Is Dyson DC41 Animal Good for Pet Hairs?
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By Lauren Quan | 02 September 2020 | 0 Comments

Is Dyson DC41 Animal Good for Pet Hairs?

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Searching for an insight into Dyson vacuum cleaners? Want response to some of the most frequently asked questions about Dyson upright vacuum cleaners? This article has it all. Dyson Ltd. stands in one of the recognized technological gadgets manufacturing brands present in the market. Famous mainly for their unique design and extravagance Dyson is known for costing a lot of dollars to their customers. 

Established in Wiltshire, England the enterprise develops a variety of vacuum cleaners, humidifiers, hair styling tools and much more. Providing the quality products and efficient performance parameters, the company has enjoyed the consumers satisfaction over years of its inauguration. Dyson stick vacuum cleaners are a notable series of cleaning technologies produced by the Dyson label.

Dyson DC41 Animal Upright vacuum cleaners is one such example of household appliances that are embedded with latest technology and excellent construction material. Some of the remarkable attributes of DC 41 Animal vacuum cleaners are mentioned below.

Dyson DC41 Animal Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Dyson DC 41 Animal Upright vacuum cleaners are one of the most expensive devices falling under the Dyson trademark. Developed especially for cleaning pet hair, the apparatus is available with multiple tools including cleaning apparatus and brushes to perform various functions. Eccentric erection coupled with outstanding capabilities are prominent selling features of this model.


Possessing the cleaning path of 13.1 inches Dyson DC 41 weights 17.1 pounds and might be heavier than most of Dyson upright vacuum cleaners. Embedded with the root cyclone patent technology the appliance has the ability to generate 235 air watts of suction power. The eminent characteristic of root cyclone technology is the creation of extremely strong centrifugal force that possesses the potential of sucking away a huge quantity of debris.
Moreover, the ball technology, an extendable wand and self adjusting cleaner head ensures the easy maneuverability along with efficient cleaning on narrow enclosed spaces. The revised cleaning head also enhances the suction power of them by avoiding the loss of suction due to the gap between ground surface and vacuum cleaner. Integration of anti allergen technology makes it suitable to be used around patients with asthma and episodes of allergic outbreaks.
Additional accessories that are accessible by the consumers include stair tool, a tangle free tool, combination tool, pet hair brush. The main body of the vacuum cleaner also contains a dust carrying container having the capacity of adjusting up to 0.55 gallons of debris and waste and an automatic retractable 35 ft. long power cord. Furthermore, the 5 year warranty provided by the developer over the product is an extra benefit available to the consumers.


With respect to the performance abilities DC41 Animal vacuum cleaner is second to none. It is exceptional to be used on diverse floor types and multiple flooring material. Inclusion of Cyclone technology ensures that the device is able to clean deep inside the flooring material capturing minute dust particles ranging up to 0.5 microns.
Additionally, the vacuum cleaner is claimed to possess long term suction power that does not perish away with continuous usage. 235 air watts of power generated by this model of Dyson vacuums easily captures large hair strands and other pieces of waste material that can not be trapped by other similar products in the market.
Cleaning the stairs and ceiling is also aided by the presence of an extendable wand that can reach higher than 5 times of its original size coupled with a bonus stair tool. Multiple brushes available for multiple surface cleaning and a tangle free tool help prevent the clogging of massive waste into the main components of the device.
Besides this, DC 41 vacuum cleaner has been approved as an anti allergen producing gadget by the British Allergy Foundation. Producing the sound of only 82 db, the appliance is suitable for long usage especially in homes where the unnecessary sound of the technology will not disturb your daily routine.

Suction Power
Strong suction power is the most preferred attribute of DC 41 Animal vacuum cleaner. Without the integration of any filter to capture microscopic dust particles, the gadget ensures that no pollen or bacteria should remain inside the room after the cleaning task is completed. For this purpose, the root cyclone technology creates 235 air watts of suction power to trap debris from deep, enclosed spaces that might not be reached with an ordinary vacuum cleaner.

In addition to this, the technological tool has the capability to preserve its suction power despite multiple cleaning operations. Dyson claims that most of their vacuum cleaners have been equipped with the latest construction material that provides lifelong never fading suction to the equipment. Similarly, the design of the model ensures that suction is not lost while cleaning by incorporating self adjusting cleaner head and multiple cleaning brushes in the vacuum cleaner.

DC 41 Animal Upright Vacuum Cleaner falls into the category of some of Dyson's most expensive vacuum cleaners with the price ranging in between $400-500. Though some consumers report that it might be reasonable to pay so much for its performance but not the quality of the product. According to the reviews the vacuum cleaners lack durability and do not live up to the Dyson brand name.


  • Root Cyclone Technology
  • 235 air watts of suction power
  • Ability to capture 0.5 micron particles including bacteria and pollens
  • 0.55 gallons dirt carrying capacity
  • Efficient on multiple floor types
  • 35 ft. long retractable power cord


  • Expensive
  • Durability and quality issues  
  • Maintenance is required

Is it great for removing pet hairs?

Dyson DC 41 Animal Upright vacuum cleaner is specifically designed for cleaning pet hair, especially long hair strands that might not be cleaned by DC 40 version because of its limited dust carrying capacity. Fortunately, this issue has been resolved with the latest DC 41 model which can clean up to 0.55 gallons of waste.In addition to this, the apparatus also includes a tangle free tool and pet hair brush that can clean the long hair fibers and animal fur from various types of surfaces including carpets and hard floors without getting tangled in the tools. 
This prevents the clogging of major parts of the device and can save the consumer for manual cleanup of the system. This also saves the users from continuous maintenance cost and suction issues that might be observed in case of system clogging. On the whole, DC 41 Animal vacuum cleaner is one of the highly recommended vacuum cleaners for removing pet hair and debris from your home.

How to clean Dyson DC41?

For cleaning the Dyson DC 41 vacuum cleaner it is required to separate the whole apparatus. This might be a bit technical and need special attention. In order to unglue the area where cyclones are located, use a screwdriver to separate the contents and the plastic plate holding the cyclones. After the task has been achieved you might witness debris clogging if you have not washed it in  a long time.
Later on, wash the apparatus with cold water without using any cleaning agent and if possible use a brush to reach the enclosed spaces and narrow areas of the equipment. After you have washed the apparatus leave it in a warm dry place for drying. It is recommended to avoid the usage of a dryer or microwave to achieve the results. Last but not the least, assemble the apparatus and seal them together and you are ready to clean the house again. If any problem is experienced contact the customer support service.
Having the profitable outcomes in terms of potential utilization and power, these were the attributes of DC41 animal vacuum that is standing in the list of only a few upto the mark and extraordinary vacuum that can ensure qualitative results.


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