 that might be useful to most of the pet owners.


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