Dyson dc33 vs Dyson dc40, which do you
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By Lauren Quan | 27 August 2020 | 0 Comments

Dyson Vacuum Comparison: Dyson dc33 vs Dyson dc40

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Do you get baffled by the thousands of technology brands to choose from? Are you looking for highly efficient and superior quality products? Dyson, having a reputation of a contemporary trustworthy brand, is all you need in this regard. Established by Sir James Dayson in 1991, this technology-based company has headquarters located in Wiltshire England. 
Being one of the renowned enterprises for household appliances Dyson devices range from cleaning to styling tools. Some of these include;  hairdryers, vacuum cleaners, heaters, air purifiers. Apparatus under their banner is mostly based on the scientific understanding of the mechanism involved in the working of different machines. Therefore, provide exceptional quality and efficiency.

The corporation is favored by the majority because of the additional benefits delivered to users. Free shipping along with personalized customization and an additional 1-3 months guarantee on the daily use items make it an absolute choice for many across the globe. Vacuum cleaners were the first product developed by the Dyson label and thus, are available in a huge variety. 
It is undeniably difficult to choose from such a diverse amount of cleaning products. Hence below mentioned is the comparison between two top-notch Dyson vacuum cleaners i.e. Dyson dc33 and dc35 with regard to condition and efficiency. 

Dyson dc33 Vacuum Cleaner
Dyson dc33 is a contemporary lightweight vacuum cleaner suitable for cleaning different types of surfaces. Extraordinary features and long-term warranty of the device are the most preferential features. Other significant attributes of the appliance include;


Construction and Design

Integrated with root cyclone technology and HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Absorbing) filter, dc33 vacuum cleaners are a perfect example of compact and durable recent leading technological tools.
In addition to this, the inclusion of a 14.4-foot telescope wand and an extra-large transparent bin improves the performance as well as the structure of the apparatus. The device is also embedded with some additional accessories that can be replaced depending on function along with reusable filters with a lifetime guarantee.


The presence of HEPA filter and root cyclone technology improves the cleaning and suction properties of the system making it suitable to be used around asthma patients.
The vacuum cleaner also has the ability to absorb minute dirt particles (0.1 microns) making it a potential cleaning device. Large telescope wand attributes to cleaning in enclosed spaces which are difficult to reach otherwise.


Lithium-ion batteries incorporated in the device increases the power efficiency of the system due to better retention properties of such batteries. Higher voltage capacity and energy density coupled with low discharging properties decrease the charging time while increasing the battery time and life.


Owing to its extravagant features and beautiful yet compact design these vacuum cleaners are available at the price of $300-400. This might seem expensive to some users and is the reason these vacuum cleaners are sometimes favored less compared to their counterparts.

Additional Benefits
Along with the above-mentioned characteristics, some additional features of the device include the certification by the Allergy and Asthma Foundation of America followed by the 5 years parts and labor warranty making it a great product developed by the Dyson corporation.


  • Strong suction power
  • Ability to absorb microscopic dust particles
  • Best for asthma patients
  • Durable and Compact


  • Quality concerns regarding telescope wand.
  • Expensive
  • Difficult to operate under fur

Dyson dc35 Vacuum Cleaner
Dyson dc35 vacuum cleaner is another remarkable addition to the Dyson trademark referred to as the highly powerful cordless vacuum cleaner available in the market. It is second to none in terms of performance and quality and therefore, is utilized at a large scale. Some of the notable features of this product include;

Construction and Design:
Dyson dc35 cordless vacuum cleaner is a small size, lightweight product as compared to others of its kind with better cleaning efficiency. Owing to its modern design and incorporation of easily replaceable additional accessories such as floor vacuum attachment and a spinning brush along with a large wand makes it a perfect cleaning agent especially for hard fibrous material and difficult to reach positions. 
Moreover, the apparatus also has the ability to be mounted on the wall in an upright position due to the integration of a wall mount. Additionally, the system also includes root cyclone technology for better cleaning properties, especially for small areas.

Although the system is efficient especially in-terms of suction power, it is lacking in some other aspects. The best point in this regard is the presence of a maximum button alongside a trigger instead of an on/off switch. Such features not only improve the suction capability of the vacuum cleaner but also extends battery time and improves battery performance.

Dyson dc35 vacuum cleaners are mounted with a 22.2v Lithium-ion battery having 3-5 hours of the charging time. Unfortunately, they do not possess a long battery time and have a high battery discharge rate. Once charged dc35 vacuum cleaners only last for 12-15 minutes and thus are not suitable for cleaning large areas due to their limited power holding ability. The device also contains an LED light to indicate the process of charging.

These innovative and high-quality vacuum cleaners also range between $300-400 and are considered to be one of a kind. Their expensive nature might be another negative issue associated with their purchase.

Additional Benefits

Remarkable attributes coupled with reusable filters and a 2-year solid warranty by Dyson add to the outstanding properties of the electronic appliance. Moreover, the cordless nature of the system makes it easier to use for cleaning purposes in cars and other such places where an electric switch may not be available.


  • Super strong suction power
  • Cordless
  • Efficient for cleaning cars and ceilings
  • Large wand for enclosed spaces


  • Low battery time.
  • Not suitable for large areas
  • Trigger might be a concern
  • Expensive

Dyson dc33 vs Dyson dc40
Features Dyson dc33 Dyson dc35
Design Compact and durable Durable with small size
Suction Power High suction power due to the presence of root cyclone technology Very high suction ability due to the presence of root cyclone technology along with a maximum button to improve efficiency
Battery Lithium-ion battery with good power holding capacity.
Battery time: Unknown
22.2v Lithium battery with poor power holding capacity.
Battery time: 12-15 minutes
Price $300-400 $300-400
Weight 17 pounds 4.8 pounds

Which should you buy?
Both products have their own positive and negative points. Though dc35 has more potential and has a high-performance record it possesses very little properties when it comes to battery retention whereas dc33 is more efficient when it comes to battery and has high suction power but still lacks compared to dc35 in this aspect.

Moreover, dc35 is lightweight and smaller in size. Thus, is able to work in small confined places but might not be suitable for large areas due to its limited battery performance. Contrary to this, dc33 has the ability to clean the whole house along with the presence of HEPA filters that can ensure the protection of asthma patients.
Another aspect that needs to be addressed is the trigger present in dc35 cleaners which are regarded as a blessing while malediction for others. Some users report it is difficult to use triggers instead of a switch. While dc33 users are mostly concerned with the quality of the telescoping wand, fearing that it might break. Therefore, making it a negative attribute of Dyson dc33 vacuum cleaners.
Both products also lie towards the same end of the price spectrum and thus do not need to be compared in this aspect. As for which one should be bought depends completely on the buyer’s needs and preferences regardless of the price. If battery time is not an issue, it is preferable to buy Dyson dc35 vacuum .cleaners due to their remarkable performance. Along with this most people prefer to choose inexpensive equally efficient products because of the high prices of Dyson products.

Proscenic P10 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner; A Viable Alternative
Incredibly diverse features and high efficiency associated with proscenic P10 cordless vacuum cleaners make it an ultimate substitute for other expensive devices. Lightweight and sleek design embedded with modern technology, these vacuum cleaners are a perfect choice for a long-term household cleaning device with low battery discharge rate and high suction abilities.

Design and Efficiency:

Incorporated with a turbo motor offering suction up to 22000 Pa, the cordless cleaner is suitable for narrow spaces having trash capacity of 16.5 gallons. Moreover, the appliance is energy efficient and is available with additional accessories with a touch screen mounted on the main apparatus.


Multiple suction modes coupled with 2200mA LG Lithium-ion batteries keep the power discharge under control. Battery lasts for 45 minutes at low suction speed while drains more quickly i.e, in 25 minutes at maximum suction speed. Additionally, the apparatus is light-weight, easily washable and reusable enhancing the performance without compromising the energy availability.

Additional Benefits:

Inclusion of floor roller brush, a mini motorized brush and a round brush  makes the vacuum capable of cleaning multiple surfaces and remove large quantities of hair and dust even at narrow and enclosed spaces. Some salient features of Proscenic Cordless Vacuum Cleaner are mentioned in the table below;
Features Proscenic P10
Suction Power Four modes;
6500 Pa
10500 Pa
14500 Pa
22000 Pa
Trash Capacity 1.65 gallons
Weight 10 lb
Battery Time 45 min at low suction speed
25 min at maximum suction speed
10 min at highest suction speed
Thus, though a bit expensive, Proscenic P10 vacuum cleaners are worth buying owing to their exceptional performance and abilities and are also available at discounted rates in their official marketing stores. 


  • The digital readout allows you to keep an eye on different features like battery percentage, variety of suction modes, and error codes.
  • The high capacity motor is the backbone behind the powerful suction potential of the vacuum.
  • Rotatable head contributes efficiently in cleaning tough stains with two way spin
  • The battery life is reliable to provide thorough cleaning sessions.
  • Some parts are washable which help in maintenance of the vacuum.


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