The 8 Best Cheap Vacuum Cleaners of 2020?
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By Joey | 02 September 2020 | 0 Comments

The 8 Best Cheap Vacuum Cleaners of 2020?

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                   The 8 Best Cheap Vacuum Cleaners of 2020?

What to Look for in a Cheap Vacuum Cleaner?

Vacuuming can be energy draining and time consuming, but that does not necessarily mean that it should suck up your hard earned money along with it. Going for a pricy vacuum cleaner does not always assure you of the best results. Selecting a vacuum cleaner seems like and easy task, but just like it is with cars, refrigerators and other accessories, many people are faced with a difficult decision on what vacuum cleaner would be best suited for them. With the right pointers and information, you can easily get a cheap vacuum cleaner that will efficiently meet your specific needs and not burn a hole in your pocket. While pricing is a key consideration when purchasing a vacuum cleaner, there are many other relevant factors to bear in mind. A prospective buyer should know what type of vacuum suits their specific needs, its features, specifications, power among other things. Budget constraints, varying cleaning routines and even life situations can greatly influence this choice. While cheap vacuums may have a few limitations, they may just as well meet the minimum required efficiency levels, thus eliminating the need for pricier models. This article will give an in depth look at some of the best cheap vacuum cleaners this thriving market has to offer, their specifications, pros, limitations and how an interested party can acquire one of these.

What are the cheap vacuum cleaners?

Bissell CleanView

The first notable thing about this vacuum cleaner is its affordability, retailing at $99 in most places. Moreover, the Bissell CleanView assures its user of peak performance similar to that of a high end vacuum model. This vacuum cleaner is notably bag-less, powerful, and moderately lightweight. In addition to these amazing capabilities, its budget friendly pricing make this one of the top picks in a category of affordable vacuum cleaners. With a wide utility range, it can be used to clean hard floors, carpets, upholstery and much more. Its developers equipped it with ‘OnePass technology’, designed to speed up cleaning by sucking up more dirt on one pass. It comes with a dusting brush, crevice tool, extension wand and a unique TurboBrush for use on upholstery. 


  1. It is notably quiet while in use.
  2. It has a washable filter.
  3. It is affordable yet powerful.
  4. The dust cup is easy to empty.
  5. It comes with a two year warranty and an efficient customer service line.


  1. It has been noted that it tends to tip over when the hose is extended too far.
  2. While in use on bare floors, it tends to scatter the dust.
  3. AT 15 pounds it tends to be slightly bulky when lugging it up and down stairs

Bissell Zing Canister

The design for this canister vacuum was aimed at giving a more comfortable cleaning experience. It is able to handle furniture, hardwood floors, upholstery, rugs and carpets. Its compact size and automatic rewind make it ideal for people living in compact spaces. It also has interesting bonus features that set it apart from other canister vacuums. These include the full bag indicator, a carrier handle that accompany the usual upholstery nozzle, drapery brush and crevice tools. It also has multi surface cleaning and 3 stage filtration. Quite notably BISSELL supports the BISSELL Pet Foundation and thus their products are believed to be Pet friendly.


  1. It has automatic cord rewind for easy retracting of codes after use
  2. It is a lightweight canister with a handle making it easy to lug around
  3. It is extremely affordable
  4. The user can adjust the suction between two modes
  5. It has powerful suction to ensure thorough cleaning


  1. Assembling and detaching the tools may be slightly difficult
  2. The hose and wand tend to crack to easily resulting in leaks
  3. The bag if not well placed can blow the collected dust into the air

Hoover Linx Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner

The first thing to catch your eye here is the sleek design that seems to promise efficiency upon application. Hoover is one of the big names in the industry and as such they have a reputation to keep. The Hoover Linx Cordless Stick Vacuum meets this threshold and is uniquely but efficiently cordless, bag-less and pretty lightweight, making it one of the best cheap vacuum cleaners you can buy. Its lightweight design however does not mean it has little power. It is fitted with a swivelling head to make it easy to slide under furniture and hard to reach spaces. This is accompanied by a powered brush roll combined with wind tunnel technology to give both suction and brushing for a deep clean. It comes with a battery that keeps about 0 minutes of charge and can easily be recharged on wall sockets.


  1. It is quite powerful and does a good cleaning job
  2. It is lightweight and therefore very portable
  3. It is highly manoeuvrable and can reach tight spaces for a deep clean
  4. It is easy to use’
  5. Transition of use from one surface to another is effortless


  1. It is not well suited for use on pet hair
  2. It has been noted to scratch floors
  3. Over time it weakens and loses its suction power

Hoover WindTunnel

The history behind the Hoover dates back to 1907 when an asthmatic janitor and inventor came up with a suction device to help him work more comfortably. Over the years, improvements to this tool have made it a top performer, in some cases outdoing higher priced vacuum cleaners. It comes with an assortment of hose tool varieties for different applications making it a multi-purpose turbo tool. This user friendly and quite powerful tool is also quite reasonably priced making it an ideal option for those on a budget. 


  1. The Hoover WindTunnel has a retractable cord making it quite easy to wrap up the cord when you are done with your cleaning
  2. This vacuum cleaner has been designed to have quite powerful suction for picking up both large and small debris
  3. It is also fitted with a HEPA filter making it user friendly for people with allergies and asthma


  1. All the additions put on the Hoover WindTunnel however make it quite heavy and this is further worsened by it not having a carrier handle to help move it around.

Eureka PowerSpeed

Usually powerful vacuums are quite pricy and complex to use. The Eureka PowerSpeed has however broken out of this stereotype as a lightweight, budget friendly vacuum cleaner with astonishing suction power. It is also quite easy to assemble, operate and use thanks to its design. It even has height adjustments to adjust to different types of floors. The vacuum cleaner also has a washable filter eliminating the need to purchase replacements. Its large dust cap is easy to unmount, at the push of a button, and easily goes back into the vacuum. The vacuum can store three attachments on itself for easy access; the crevice tool, a dusting brush and an upholstery brush. This noisy but powerful tool is quite affordable retailing at about $70. It  is undoubtedly one of the best cheap vacuums you can find.


  1. This vacuum cleaner has been designed to be lightweight making it easy to move around with
  2. It is also easy to assemble
  3. This upright bag-less vacuum has quite powerful suction
  4. The dust cap is quite large eliminating the need for frequent disposal
  5. The Eureka PowerSpeed is quite affordable in comparison to its peers.


  1. The Eureka Power speed tends to be quite noisy which can be off-putting
  2. It unfortunately can be too powerful for some rugs
  3. It tends to overheat during use due to its tremendous power

Shark Navigator

The shark navigator just like the nv352 comes with a number of accessories making it possible to be used in different configurations. It has been given a lightweight design accompanied by immense suction power giving it a high efficiency rating. It’s almost modern look is also appealing and pairs well with the design without hindering flexibility, portability and manoeuvrability. The Shark Navigator avails its amazing features at a low retail cost making it one of the best cheap vacuum cleaners.


  1. It is quite easy to assemble operate and use
  2. It has strong suction and is able to quickly and deeply clean large spaces
  3. It has a HEPA filter  and Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology making it ideal for those with asthma and allergies


  1. The hose is long and stiff limiting manoeuvrability
  2. It has a hard time when used on high pile carpet
  3. It has a fragile canister that can easily be damaged

Shark nv352

The Shark nv352 is an affordable upright vacuum that has a unique ‘Lift away’ concept where users can simply lift the body of the vacuum away from its bulky floor base turning it into a canister vacuum that can now reach raised areas and upholstery. T


  1. The shark nv352 can be adjusted to become a pseudo canister
  2. It is lightweight hence easy to manoeuvre and use
  3. Its “lift away” feature makes it quite versatile and efficient
  4. It has a HEPA filter hence user friendly for those with allergies and asthma
  5. It also has a washable filter
  6. The shark nv352 is quite affordable in comparison to its peers
  7. Has an appealing 5 year warranty


  1. It is slightly difficult to operate and use
  2. Tests have also shown that it has poor dirt pickup
  3. It has a shorter power cord in comparison to other Shark vacuum cleaners

Proscenic P10

While cheap and affordable, the Proscenic P10 Vacuum cleaners are the most powerful, efficient and yet affordable stick and handheld vacuum cleaners on the market. It has a very appealing design with a pistol grip and has the dust bin mounted on the front while the motor is mounted on the back end to improve weight balance. An LCD display at the back of the motor that gives the user a lot of functionality including the adjustment of motor speeds to save battery life. Its amazingly efficient design, functionality and affordable cost set it apart from competitors. The Proscenic P10 can be used efficiently for long periods and to clean large spaces. It has multiple power suction modes and can has multiple attachments. It also has an easy to empty dustbin. The effort put into its design is clear upon first use. This amazing cleaning tool is therefore a must have and is undeniably one of the best cheap vacuum cleaners of 2020. With its lightweight design, an easily detachable dustbin, easy to understand controls and its simple but wide array of tools, the Proscenic P10 is quite user friendly. It is highly recommended that anyone seeking an affordable try the Proscenic P10.

Where to buy the cheap vacuum cleaners?

These cheap vacuum cleaners are readily available for purchase on Amazon and Amazon is one of the largest online markets today and offers competitive pricing on most of the above mentioned vacuum cleaners. You can also find them through the links listed below.

Pros of the Proscenic P10

  1. Easy to keep clean as emptying the bin on is quite easy
  2. Has very powerful suction making it quite efficient
  3. Has a user-friendly and convenient LCD touchscreen for increased functionality
  4. Is compatible with multiple batteries and has a long battery life
  5. On reaching carpets the Proscenic P10 automatically increases its suction
  6. The P10 has a powerful brushless motor
  7. Users can adjust motor speeds to regulate power and save battery power


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