Is the Dyson DC59 Good for Pet hair?
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By Joey | 02 September 2020 | 0 Comments

Is the Dyson DC59 Good for Pet hair?

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                Is the Dyson DC59 Good for Pet hair?
This is one of the many questions that you need to ask yourself before purchasing any vacuum cleaner. Pet hair can be stubborn sometimes, thus requires a special vacuum cleaner to deal with it effectively.
Before getting to understand whether the Dyson DC59 can solve pet hair, it is good to understand its developers, Dyson DC59 is developed by Dyson, a British technology company that has been in existence since the year 1991. Apart from Dyson DC59, the Dyson company also have developed a good number of other vacuum cleaners in the market today. Vacuum cleaners aside, Dyson also designs and manufactures a variety of home appliances like air purifiers, hand dryers, bladeless fans, and many more smart home appliances.

When was Dyson DC59 Released?
Before buying a vacuum cleaner, it is good to understand how long it has been in the market so that you can ascertain is workability. For instance, Dyson DC59 was launched and released to the market on 1st October 2014 alongside the Dyson DC58 vacuum cleaner. Earlier on, Dyson had released vacuum cleaners such as the Dyson DC16 in 2009, Dyson DC30 and 31 in 2009, Dyson DC34 and Dyson DC35 in 2011, Dyson DC44 in 2012 and then the Dyson DC59 in 2014 which was an improvement of the previous models. Dyson DC59 came with three times the suction power than its predecessors.

What is Dyson DC59?
Here, you now fully understand the Dyson DC59 in detail and how it operates. Dyson DC59 is a handheld vacuum cleaner and can also work as an upright vacuum cleaner. 
In terms of design, Dyson DC59 comes out the best. It is highly compact, and with soft curves, it can easily maneuver through your room with ease. Being handheld, it should also be lightweight, and this is what exactly Dyson DC59 is; weighing just 2.7Kg.
Dyson DC59 has what it takes to clear dirt from any surface in your home or office space. Because your hardwood floor does not need much friction, Dyson DC59 features a motorhead equipped with carbon fiber bristles that serve to reduce friction on the hardwood floor, allowing them last long. Dyson DC59 also features a separate combination tool, stubborn dirt brush head, and a stair tool that makes it fit to clear any form of dirt from any surface.
Dyson DC59 comes with a dustbin with a capacity of 0.5 liters embedded onto the slim body. Although the capacity might seem not enough, emptying it is extremely easy; thus, even with regular emptying, you won't tire. Emptying the dust chamber has been made extremely easy. You only need to pull the red catch opposite the trigger, which flips the bottom of the dustbin to open. 
Dyson DC59 is powered by a powerful battery lasting for 26 continuous working minutes. The battery will last for 20 minutes in case you are using the boost mode. The boost mode allows you to enjoy 100 air watts suction power while the normal mode gives you 28 air watts suction power. These features combine to give you the best vacuuming experience ever.

  1. It comes with a wide motorized floor tool
  2. Dyson DC59 has a long-lasting filter
  3. Dyson DC59 makes use of a powerful motorhead.
  4. It is lightweight thus highly maneuverable
  5. You can use Dyson DC59 on different types of floors
  1. Relatively expensive
  2. It comes with a battery with short run time.

Is Dyson DC59 the Same as V6?
Although both the Dyson DC59 and Dyson V6 are developed by Dyson, they are not that similar; one is an improvement over the other. They are similar in some aspects and vary in some features. 
Common Features
  1. Both the Dyson DC59 and Dyson V6 use a digital motor for suction power. They both give out 100 air watts suction power in the maximum mode and 28 air watts suction power in the normal output.
  2. They both give you two power mode setting options; the normal mode and the boost mode. You can use the normal mode on bare floors because of its soft nature, while the boost mode can be used on carpets or when dealing with stubborn dirt.
  3. The Dyson DC59 and Dyson V6 both make use of a Nickel Manganese Cobalt Battery that lasts for 20 continuous operational minutes on the normal mode and six continuous operational minutes on the boost mode. The battery also takes 3.5 hours to fully recharge.
  4. Both the Dyson DC59 and Dyson V6 come with a dust bin capacity of 0.12 gallons. The dustbins are both easy to empty by just pressing a release button and have it emptied.
Although Dyson DC59 and Dyson V6 show some similarities, they also have disparities in some features. They include;
  1. The Filtration System- the Dyson DC59 makes use of washable filters that could last for a lifetime, but they are not HEPA. On the other hand, the Dyson V6 makes use of the Hyper-Efficient Particular Air Filters (HEPA) that are able to capture fine dust particles and do away with any allergen in the air that you breathe.
  2. Cleaning Path- the Dyson V6 covers a large cleaning area in one pass than the Dyson DC59. This means that the Dyson V6 will consume less time to clean the same area as the Dyson DC59 would do.
  3. Suction Power- they both have the same suction power, but the difference comes in the fading of the suction power. The Dyson V6 provides a fade-free suction power even when its battery runs low, while the Dyson DC59's suction fades off as the battery runs low.
  4. Roller Head- this is a new feature on the Dyson V6. It features a soft roller brush good for vacuuming tiles, laminates, and hardwood floors and cannot leave a scratch on your floor. This feature is not on the Dyson DC59 vacuum cleaner.
  5. Motorhead- the Dyson V6 makes use of a motorized head while the Dyson DC59 makes use of a Motorhead that provides 75% more brush power than the Dyson V6.

What Parts does Dyson DC59 Have?
The Dyson DC59 features many parts that aid it in delivering your dream vacuuming services. Here are the specific features;
  1. Makes use of a new Dyson Digital motor
  2. 2 Radical cyclones that serve to filter fine dirt from coming back to the environment through the exhaust
  3. Carbon Fiber motorized Tool
  4. 22.2V Nickel Manganese Cobalt Battery
  5. Motorized Floor Tool
  6. Dustbin
  1. 9.8 inches cleaning Path
  2. 28/100 air watts suction power
  3. lbs weight
  4. 0.12 gallons bin capacity
  5. 47.8 inches length

Why does Dyson DC59 Keep Stopping?
There is always an unfortunate possibility that your Dyson DC59 may keep on stopping while in operation, and there are always reasons behind this. 
These are the possible reasons why Dyson DC59 Keeps Stopping and their remedies;
  1. Your vacuum cleaner may not be fully charged. This may arise due to cable getting disconnected from the socket or the vacuum in the process of charging without your consent. This calls for regular checking while it is charging for it to be fully charged.
  2. The MAX button may be turned on. When the MAX button is on, your Dyson DC59 keeps on pulsating on and off. To avoid this, hold the power button then press the MAX button to turn it off.
  1. There may be clogs in the attachments.  You need to view through the tube and access whether there are clogs on the sweeper end and if its roller is tangled. If there is a clog, disassemble the Dyson DC59 vacuum cleaner and clean it thoroughly.
  1. Maybe the dustbin is full. Make sure you always empty the dustbin and clean it regularly.



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