Dyson DC14 is the Best for Carpets- According to Reviews and Buying Guide
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By Joey | 04 September 2020 | 0 Comments

Dyson DC14 is the Best for Carpets- According to Reviews and Buying Guide

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Dyson DC14 is the Best for Carpets- According to Reviews and Buying Guide

A first-class company that’s best known for top quality vacuum cleaners, its fair to say that Dyson has mastered the art. Dyson was founded in 1991 and over the years, has been offering excellent products on a global landscape including high-quality fans, award-winning hair dryers, and premium hand dryers.
Perhaps you’ve heard about the Dyson vacuum cleaners before and now wondering, what exactly inspires their products? Or in a more specific way, what’s the best Dyson brand to purchase in 2020? While Dyson offers tons of options to choose from, we will be focusing on one of the best brands in the Dyson DC14. The quality of Dyson products is best exemplified in its vacuum cleaners and the Dyson DC14 is no exception. So, let's see what this slim, durable, and lightweight device features.

When Did the Dyson DC14 Come Out?
The Dyson DC14 came out in 2004 as an upgraded version of the DC07. Unlike the DC07, it boasts the root 8 technology which makes it a great choice for constant suction. If you need something that solves the daily mess without straining your budget, the Dyson DC14 animal would be a great choice.
This Dyson vacuum cleaner screams nothing but efficiency, power, and the right price tag. With the ever-reliable root cyclone technology, this vacuum cleaner won’t clog or lose suction. In other words, it’s everything you need for your carpet cleaning and pet hair cleaning needs. For this device, Dyson has made the best use of modern technologies to include centrifugal force that spins the dirt and foreign debris out of the air. This translates to improved performance with zero clogging.
With a strong and durable outer layer, the Dyson DC14 thrives in just about any environment, thanks to its ability to resist bashes and bumps. What’s more, this amazing vacuum cleaner also features a tool storage unit with all tools safely in place for use while on the go. In summary, here are outstanding reviews of this incredible unit from Dyson:
  1. Has the brush control feature that turns off in case you are working on delicate floors
  2. Boasts a telescopic penetration to reach even the most inaccessible surfaces
  3. It is easy to empty and ensures proper hygiene if you follow the dyson dc14 manual
  4. Has washable filters to save you money
  5. Boasts the root cyclone technology that’s best-known for excellent performance

Is Dyson DC14 Good for Carpets?
Gone are the days when homeowners had to source for big companies to handle their carpet cleaning projects. Today, you can handle it all alone and from a personal comfort using the all-powerful Dyson DC14 vacuum cleaner.
The Dyson DC14 not only gives value for money but has also proven effective in carpet cleaning. For your carpet cleaning services, you need a reliable unit that is effective in removing dirt, tangled hair, and other debris, and this is exactly what you get when you choose the DC14 vacuum cleaner from Dyson. When choosing a vacuum cleaner, what matters is its ability to perform its job, which is cleaning. With the root 8 cyclone technology, the Dyson DC14 vacuum cleaner will do an excellent job removing pet hair and cleaning hard floors.

How Do I Service My Dyson DC14?
You don’t have to clean the inside of your Dyson DC14 vacuum cleaner frequently, but doing so can improve its performance and give you quieter operations. Of course, dirt and other debris will accumulate on the inner surface with regular use, but the question is, how do you service the equipment?
If your Dyson DC14 vacuum cleaner loses suction, it should be serviced by a certified engineer using only genuine parts. Now, a few troubleshooting steps will help you identify the problem. For instance, if you hear a persistent whining sound, it could indicate motor straining, but that’s not all. It could also indicate an issue with the clutch and airflow.
To continue with the troubleshooting process, remove the bin to listen to the sound produced. Then, check the dyson dc14 filter. Remember filter blockage has its fair share of damages, too. Also, check the exhaust filter to ensure its neatly in place. You will need a screwdriver for this. Remove any dirt and debris on the filter which could hinder its performance.
You may want to replace the filter if it's worn out after months of use. Now, what remains is to check the cyclone to ensure free airflow. Check for blockages that would impede airflow and compromise the quality of your machine. If you can’t identify the actual problem, you may want to clean the internal channels by following these steps:
  1. Start by removing the canister
  2. Then, push the latch upwards to release the cyclone assembly
  3. Now, clean the surfaces of the cyclone assembly using a damp cloth, ensuring that you have cleared all the dirt and debris
  4. You can use an air compressor to blow the dirt out of the cyclone assembly
  5. Leave it to dry
  6. This way, you will have cleaned the internal parts and improved the efficiency of your Dyson DC14 vacuum cleaner

Does the Dyson DC14 Have a Belt?
Yes! The Dyson DC14 vacuum cleaner has a belt. The Dyson DC14 vacuum cleaner has a power brush that’s effective in loosening the dirt and foreign debris that’s trapped in fabric surfaces and carpets. The rubber belt connects the power brush to the motor unit and also rotates the brush. When the rubber plate deteriorates with consistent use, it won’t rotate the power brush with the same efficacy anymore. All worn out dyson dc14 parts should be replaced with the most genuine options from reliable stores.

How Do I Know If My Dyson Clutch is Bad?
Ratcheting noise always indicates a damaged clutch. The dreaded sound is always scary and may force you to switch off your vacuum cleaner right away. Ratchet noise happens when foreign debris blocks the brush bar which in turn prevents the rubber belt from breaking. This sound is just a warning to let you know that things are not alright.
Usually, removing the blockage from the brush bar will get your vacuum cleaner working perfectly again. What if you remove the obstruction but the ratcheting sound persists? You could be wondering. Well, if that’s the case, you will have to remove the brush bar and try to turn it using your hand. You can remove the end caps and clean them. If this doesn’t help, you may consider replacing the brush bar.  

What Parts Does Dyson DC14 Have?
Listed below are the main parts of the Dyson DC14 vacuum cleaner:
  1. Dyson dc14 clutch
  2. Hose assembly part
  3. Dyson brushroll
  4. Dyson bin
  5. Dyson DC14 belt
  6. Vacuum cleaner hose
  7. Brush tool
  8. Dyson cyclone
  9. Wand
  10. Soleplate assembly
  11. Brush bar assembly
  12. Wand cap
  13. Wand handle
  14. Mini turbine head
  15. Stair tool
  16. Crevice tool
  17. Cleaner head
  18. Pet clean up kit
  19. Car cleaning kit
  20. Dual-mode floor tool
  21. HEPA filter
  22. Universal fit adaptor
  23. Brush tool

Vacuum cleaners are fast becoming invaluable assets in many homes, and rightly so. These handy tools remove dirt, dust, foreign debris, and hair to give you a safe environment that’s free from allergens. With new technologies, vacuum cleaners from reputable brands such as Dyson are proving effective in everything carpet cleaning and pet hair removal. The next time you want to clean the tricky areas such as under the bed, you know which brand to go for. The Dyson DC14 vacuum cleaner has proved excellent in carpet cleaning and getting one today would be a smart decision. If pet hair, dirty floors, and carpets give you sleepless nights, what are you waiting for? Get the highest-quality vacuum cleaner today and create the environment of your dreams.


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