Bissell vacuum vs Shark Vacuum, which is better?
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By Lauren Quan | 01 September 2020 | 0 Comments

Bissell Vacuum vs Shark Vacuum, Which is Better?

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When it comes to cleaning your house, you need an efficient yet cost-effective vacuum cleaner. For this, there is a wide array of brands that you’ll have to choose from. And, the Bissell and Shark models are among the brands you’ll come across.

In this article, we compare the Bissell vacuum and Shark vacuum to find out which has the edge. While both brands produce high-performance cleaners, it’s no brainer that either outshines the other on several tasks.
So, which is the ideal vacuum for carpet floors, hardwood floors, and pet hair? Well, let’s find out!

Best for Pet Hair
  1. Bissell pet hair eraser
When it comes to removing pet hair and dander, you need a vacuum cleaner that is efficient, cost-effective, and exclusively intended for this task.

Bissell and Shark companies produce vacuum cleaners dedicated to pet hair. In fact, Bissell targets homes with pets and supports initiatives inclined towards healthy pets.

The Bissell pet hair eraser is a vacuum cleaner that removes pet hair and dander on the carpet and hardwood floors. It features special pet tools for cleaning pet beds and crates. And with a 1-liter dirt cup, you can clean your pet’s space until clean. With 7 amps power, it provides adequate power to capture pet air lodged inside the carpet.

You can also easily transform it into a detachable canister for quick cleaning. And for detailed cleaning, it comes with a crevice tool so you can remove hair hidden in pillows and your couch. The tangle-free brush roll mitigates instances of hair wrap which inhibits optimum dander and hair capture.

This vacuum tends to be blowy given its powerful exhaust system. For this reason, it is more likely to blow hair and other particles during cleaning offsetting its robust suction power. Also, it produces annoying whirly noise.

  1. Navigator pet pro vacuum

On the other hand, Shark presents you with the navigator pet pro vacuum cleaner. It comes with a 2.6-liter dirt cup which is larger than the Bissell model. This means that it handles more cleaning hours without constant bin emptying. It also features 9.5 amps power which offers more suction power compared to Bissell’s model.

The brush roll in this model is self-cleaning hence does not inhibit pet hair and dander removal. Whether you want to clean a hard floor or carpet, this vacuum cleaner got you covered since it features dual functionality. It is also lightweight and portable for easier maneuverability.

Thanks to the 12 ft. hose, it enables you to capture hair on high-up places. Unlike the Bissell type, it comes with a HEPA and foam filter. This enables it to capture allergens and other infection-causing microscopic particles. With the low profile design, you can capture pet hair under furniture.
The Shark model outshines the Bissell model. This is because it quieter offers more suction power, and does not blow particles around. Besides, it offers better maneuverability.

Best for Carpet Floor
  1. Bissell Big Green Professional Carpet Cleaner

Like pet hair removal, Bissell also produces vacuums that are dedicated to clean carpet floors. Among them is this cleaner which offers heavy-duty cleaning for carpets only. It has a cleaning path of 10.5 inches which reduces the time required to clean a large carpet. It uses a hot water cleaning method to produce stellar results.

As such, debris, particles, and allergens are captured and removed from the carpet with ease. And thanks to the robust suction power, it enables fast drying of the carpet compared to other conventional carpet cleaning vacuums. Also, you can clean moving forward or backward which significantly reduces cleaning time.

It comes with two separate tanks; one for clean water and the other for dirty water. This means you’ll make fewer trips to the sink for water exchange. Another aspect you’ll like about this cleaner is that it removes stains and protects the carpet from future staining thanks to the Scotchguard feature.
  1. Shark APEX Upright Vacuum

Shark has the APEX vacuum cleaner that is not only ideal for carpet floors but also hardwood floors. However, it only offers dry cleaning. It comes with a 1.4-liter dirt cup which enables for long cleaning time with minimal disruption. Its brushroll allows you to clean both the carpet and hard floors.

And thanks to the intelligent system, it adjusts its speed to meet the ruggedness of each surface. You can detach the canister so you can reach under furniture and tight corners. This is unlike the Bissell type which does not support tank detachment. And thanks to the self-cleaning brushroll, hair strands will not attach themselves on the roll.

This type also comes with a HEPA filter to keep off infection-causing allergens. With it, you’ll not only have a clean house, but also healthy air. The bristle brush ensures that it can reach particles deep in the carpet. And thanks to the LED and low profile design, you can reach under furniture spaces.

Well, from the comparison, we can see that Shark outshines Bissell by far. One, the APEX vacuum is lighter, can reach under furniture, comes with a HEPA filter, and has a detachable canister. While the Bissell vacuum offers heavy duty cleaning, it does not offer much-needed convenience as the Shark model.

Best for Hardwood Floors
  1. BISSELL PowerFresh Cleaner 
This Bissell cleaner is cleaning hardwood and tile floors with ease. Not only does it offer unmatched suction power but also sanitizes hard floors with harsh agents. This kills germs, allergens, and bacteria that can cause diseases. The swivel steering design enables for hassle-free navigation be it around corners or furniture.

With it, you are guaranteed optimum results since it uses steam to clean the floor. This ensures even hard to remove stains are done away with. You can insert a fragrance disc to purify that air as you clean the floor. Be it hardwood, linoleum, granite, or ceramic floors, this cleaner will afford you the best results.

It also provides you three steam options from low to high. As such, you can adjust the press of the steam-based on how clean/dirty the floor is. So, if you are looking for a vacuum that is exclusively designed for cleaning hard floors, then go for this cleaner.
  1. Shark Navigator Cordless Vacuum

This Shark cordless vacuum is ideal both for hardwood and carpet floors. Thanks to its cordless design, you can move with it from room to room. It comes with a 0.5-liter dirt cup which is not convenient for extended cleaning. It can capture dirt, pet hair and dander, and other particles on hard floors with ease.

It also features two-speed settings for hard and carpet floors. As such, you are guaranteed of much-needed results in both settings. The swivel steering control ensures you can clean around corners and furniture with maximum maneuverability.

Thanks to the hygienic dirt emptying system, you’ll remove the dirt without touching it. Unfortunately, this type does not offer wet cleaning like the Bissell cordless vacuum cleaner. It comes with a low profile design so you can clean under furniture with ease.

The large dirt cup can hold large amounts of particles allowing you to clean the house uninterrupted. And to empty the bin, you do not need to touch the dirt, just press the release button and it will empty itself.

Wrap up!
As you can see Shark and Bissell are some of the world-leading producers of most sort-after vacuum cleaners. And they have vacuums dedicated to each type of floor and functionality. This is the same case with Proscenic Company. It produces vacuum cleaners that are ideal for numerous tasks.

P10 cordless vacuum is one type. It comes with features such as an LED touch screen, mini motorized tool, crevice tool, and four speed modes. These features enable it to carry out just about any task at home. And for this, we recommend buying the P10 owing to its cost-effectiveness and versatility.


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