Dyson DC07 is the Best for Hardwood Floors-According to Cleaning Experts
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By JoeyDyson DC07 | 04 September 2020 | 0 Comments

Dyson DC07 is the Best for Hardwood Floors-According to Cleaning Experts

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Dyson DC07 is the Best for Hardwood Floors-According to Cleaning Experts

From its humble beginnings a few years ago, Dyson has grown to become one of the most reliable brand names in the global business market. Dyson brands are an excellent choice for high-quality vacuum cleaners that come in multiple options, unique technologies, and impressive designs. With Dyson technologies, quality meets excellence to ensure you get a superb brand that’s great for carpet cleaning and cleaning hardwood floors. This post focuses on the Dyson DC07 vacuum cleaner which made its debut in the American market in 2002.

Is the Dyson DC07 Good for Hardwood Floors?

Dyson DC07 is a combination of engineering power and structural brilliance that makes it a great option for cleaning services. At the center of the unit’s performance lies the cyclone technology, which has become synonymous with most of the high-end Dyson vacuum cleaners.
With up to 8 chambers, the Dyson DC07 vacuum cleaner comes to you with dependable performance and value for money. Ever since making its debut in the global marketplace in 2002, the Dyson DC07 has been a standout performer for many reasons, and it’s not surprising that it has recently become every homeowner’s choice for hardwood floor cleaning and pet hair removal.
With a Dyson DC07 vacuum cleaner on your shopping list, you don’t have to spend beyond the limits to get a reliable cleaning unit for your property needs. If you want a reliable design but unsure where to begin, the Dyson DC07 vacuum is a smart choice.

How to Clean a Dyson DC07?

Dyson recommends that you should clean the unit at least once every 3 months to improve its performance. But the biggest question is, where do you start? Well, cleaning your Dyson DC07 vacuum cleaner doesn’t have to be challenging if you have the right tools and you know where to begin. Speaking of tools, here are the materials you will need to help you clean your Dyson DC07 vacuum cleaner:
  1. Scissors or knife
  2. Screwdriver preferably the flathead type
  3. An air compressor or compressed air
  4. Water
The cleaning process can be summarized into a 10-step procedure that starts with emptying the canister. Start by removing the canister on the unit by pressing the rear end of the device where you will see two red pieces. Then, remove the filters and the roller cover. Of course, you will need a screwdriver for this process.
You can use a pair of scissors to remove pet hair and debris that could be trapped on the roller before blowing out the dirt using compressed air to clean the visible spaces. Finish by putting back the roller cover.
The fourth step involves using compressed air to clean the cyclone part and the inside area. After this, you will also want to clean the canister, where, again, the compressed air will be handy. Also, clean the sponge filter thoroughly and squeeze till dry. Then, wash the canister and rinse it thoroughly using dish soap. Using a damp cloth, wipe the cyclone part and let it dry for at least 24 hours. Remember, moisture accumulation on the cyclone part of the canister will make routine cleaning more difficult. And that’s it! You will have cleaned your Dyson DC07 vacuum cleaner.

How to Change Belt on Dyson DC07?

For some reason, the brush roll on your Dyson DC07 may fail to pick up even when the motor parts are operating smoothly. But don’t panic. It could be worn-out or snapped drive belt, which again, is easy to replace if you have the right tools and know-how. For starters, this will be challenging, to be honest.
A damaged belt means compromised performance, where the motor will continuously operate without the brushroll spinning. Before replacing your belt, ensure you follow all the safety measures. For instance, it's important to disconnect the unit from the main power supply before you begin any repair.
To dismantle your vacuum cleaner, start by removing the bin and cyclone assembly before taking off the post-motor filter. This will give you a perfect view of the entire unit. With the vacuum cleaner turned upside down, you can easily remove the soleplate. Now, with everything done, you will see the belt attached to the spindle and its orientation could indicate the exact problem.

Replacing the Belt

Now, follow these steps to replace your drive belt:
  1. To remove the damaged drive belt, just slide it off the motor spindle by pulling the brushroll out. The drive belt should readily pull through.
  2. Remember the new belt will be tighter and difficult to fit because it will have stretched for some time.
  3. Attach the new belt to the brush roll and ensure it's sitting tightly in position. Of course, this part can be challenging but just stay focused as you slide the drive belt on the motor spindle.
  4. After this, what remains is to put the parts back in place by popping the soleplate back and tightening the screws to hold it in position.
  5. And just like that, you will have fitted a new drive belt.

How Do I Service My Dyson DC07?

If your Dyson DC07 fails to operate, it’s probably because of one of the four primary reasons including the dyson dc07 filters, blockages, hoses, or motor. For the filters, be sure to confirm if they need a good wash or replacement. Dyson recommends that most of the cleaner parts should be replaced, cleaned, or serviced at least once in 3 months. This will increase its performance and durability.
Next, you will want to check for any blockages, stones, or coins. Check the u-bend and the valve pipe assembly to find out where the problem lies. If it's all good, proceed to the next step which involves the hoses. Is the dyson dc07 hose intact? If you can feel any splits or nicks, it could suggest damaged hoses. Lastly, check the motor. Now, its easier to know if the motor assembly has a problem depending on the sound it produces. Still, a little check around the drive belt or other parts will be necessary.

Does the Dyson DC07 Have a Belt?

Yes! The Dyson DC07 has a drive belt that gives a cheaper alternative to replacing the whole unit in case of damage. Replacing it involves a series of steps that you can easily follow if you have the right tools. By replacing the belt, you breathe fresh life into your Dyson DC07 to improve its efficiency.

What Parts of Dyson DC07 Have a Belt?

Ideally, the belt connects the brush bar to the motor assembly. This means that it covers all the parts that are associated with these segments. This explains why the brush bar is one of the first parts you may want to check if your vacuum cleaner fails. For more information about the dyson dc07 replacement parts, you may want to review the Dyson DC07 manuals and other resources.


Dyson vacuum cleaners are built to last, and the DC07 model will not let you down in this regard. When homeowners and property managers want superb quality vacuum cleaners that ensure value for money, their best choice is Dyson technologies. When we talk of superior quality at the most affordable price, the dyson dc07 animal quickly springs to mind. So, if you are still struggling to find the best selection for your carpet cleaning needs, its time to relax because this Dyson brand is one of the best options you will ever get. Here’s hoping this post has uncovered every detail you might have wanted to know about the dyson dc07 parts and that you are now well-informed to make the right selection from all the options on offer.


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