Is Dyson V7 Animal Good for Capturing Pet Hair?
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By Lauren Quan | 07 September 2020 | 0 Comments

Is Dyson V7 Animal Good for Capturing Pet Hair?

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Is Dyson V7 Animal good for capturing pet hair? This question crosses the mind of almost everyone planning to buy V7 Animal cordless vacuum cleaner. Dyson vacuum cleaners have made a name in the industry with their extraordinary erection and efficient performance in various aspects.
Manufactured under the guidance of Sir James Dyson, these cleaning gadgets are produced in diverse range including upright vacuum cleaners, corded and cordless vacuum cleaners etc. In addition to these, the enterprise also produces many other household products that involve humidifiers, heaters as well as hair styling tools.

Dyson V7 Animal is a product of Dyson V7 Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaners range that offers powerful suction and efficient cleaning performance to the consumers. Some insights into the V7 Animal Vacuum Cleaner are mentioned below.

Dyson V7 Animal Cordless Handheld Stick Vacuum Cleaner

Incorporated with Lithium ion batteries Dyson V7 Animal Cordless Stick Vacuum cleaner provides dual suction mode to consumers with varying degree of retaining power. After a complete charging time of 3.5 hours the cleaning tool has the ability to last for 30 minutes at minimum power mode.
Unfortunately, at maximum power though the performance of capturing minute dust on carpets is exceptional but the power only lasts for 6 minutes, making it impossible to clean the whole house in a single attempt.
Additionally the appliance is lightweight, portable and cordless. Despite being embedded with 15 cyclones and multiple accessories including a crevice tool, combination tool along with a mini motorized tool the vacuum cleaner weighs only 5.28 pounds. It also carries the debris handling capacity of 0.14 gallons and can capture up to 99% dust particles of 0.3 microns using a very powerful animal brush tool designed specifically for trapping large strands of animal fur.
Regretfully, the V7 animal vacuum cleaner is not durable and might get damaged easily. Additionally, it does not have any mechanisms to notify the consumers in case of power drainage.

1. Dual suction mode
2. Cordless, lightweight and portable
3. Dust capturing ability of 0.14 gallons
4. Efficient for handling animal fur
5. Suitable for carpets and hard floor

1. Low Power retaining ability at high suction speed
2. Not very durable might need regular maintenance
3. No power loss notification system

Is Dyson V7 Animal Good for Pet Hair?

Dyson V7 Animal Stick Vacuum Cleaner is especially designed for absorbing multiple sized pet hair. The mini motorized tool integrated in the apparatus ensures the efficient entrapment of animal fur deep inside the carpet. Cyclone technology provides fast enough suction power to avoid tangling and clogging of large hair strands into the main body of cleaning gadget. Furthermore, this Dyson Stick Vacuum Cleaner has the potential to transform into a handheld vacuum device that assists in cleaning the furniture and other related areas.

Sadly, consumers report clogging of the apparatus despite such powerful suction mechanism which might contribute to loss of suction over long term use and therefore, regular maintenance is required to avoid tangling of large size hair pieces in the appliance.

Dyson V7 Animal V/S Dyson V7 Animal Pro Plus

There is not much difference between both the vacuum cleaners as both belong to the same range. The latter is available with more accessories and at a higher price. Therefore, can be used for additional purposes that might not be achieved by its previous counterparts. Some of the differences between both the models are analyzed in term of their design, specification, performance, suction power, charging time and battery time. The analysis is mentioned below.

Dyson V7 Animal Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner

1. Design and Specification

Dyson V7 is a lightweight cordless vacuum cleaner possessing the potential to convert into handheld version when required. Embedded with radial cyclone technology containing 15 cyclones in total that combine to provide a very strong suction power to the appliance. In addition to this the inclusion of a long reach wand coupled with a stair tool provide other benefits to the consumers.

Other accessories available with the main apparatus include a combination tool, a crevice tool and a mini motorized motor tool each enhancing the performance attributes of the vacuum cleaners. Since vacuum is cordless it does not requires any power cord and is powered by lithium ion batteries that require a complete charging time of 3 to 4 hours.
2. Performance and Suction Power
The V7 vacuum cleaner contains multiple suction modes and provides efficient cleaning of carpets and hard floors. The digital motor enables the apparatus to capture dirt from the carpets fibers and mini motorized tool ensures the absorption of animal fur especially from thin spaces.
Along with this, the crevice tool makes it easier to reach narrow and enclosed spaces and offers better cleaning attempt. Similarly, the long reach wand and staircase assists the cleaning of high ceilings and stairs respectively. The gadget also possesses the ability to clean furniture by converting into handheld vacuum cleaner.
Lightweight and cordless nature of the V7 appliance provides easy portability and also expands the functionality by allowing the device to be used by consumers in cars or places where charging plug might be unavailable. On the other hand, the vacuum cleaner lies on the higher end of price spectrum and might be replaced by other cheaper alternatives.

3. Battery and Charging
 Battery time of the device might be a controversial factor. As the vacuum can only run on power for 6 minutes after a charging time of 3.5 hours at maximum suction speed while for 30 minutes at power saving.

Dyson V7 Animal Pro Plus Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner

1. Design and Specification

Weighing 9.28 pounds Dyson V7 Animal Pro plus Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner is similar to Dyson V7 animal in many aspects and contains some additional tools that improves the function and performance of the appliance. This version of V7 vacuum cleaner contains additional flexi crevice tool, dirt brush, mini motorized tool and much more. That add additional $60 cost to the system.

Apart from this, other important tools incorporated in the device include powerful radial cyclone technology, stair tool, long reach wand that serve diverse range of requirements.

3.Another new feature added to this model is the hygiene dirt ejector that is about 1243 mm long and can be emptied easily with manually handling the waste. V7 animal pro plus also has the potential to change into handheld form and thus, is loved by most of the users. 

2. Performance and Suction Power
V7 Animal Pro has the capability to absorb 99.97 percent of minute dust particles residing deep inside the flooring material and us suitable for multiple floor types including carpets and wooden floors. The deep carpet cleaning is attributed to the integration of direct drive cleaner head in the system. Additionally the new stubborn dirt brush has been specifically constructed to clean door mats and hard carpeting material.

Flexi crevice tool ensures the cleaning of difficult to reach enclosed and narrow areas. While long reach wand makes the device capable of cleaning ceilings and other higher altitude places. Similar to its predecessor, this vacuum cleaner also has dual suction mode that is achieved by the radial cyclone technology that offers outstanding suction power to the technology.

On the negative side low battery power and loud noise accompanied by the operating vacuum cleaner are some issues reported by variety of consumers. Other users also mention quality and durability problems with the device and might seem dissatisfied over this product.

3. Battery and Charging Time
Battery and charging time of both V7 models are somewhat alike. Lithium ion battery provides 30 minutes to operating time at minimum suction power and with the utilization of additional accessories and higher suction mode might lead to a drastic decrease in battery time.

Thus, these were some of the insights into the Dyson V7 Animal Vacuum cleaner along with the major differences between this version and the new Dyson V7 Animal Pro plus vacuum cleaner both of which are especially designed to relieve the trouble of handling animal fur and hair and other waste material.



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