Xiaomi Robot Vacuum VS Proscenic Robot Vacuum, Which Brand Should You Buy?
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By Lauren Quan | 26 August 2020 | 0 Comments

Xiaomi Robot Vacuum VS Proscenic Robot Vacuum, Which Brand Should You Buy?

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Robot vacuums are an absolute requirement for all, but presently they are best those who have a lot of work in their offices and work till late. Such people may not have enough time or not at all to keep their houses clean. And that is where the devices come in. The question is, what are they and why are they essential and which is one is the best and cost-effective.

Xiaomi is a technology company that manufactures Electronic products known as Xiaomi Products, and it has some of the best robot vacuum cleaners on the market. Among the well-known brands in the world, Xiaomi is always somewhere on the list Xiaomi Mi robot was the first robot cleaner released by Xiaomi. This was produced by Roborock Technology Co. Ltd one of the top Chinese company that it is growing so fast in its specialization in Research and development.

Proscenic, on the other hand, is one of the best companies to go for its products. Suppose you are a more enlightened kind of person. You will want to go with trending and useful accessories and technological products, especially robots. Proscenic has exclusive vacuum robots, and one of a kind on the market and their features will turn around your comfort zone more relaxing. The following are some of the brand models of the robots on the market
  • Proscenic M7 Pro
  • Proscenic M6 Pro
  • Proscenic 830T
  • Proscenic 820 S
There are several models released by under the Xiaomi brand in partnership with external robot vacuum manufacturers they include;
  • Xiaomi Mi Robot
  • Xiaomi Mijia 1S Robot Vacuum(Xiaomi Mi Robot upgrade)
  • Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Mop P
  • Xiaomi Mijia 1C
  • Xiaomi Mijia G1

The following table shows the comparison between Xiaomi Robot Vacuum Cleaners And the top two M7 Pro and M6 Pro Proscenic models
Model name Xiaomi Mi Robot Xiaomi Mijia 1S Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Mop P Xiaomi Mijia 1C Xiaomi Mijia G1 Proscenic M6 Pro M7 Pro
Battery Life 150min 150min 110min 110min 90min 110min 150min
Suction power 1800pa 2000pa 2100pa 2500pa 2200pa 2600pa 2700pa
Mapping Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Mapping technology LDS Laser LDS Laser and Visual Sensor LDS laser Visual sensor Gyroscope LDS 360 LDS 360 +
Zoned Cleaning Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes
Moping NO NO yes yes Yes Yes Yes
Alexa Google Support Yes NO No Yes N/A Yes Yes
Restricted areas No Yes Yes Yes No Yes, with Yes, with No-Go Zone setting
No-go Zone setting
Multiple maps support No Yes Yes No No Yes Yes
App Mi Home Mi Home Mi Home Mi Home Mi Home Proscenic Robotic Proscenic Robotic
Price $264.99 $369.99 $309.99 $236.99 $276.99 $420.00 $399.00
Note: The price is subject to change over time. Therefore, these are the current prices of these robot vacs.
After our tabular analysis, we have come to find the two of the best robot vacuums from these two models. They include;
  • The Xiaomi Roborock S6 Black
  • Proscenic M6 Pro
We will discuss each and get to know which is better for you to buy.

The Xiaomi Roborock S6 Black
This is the best example of the best Xiaomi products, one of the most powerful and better models, among others on the market out there.
It is designed for most home automation systems looking for a higher quality robot. It offers a greater capacity to map your home hence facilitates excellent safety for use impact.

Proscenic M6 Pro

Considering the M6 Pro has an improved feature and performance, unlike other models, for instance.

2in 1 cleaning
Has a large capacity tank that is divide into two part of it collecting dust and the other for mopping which makes it convenient and appropriate.

iRoom cleaning system
 This is the feature that makes the M6 Pro exclusive as compared to Roomba’s 960. Gives the M6 Pro the capability to divide your house into multiple regions. Innovative systems through which you can select specific rooms you want to clean at a scheduled time. This helps you have an organized cleaning schedule.

Y Mopping
Moping is enhanced with a Y shaped cleaning path that enables triple-pass mopping action hence cleaning every dirt and grim, unlike the 960, which does not clean circular edges.

Laser sensors
M6 Pro is covered with 15 sensors that help the robot vacuum cleaner to handle different surroundings. A fall avoiding sensor can detect the ledge. And more importantly, it has the Obstacle detecting sensor that can prevent collision while the M7 Pro has the highest number of Sensors as they are 24 in number. This improves on mapping and memorizing the house patterns.

Contrast Between Xiaomi and Proscenic Robot Vacuum Cleaners
Based on the tabular analysis on the comparison between the two brands models. You can contrast that most of the capabilities and functionalities the Xiaomi products can offer, the Proscenic models can, too, but not all the specs and features of Proscenic can be performed by the Xiaomi Products.

Therefore, Xiaomi robots may have a powerful and reluctant battery life than M6 Pro. Still, they cannot perform as the M6 pro robot. It is controlled by M6 Pro and also voice command through Alexa and Google Assistant. You can execute your tasks accordingly—M7 Pro and M7 Pro LDS 360, which scans your house through 360 degrees.

This cost-effective intelligent robot vacuum helps you make the quickest and organized cleaning plan.

Therefore, in any circumstance, you want to think of a better approach in mapping your house with 360 degrees, then look no further go for Proscenic Pro robots and choose one that suits your house situation and your trusted mode of cleaning.

With the use of an active and convenient IPNAS 3.0 system, being an intelligent system, it helps navigate and map your home, creatively takes a real-time map of your house, and the best cleaning path is identified and memorable.

The Proscenic robots can memorize 2 to 5 maps on their memory, unlike other models that store on different devices. This helps the robots to load faster and instant work per its standby feature to always move to the recharging point.

This happens when it senses a low battery. But when you want to realize how smart these products are, on a maximum charge, they will go automatically back to where they left and continue with the cleaning.
On the contrary, Xiaomi robots have the smallest suction power as compared to Proscenic robots. This gives you a choice and an alternative at the same time as you try to figure out which model is the best for your home cleaning.

Home automation is becoming unstoppable with the fastest growing technology and use of internet-controlled home appliances. Everyone would like to interact with smart objects just as we do with our pets. This is more interesting than that as one feels more excited to be around such a device that acts to be familiar with you that your friends and family and may become your family at long last.

If you are looking for a smart robot for cleaning your house or offices, then I recommend you go for Proscenic vacuum robots, as they are efficient, cost-effective, and does not involve much of your control. Some people might not have heard of this yet until this article; however, I guess you are in a twisted situation on where to
to get the M6 Pro or M7 Pro robots, you can order from Proscenic site.


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