5 Cheapest Dyson Stick Vacuum Cleaner
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By Lauren Quan | 01 September 2020 | 0 Comments

5 Cheapest Dyson Stick Vacuum Cleaner

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Numerous vacuum companies produce different models of cleaners but none comes second to Dyson models. The company not only produces vacuums but also hair driers, air purifiers, lighting accessories, and more. So what makes their range of vacuum cleaners stand out?

These cleaners are easy to use, cost-effective, energy-efficient, and do not cost an arm and a leg. In fact, you can get a wide variety of vacuums ranging from a cordless, robot, to corded cleaners. In this article, we look at five cheapest Dyson stick vacuums that you can buy today!
Let’s see how they stack up!

  1. Dyson V7 Motorhead Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner
First on the list is the V7 Motorhead stick vacuum cleaner. The cordless design allows you to clean your house hassle-free since there are no tangling cords to deal with. With a powerful suction, it captures dirt, dust, and other particles with ease. You can clean the floor for up to 30 minutes on a normal speed rating.

It also comes with a docking station which also offers quick charging. This means that you’ll require no floor space to store the vacuum cleaner and less time during charging. You can easily transform it into a handheld cleaner allowing you to capture dirt on your bed, pillows, sofas, and other surfaces.

Furthermore, the long stick ensures you can trap dust on high-up places with ease. As an added hygienic feature, the Dyson vacuum comes with a hands-free release dirt cup. All you have to do is press the release button and it empties itself. This mitigates instances of contracting diseases.

You are presented with two power modes: the MAX and the powerful suction mode. The MAX mode offers higher suction power but lasts less than 30 minutes. With a 0.14 gallon bin, you can perform extended cleaning without interruption.
  1. Dyson V7 Animal Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner
This is yet another efficient cordless stick vacuum cleaner from Dyson that is ideal for carpet and hardwood floors. It comes in a cordless design that bolsters maneuverability. As such, you can move with it from room to room. Besides, it is lightweight weighing about 5.28 pounds.

When it comes to the dirt bin, it has a 0.14-gallon capacity cup, much like the V7 Motorhead. It also offers hands-free emptying thanks to the high response release button. When not using the motorized tool, it runs for 30 minutes ideal for cleaning bedrooms and other medium rooms.

Also, it has a docking station where you can store it when in an idle state. And the station offers 3.5 hours charging time. Again, this vacuum comes in two power modes – MAX and powerful suction. The MAX mode affords you sic minutes of powerful uninterrupted suction.

With tough bristles, the vacuum can reach particles deep in the carpet. As such, it’ll eliminate rich breeding grounds of infection-causing bacteria and odor. It comes with accessories such as a crevice tool for capturing particles in hard to reach areas. And thanks to the soft brush, you can clean surfaces such as keypads with this cordless vacuum cleaner.
  1. Dyson Cyclone V10 Motorhead
The V10 Motorhead is an upgraded version of the V7 model. While it is feature-rich, it comes at a reduced price. Like the V7, it features a cordless design for hassle-free maneuverability and cleaning. It also comes in a low-profile design for cleaning hard to reach spaces such as under furniture. With it, insects such as spiders and mosquitoes will be a gone case.

This lightweight stick vacuum has a runtime of up to 60 minutes. This is enough time to clean most of your rooms. And to use energy efficiently, it comes with a power release button. This means the battery is drained only when in use. It is ideal for trapping particles, dirt, pet dander, and hair with ease.

You can easily transform it into a handheld vacuum cleaner so you can clean your car seats, sofas, bed, pillows, and more. The crevice tool captures particles in tight spaces such as cracks and tiny opening.
Whether you want to clean a hardwood or carpet floor, this vacuum cleaner will produce the desired results.

With three suction modes, you are guaranteed optimum results regardless of how tough the dirt is. And if you want to clean delicate surfaces such as mirrors, décor, and keyboards, just attach the soft brush head and you are good to go.
  1. Dyson V7 Allergy HEPA Stick Vacuum Cleaner
Yet another efficient stick cleaner from Dyson. The V7 Allergy vacuum comes with a HEPA filter that captures allergens and 99.9 percent of microscopic particles in your home. Well, you are assured of clean and healthy air when using this cleaner. Besides, the filter is washable so you don’t have to replace it affect a few months or so.

Again, like other Dyson cleaners, it comes in a cordless and low profile design. For this reason, you can clean whichever space you want and reach under furniture with ease. Thanks to its lightweight design, you can clean high-up places with minimal arm strain, not to mention the ergonomic handle.

This type is exclusively designed for cleaning carpets. You can choose between two suction modes with the MAX mode offering 6 minutes of powerful cleaning. And to reach dirt deep in the carpet, it features tough bristles. Ensure you charge it for 3.5 hours before using it for the first time.

And for space-saving storage, it comes with a docking station where you can also charge it. Enjoy up to 30 minutes of runtime when using the fade-free mode.
  1. Dyson V7 Fluffy Cordless Stick Vacuum
Finally, we have this vacuum cleaner that is dedicated to clean hard floors. This type is engineered to trap not only large particles but also fine dust with ease. It offers 30 minutes runtime so you can clean as many spaces as you need to. What’s more? The MAX mode will allow up to six minutes of exceptional cleaning.

With the center of gravity positioned at the grip area, you are able to apply much-needed force for optimum cleaning. The low profile design enables you to clean under furniture without moving them around. And the swivel steering design ensures you can maneuver between furniture and around corners with ease.

It also comes with a soft brush for gentle cleaning of delicate surfaces. Some of the accessories you’ll get are a crevice tool, docking station, motorized tool, and dusting brush. The docking station also offers fast charging.

 Want to clean your car seats, sofa, or even pillows? Well, just transform it into a handheld vacuum cleaner are you good to go. The mini motorized tool ensures that pet hair and dander are captured with ease leaving a healthy clean atmosphere. And thanks to its lightweight design and long stick, you can clean high-up areas with ease.

Wrap up
Well, those are some of the cheapest Dyson vacuum cleaners that you can find in the market. That said, Proscenic also produces cheap yet efficient cordless vacuums that you can use for numerous floors. Among them is the P10 cordless vacuum cleaner.

Unlike the Dyson models, it comes with an LED screen for straightforward control and easy reading of battery parameters. Here, you can easily choose between the four suction modes. Just tap on the mode you want.
It also comes with a mini motorized tool for removing dust on your pillows, bed, sofas, and other similar surfaces. And thanks to the long crevice tool, you can capture particles and insects in tight spaces such as cracks. With a soft dusting brush, you’ll seamlessly dust your curtains and décor.

The P10 offers up to 40 minutes of runtime and comes with a replaceable and rechargeable battery. This allows you to purchase as many batteries as you want so you can cleaning the house uninterrupted. So, while Dyson provides you with quality vacuums, Proscenic is also not left behind.

In fact, the P10 comes with features that most Dyson vacuums lack. The next time you want to replace your cleaner, opt for the Proscenic P10 and you’ll enjoy hassle-free cleaning.


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