Shark Ion Robot Vacuum Series Review
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By Lauren Quan | 01 September 2020 | 0 Comments

Shark Ion Robot Vacuum Series Review

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Looking for an alternative for your stick vacuum cleaners? Robot vacuum cleaners are a perfect solution. Developed completely on the customer preferences and using the latest technology these vacuum cleaners make life and cleaning easier. Powerful suction of these vacuum cleaners enables them to clean dirt from multiple floor types including carpets and rugs.
Manufactured by SharkNinja,a Montreal based enterprise known for producing household appliances including coffee makers and a variety of vacuum cleaners, ion robot vacuum cleaners are the best product under the banner of Shark. Moreover, robot vacuum cleaners are embedded with mapping technology and possess the ability to map your whole house. 
In addition to this, dirt engaging technology permits the device to make direct contact with carpets and hard floors. Therefore, allowing them to clean debris and waste from deep fibers of the flooring material. Some of the notable ion robot vacuum cleaners constructed by Shark are mentioned below;

1.Shark Ion Robot S87 Vacuum Cleaner 
Shark Ion Robot S87 vacuum cleaner is erected with unique design and lightweight enabling users to work with them easily. Weighing 4.8 pounds, S87 vacuum cleaners are 3.4 inches tall and 12.5 inches wide carrying the cleaning brushes on the right side of the body of the apparatus. Embedded with dustbin, silters, main brush, and charging dock, these vacuum cleaners are available in the market in grey and ash colour patterns.
Additionally, the main tools also include swivel wheels and various sensors coupled with various accessories like bot-boundary strips to perform additional tasks. The vacuum cleaner also features voice control set-up and Wi-Fi-connectivity to enhance the applications of the appliance.

Furthermore, the robot vacuum cleaner demonstrated exceptional performance efficiency with powerful suction power allowing the machine to pick up litter and pet hair from carpets, rugs and hard floors. The only problem faced while cleaning was the difficulty faced by the cleaner to absorb sand from the floor while using it multiple times in the same place.
Dust container is also large enough to hold waste material even after multiple cleaning processes without emptying it. The appliance also contains a self-cleaning brush that stops the large debris and pet hair from entangling into the system, saving the user from the fatigue of manually cleaning the device.
The S87 vacuum cleaner comes with multiple suction modes and mostly normal mode is required to clean the whole house efficiently. But it is recommended to use the maximum suction power while cleaning rugs to achieve maximum output. Moreover, the device contains a lithium-ion battery that can last for longer periods of time before charging again.
  • Powerful Suction
  • Long Battery Life
  • Better navigation
  • Suitable for Multiple Floor Types
  • Voice Control and Wifi Connectivity
  • Expensive
  • Loud noise
  • Not suitable for cleaning sand particles
2. Shark Ion Robot R75 Vacuum Cleaner
Shark Ion Robot R75 Vacuum Cleaner is another powerful cleaning agent incorporating multiple features to offer better cleaning performance. Integrated with a tri-brush system these devices contain channel brush, side brush and multi surface brush to make cleaning effortless. Moreover, voice control system, lithium ion battery, charging dock and multiple filters are additional components of the device.
The lightweight structure and design of the system makes it suitable for cleaning stairs and other furniture without damaging anything. Owing to modern technology the apparatus is compact and manoeuvres easily without bumping around. Another amazing attribute of the R75 robot cleaners is the ability to be operated using a smartphone making it easier for customers to control the cleaning operation.
Strong suction capability ensures the efficient multi floor cleaning. Pet hair and debris can also be easily cleaned using this device. The lithium ion battery has the ability to retain power for almost 2 hours after a single charge and thus, is perfect for cleaning the whole house without any interruption. Furthermore, this model is available with a 1-year warranty which serves as a selling point for the majority of users.
Available in the market at the price tag of $199, Ion Robot R75 is the choice of many customers. The drawbacks of R75 vacuum cleaner include small canister size which needs to be emptied multiple times while cleaning the whole house.
  • Suitable for variety of floors
  • Triple Brush system for cleaning debris
  • Long battery time
  • Strong Suction ability.
  • 1 year warranty
  • Reduced dust carrying capacity
  • Maintenance is required. 
3. Shark Ion Robot R85 Vacuum Cleaner

Similar to its predecessor Ion75, this version is also light weight and has a round body with black colour coating. Integrated with similar apparatus and an additional spinning brush enables the vacuum cleaner to capture the debris and derive it towards the central brush. Though the new spin brush is slower in spinning it offers better cleaning but takes more time.

Weighing 5.51 pounds, Ion Robot R85 is 3.4 inches tall and 12.8 wide and is available with additional bot-boundary strips that are 8 inches long coupled with a charging base. Moreover, the system contains 3 types of suction modes where low suction mode providing minimal airflow is effective on hard floors and high suction enabling maximum airflow is recommended for cleaning carpets and other fibre based materials.
Moreover, ION R85 has 3 times more suction power as compared to its previous counterpart and provides greater airflow and suction ability permitting the waste to pass through the cleaning tool without clogging it. Vacuum possesses navigation sensors that enhance its performance along with good battery life. The negative aspects of the vacuum cleaner include its ineffectiveness to clean thick carpets and rugs along with its expensive nature.
  • Smartphone Control
  • 3X better suction
  • Multiple Suction Modes
  • Avoids Clogging
  • Suitable for pet hair
  • Not suitable for thick carpets
  • Expensive
4. Shark Ion Robot S86 Vacuum Cleaner

Shark Ion Robot S86 vacuum cleaner is a 2 in 1 cleaning device containing a high performance ion robot vacuum and a cordless handheld vacuum together in one single unit.  Embedded with navigation technology and multiple accessories these vacuum cleaners have navigation ability. Along with this integration of a variety of brushes including self-cleaning brush makes the tool perfect for cleaning pet debris and avoids clogging of the system respectively.
Wi-Fi connectivity, smartphone control and lightweight erection of the system makes it easily portable and effective device for cleaning furniture and enclosed spaces. Additionally, due to the presence of a highly efficient motor the system has 3X powerful suction which makes it efficient carpet and floor vacuum cleaner especially at maximum suction speed. 
Incorporated with a lithium ion battery the device has the ability to work for 10 minutes at maximum suction power making it a source of concern for most users. Other negative aspects include the worries of some customers related to the performance of S86 vacuum cleaner on carpets and other materials.
  • Multipurpose Cleaning Device
  • Smartphone control
  • Navigation sensor
  • Super Suction ability
  • Lightweight and Portable
  • Low Battery time
  • Expensive
  • User concerns regarding the efficiency of carpets

5. Shark Ion Robot RV750 Vacuum Cleaner
Possessing the height of 2.6 inches followed by 12.6 inches’ diameter Ion Robot RV 750 are perfect to operate under large furniture. Additionally, integration of self-cleaning brushes and spinning brushes allows the vacuum cleaner to absorb minute dust particles and debris. Having the dust carrying capacity of 380mL, the dust canister of the appliance is easily detachable and might need to be emptied multiple times during cleaning.
Moreover, the infrared sensor present in the system enables the device to navigate easily and is suitable for cleaning vinyl floors and carpets but might need surveillance during the operation. This requirement might feel burdensome to some customers. Containing a 2600 mAh battery the vacuum can retain power for enough time to perform the cleaning.

Available at the market price of around $300 these vacuum cleaners are not as efficient as their other counterparts and might not be favoured by some users at this price range. Some customers also report issues of difficulty in cleaning carpet materials along with irregular cleaning patterns of the appliance.
  • Suitable for cleaning under the furniture
  • Avoids clogging of the system
  • Effective for cleaning Vinyl Floor
  • Easy to use
  • Surveillance is required
  • Not suitable for Carpets
  • Expensive

Which is the Best and Why? 
All the Ion Robot vacuum cleaners have their own specifications along with diverse cleaning properties and price ranges. But Shark Ion Robot R85 is highly recommended because of its multiple suction modes for various types of floor materials along with 3x suction speed comparative to others of its kind. Moreover, the suction speed of the vacuum cleaners does not affect its battery time to a large extent and the battery can last for enough time to clean the whole house.
In addition to this, the device has the ability to avoid self-clogging due to large pet hair enabling it to provide better performance making it last for long-term as well. The only problem with this device is the price which might be a matter of concern to some users. But overall the Ion Robot R85 stands stronger than other vacuum cleaners on the list.


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