The Best Self-Emptying Robot Vacuum of 2020
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By Joey | 02 September 2020 | 0 Comments

The Best Self-Emptying Robot Vacuum of 2020

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                   The Best Self-Emptying Robot Vacuum of 2020

Introducing the advantages of the self-emptying robot vacuum

Vacuuming can be draining and is probably not a fun way to spend your valuable time. Technological advancements are fast taking over this dynamic world and are vital in making our daily tasks much easier. This is probably what inventors and innovators had in mind when they ventured into developing robotic vacuum cleaners. Having a robot vacuum cleaner will save you both time and effort while keeping your environment extremely tidy. It also means that you do not have to lug around a bulky piece of noisy equipment to do your cleaning. While investing in a robotic vacuum cleaner may seem expensive, the resulting benefits are worth the dent this technology will put on your finances. This small piece of equipment works with amazing efficiency and has excellent cleaning abilities guaranteed to make your cleaning duties easier. This innovation, also called smart cleaning, is believed to achieve way more than the contemporary vacuum cleaner while eliminating the need for your constant attention. A self-emptying robot vacuum cleaner goes the extra mile, by disposing of collected dirt in a ‘smart’ way upon completion. This means that you do not have to clean out the vacuum cleaners dust cup every once in a while. With a self-emptying robot vacuum cleaner, the tidying process is completely automated and becomes a whole lot easier.

Advantages of the self-emptying robot vacuum cleaner

  1. It is able to work perfectly with minimal and sometimes without human intervention and still give amazing results
  2. These self-emptying robot vacuum cleaners have large dust bags that empty themselves once full
  3. It is fitted with numerous navigation sensors that keep it from falling off edges and bumping into obstacles during cleaning
  4. It automatically detects dirty spots and cleans them up for you without your manual intervention
  5. When low on power, these robotic vacuums will automatically move to its recharging dock to recharge
  6. Some models give users the ability to remotely schedule, track and monitor their vacuums cleaning. They also come with remote control features in case you want to control them remotely.
  7. Not having to do the vacuuming yourself encourages regular cleaning which guarantees a cleaner environment
  8. Having an automated helper saves you valuable time and energy
  9. Their compact, lightweight and cordless design makes them highly portable and improves manoeuvrability and flexibility
  10. They are usually fitted with HEPA filtration to make them ideal for people with asthma and allergies
  11. They have low maintenance obligations and have a longer lifespan
  12. They automatically adjust power for different surfaces

What is the best self-emptying robot vacuum?

Choosing the right electronic equipment can be difficult at times. With the many available brands of self-emptying robot vacuums, picking the one that best suits your needs could be problematic. This is because they are available in varying prices, configurations and specifications. The varying accessories and performance can also be confusing. This article gives a detailed review of the best self-emptying robot vacuums, their pros and their cons.

iRobot Roomba s9+

The iRobot Roomba s9+ was designed with a D shape, different from the usual cylindrical shape adopted by other robot vacuum cleaners. This design is supposed to give it an easier time in reaching tight corner spaces and help it align itself to walls. The top of this robot vacuums sports a camera, RCON sensor, a clutter sensor and control buttons. It also has a wall sensor fitted on its side. The carrying handle, dustbin and filter are located beneath the lid. On the underside, it is fitted with multi-surface brushes, cliff sensors, a corner brush, a floor tracking sensor and a disposal port. It comes with a Clean Base that is supposed to be plugged in and is where the root docks to recharge and empty its bin when done cleaning. At this docking station, the Clean Base sucks in the collected dirt. This Clean Base can hold up to 30 cleaning cycles and usually notifies the owner when it is full. With the aid of the iRobot Home app, setting up this robot vacuum is pretty easy. The app is interactive and once connected to the robot vacuum displays a clean button, the available battery charge, History, Schedule, The Smart Maps and a settings tab. It can also be connected to Alexa and Google Assistant to enable use of voice instructions. The iRobot Roomba s9+ has tremendous suction power for a root vacuum and amazing navigation.


  1. It has an efficient self-emptying dustbin
  2. It has extremely strong suction for a robot vacuum
  3. It has a fast and adaptive smart navigation
  4. It is compatible with mobile assistants such as Alexa and Google assistant


  1. It has a pretty unreliable battery life and therefore does not run for long periods
  2. It is quite expensive and retails for over $1000 on Amazon

Shark IQ Robot Vacuum

The Shark IQ Robot Vacuum comes with already installed brush rolls that clean themselves and wheels among other accessories. Assembly is easy as all you have to do is fit the two front side brushes. It also comes with a self-emptying base that is also its charging dock. The base station is bales eliminating the need for replacement bags and it sucks out dirt from the robot vacuum every time it docks. The mapping on this device is way better than that of its predecessors. By interfacing with the mobile app, the robot is able to give you a map of your home to help you select the specific rooms you want it to clean. The Shark IQ Robot Vacuum is even more impressive in that it has even more suction power than popular upright vacuums. This robot vacuum can be scheduled to do cleaning at specific times in specific areas making it an efficient little helper. It however tends to be quite noisy and takes quite some time, usually a week, to map your home. It also comes with a one year warranty.


  1. It has an excellent suction.
  2. It can empty itself.
  3. One can acquire it at a reasonable price.
  4. It has a useful home mapping.


  1. When operating, it produces a loud sound.
  2. It takes a week for it to learn its surroundings.

Proscenic M7 Pro 

With an impressive 2,600Pa of suction power, the Proscenic M7 Pro is arguably the best self-emptying robot vacuum money can buy. Its pricing is also quite affordable, retailing at $499 its way more affordable than similar self-emptying vacuum cleaners. It has strong suction power that combined with its HEPA filter makes it the best house cleaning tool. It comes with a remote control and is also enabled for mobile application compatibility. It is also compatible with Alexa and Google assistant making voice commands possible. Through the companion app, users can schedule cleaning, set boundaries, select rooms to be cleaned. It is fitted with a small water tank that makes it a capable robot mop. It is round in design and has a laser sensor at its top for adaptive navigation. Its bottom is fitted with the main rolling brush and two side brushes. Its many sensors cliff and anti-collision sensors, 24 in total, help it scan its surroundings, map the floor setup and come up with the best cleaning path. It has a powerful 5200mAh battery that allows for long cleaning times beyond 90 minutes. It has three modes, the standard mode, power mode and quiet mode giving the user more functionality and comfort in use. Setting it up is easy thanks to the ProscenicHome App. On completing its task, it goes back to its charging dock. It comes with an automatic dust collector that empties the bin without human intervention. This compact robot vacuum cleaner is thoroughly equipped and is even able to mop small spaces and clean the air. It has also been given an excellent rating for being able to suck up pet hair and stubborn debris unlike other robot vacuums. This robot vacuum exceeds expectations and is definitely a must have. 


  1. It has a really strong suction power.
  2. This robot vacuum retails at a very affordable price even with the need to  buy an additional dust cleaner
  3. It has special features such as app control and Alexa voice commands.
  4. It has versatile functionality as it vacuums and mops.
  5. Its HEPA filter proves to be convenient as it removes allergens from the air as it vacuums hard floors and carpets.


  1. Its automatic dust collector is sold separately.
  2. Its water tank is small.
  3. When mopping, it does not automatically avoid carpets.

iRobot Roomba i7+

This self-emptying robot vacuum cleaner is circular in shape, the norm with most robot vacuums. Its top is fitted with a navigation camera and adequate control buttons that are haloed to glow when the specific control is in use. Its bottom holds the dustbin, dual rubber rollers a side brush and two main treads. It has a unique Roomba feature where its dustbin is fitted with a door to connect it to the wheel base when it docks. The Clean Base for this model is quite large and also has a door that aligns with the one on the robot vacuum. Setting up the vacuum requires the iRobot app and is very easy to do. It also connect to Alexa and Google Assistant with ease making voice commands possible. The app is interactive and once connected to the robot vacuum displays a clean button, the available battery charge, History, Schedule, The Smart Maps and a settings tab.


  1. The Proscenic has 24 sensors fitted, giving it the ability to effortlessly handle complex environments.
  2. It is also adaptive as it intelligently scans and maps your house, learns its shape, takes note of the location of obstacles, plans the best cleaning path and cleans each area, one by one, without any omissions.
  3. Automatically increases suction power to the max mode when a carpet is detected, to ensure a thorough cleaning on the carpet.
  4. The M7 Pro has Upgraded Suction PowerInstalled with 17.7cm suction inlet, powered with 2700Pa in max.
  5. It comes with a big dust bin and a water tank, you can choose to sweep and or mop synchronously. 
  6. The robot vacuum will return to charge automatically when the battery gets low.
  7. Designed with the ability to climb a height of 2cm step.
  8. Automatically remove dust from the robot's dust bin.
  9. The robot vacuum can be controlled by Alexa & Google Assistant.


  1. It has an expensive price tag of $699.
  2. It is quite noisy.
  3. It has a short battery life in comparison to other similar priced models
  4. It has a bulky Clean Base.

Where to buy the best and cheapest self-emptying robot vacuum?

  1. – aside from being seasoned manufacturers, Proscenic has experts in home appliances such as robot vacuum cleaners. We highly recommend you to purchase your home appliances at
  2. Amazon – this is the world’s largest eCommerce site/marketplace. The downside of using Amazon, however, is that everyone can sell their products there. Hence, it may be difficult to tell who is genuine unless a credible source like Proscenic supplies you.




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