Dyson DC40 Origin Upright Vacuum Cleaner is Good for Pet Hairs.
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By Lauren Quan | 02 September 2020 | 0 Comments

Dyson DC40 Origin Upright Vacuum Cleaner is Good for Pet Hairs

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Dyson DC40 Animal Upright vacuum cleaner is a corded stick vacuum cleaner manufactured by Dyson enterprise to fulfill the growing needs of the world population. Famous for their efficiency in cleaning variety of flooring material and multiple dust particles, DC40 vacuum cleaners are available throughout the market at the price range of $200-300. Moreover, embedded with latest technology Dyson claims that the appliance has the ability to capture different sizes of pet hair without clogging the apparatus.
In addition to this, the lifetime washable and reusable filters incorporated in the vacuum cleaner serve as the selling features of the product especially for pet owners; tired of looking for vacuum cleaners that are suitable for their needs. Some of the remarkable characteristics of Dyson DC40 Origin Upright Vacuum Cleaners are mentioned below.

Main Features of Dyson DC40

Weighing 14.52 pounds Dyson DC40 upright vacuum cleaners are lightweight and easy to handle. Integrated with a radical root cyclone technology and having an incredible suction power, the device is effective in cleaning carpets and a large number of floors including hard floors and other types of rugs etc. Root cyclones generates centrifugal force that is thousand times higher than the force of gravity and therefore, the product has long lasting suction power that has the potential to sustain after continuous usage.
Furthermore, the easy steering and maneuvering is achieved by the ball technology that keeps the motor and is erected by glass reinforced polypropylene which provides outstanding strength and avoids the distortion of the product. Consisting of an interchangeable base plate, the cleaning technology has the capability of adjusting the head cleaner improving the efficiency of the appliance without compromising or wasting the suction power.
Besides this, additional materials available to the consumers are a combination tool (containing a nozzle skilled in converting into a dusting brush), a stair tool and a long wand that can stretch up to 5 times more than the original length of the apparatus. Other prominent attributes involve a solid 5 year warranty coupled with lifetime reusable filters making the cleaner one of the highly purchased in the market.

Self-adjusting head cleaner along with the revised modern cyclone technology provides an exceptional suction power that does not fades away with time no matter how much it is used. The manufacturer claims that this feature is the best selling point of their technological appliances specifically the upright vacuum cleaners. However, in some cases the loss of suction might be attributed to clogging of the system with large debris or pet hair, which happens rarely because of strong air watts’ power generated by motor and turbine which prevent the debris to stick inside the device.

Perfect performance of device during testing on diverse surfaces including carpets, rugs, and wood floors along with other hard and bare floors showcased their efficiency to a great extent. Due to strong absorbing and dust capturing powers the DC40 vacuum cleaner is suitable for capturing debris and microscopic dust particles from deep inside the carpets offering a new polished look. This feature is also credited to HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Absorbing) filter that can be easily washed and reused similar to other installed filters.
Likewise, the additional accessories offer supplementary benefits. The large wand makes it easier for user to reach the ceiling and the cleaning stairs is the job of stair tool available with the combination tool. A 24.7 ft. long power cord ensures that this stick vacuum cleaner can reach a considerable amount of space without plugging/un-plugging the technological appliance. Moreover, the HEPA filter possesses anti-allergen properties safeguarding those with asthma and allergy issues.

Suction Power
Dyson DC40 vacuum cleaners is integrated with Radical Cyclone Technology that creates a thousand times greater centrifugal force than that of gravitational force. This process leads to the generation of 200 air watts of suction power in the device that has the ability to suck away a huge amount of debris and dust particles. Therefore, achieving outstanding results during testing and daily usage.
Dyson also claims to have embedded the vacuum cleaner with self-sustaining abilities that can preserve the suction power over longer periods of time despite constant usage that is evident of its extraordinary and potential performance on variety of materials. This attribute of DC40 Upright vacuum cleaners is preferred by most of consumers over its counter parts.

Dyson DC40 Multi floor Upright Vacuum Cleaner is available in the market with the price tag of $249.99 which might seem expensive and extravagant to some people but is actually reasonable when compared to its remarkable capabilities and exceptional performance ratings.

Performance on Picking up Pet Hairs

Dyson DC40 Animal Upright Vacuum Cleaner is available with a tangle free motor turbine that possesses the potential to capture animal fur and hair from a variety of floor types. Though the efficiency might vary from material to material. The device was able to capture 90% of animal fleece from low pile and 100% of animal fur from mid-pile during the practical test. Unfortunately, the appliance did not show good results while picking up large hair strands from the carpet surface.
The reason for this is the inability of the vacuum cleaner to capture large size debris and waste mainly because of limited amount of space present at the bottom of the cleaner. Thus, making it un-suitable for homes with a lot of pet fur and larger pieces of dust. This aspect is one of the drawbacks of Dyson DC40 vacuum cleaner along with various other factors listed below.


  • 200 air watts suction power
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Suitable for small debris and dust
  • Good for short pet hairs
  • Suitable for cleaning stairs and ceiling


  • Expensive
  • Not suitable for large debris
  • Might not be perfect for larger hair strands

Dyson DC 40 Animal Upright Vacuum Cleaner vs Dyson DC 41 Animal Vacuum Cleaner


The table below highlights some of the most common differences among Dyson DC 40 animal upright vacuum cleaner and Dyson DC 41 Animal Vacuum Cleaner.
Features DC 40 DC 41
Weight 14.6 lb. 17.1 lb.
Suction Power 200 air watts 235 air watts
Warranty 5 years 5 years
Cord Length 24.7 ft. 35 ft.
Accessories Combination tool
Stair tool
Tangle free Turbine Tool
Combination Tool
Stair Tool
Price $ 299 unknown

How do I clean the filter on my Dyson dc40?
Similar to other Dyson vacuum cleaners, Dyson DC40 Upright vacuum cleaners also come with a washable lifetime filters that can be used again and again easily. The filters are advised to be washed at least once a month to enhance their lifetime along with ensuring their quality performance. It is recommended to separate the filters from the device and wash them thoroughly with cold water.

The developers also guide the consumers to avoid using any detergent or cleaning agent to wash the filters to avoid any breakage or damage to the material. This is followed by dying the filter materials which can be achieved by leaving them in dry atmosphere for about 24 hours for better results. It is highly recommended to avoid using microwave or other apparatus incase using them might lead to breakage of the filters.
Thus, these were insights in to some of the features of Dyson Upright vacuum cleaners along with answer to few frequently asked questions about Dyson DC40 Animal Upright Vacuum Cleaners.



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