Roomba 985 VS Proscenic M7 Pro, Which is Better?
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By Lauren Quan | 26 August 2020 | 0 Comments

Roomba 985 VS Proscenic M7 Pro, Which is Better?

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Roomba 985 is a smart home vacuum cleaner developed by iRobot. iRobot is an intelligent home appliances developer with a broad market customer acceptance over the years now. iRobot has developed several vacuum cleaners that are fit for home and office space vacuuming. The American based iRobot cooperation designs and builds consumer robots, among them being the Roomba 985.

On the other hand, Proscenic as its name suggests, it combines "prosperous" and "scenic" that shows the future of intelligent life. Founded in, the Proscenic smart vacuum developers and sellers have accomplished full vacuums in the current smart appliances market. Apart from the Proscenic M7 pro vacuum cleaner, Proscenic also serves different Japanese brands, including Panasonic and Philips. Proscenic being a one-stop online shopping platform, you can access all Proscenic robot vacuum cleaners, cordless vacuum cleaners, floor mopping robots, beauty and health appliances, and many more smart home appliances.
The Roomba 985 vacuum cleaner and Proscenic M7 Pro vacuum cleaner relate in several ways that include;

Price is the main factor that you have to access before deciding the type of vacuum cleaner you need. The cost of an individual vacuum cleaner should be proportional to the vacuuming services and the features it comes with. Another thing that you need to be careful with the price of a specific vacuum cleaner is that it should not strain your budget. The Roomba 985 vacuum cleaner comes with a cost of $499 according to Amazon online shopping platform, while Proscenic M7 pro comes with a price of $399, according to

Suction Power
Suction power determines the efficiency of a specific vacuum cleaner. When deciding to buy a vacuum cleaner, you need first to assess the type of floor that you want to vacuum. If you're going to clean a bare floor, then you need a vacuum cleaner with a bit lower suction power that will not scratch your hardwood floor. On the other hand, if you have a carpeted floor, then you need to go for a vacuum cleaner with higher suction power. For instance, the Roomba 985 vacuum cleaner offers up to 10X airpower suction while Proscenic M7 pro comes with a suction power of 2700Pa and with a 17.7cm Suction inlet, you can easily have all forms of dirt and dirt cleared off your floor. It would be best if you also considered a vacuum cleaner that comes with a varying suction power like Proscenic M7 pro depending on the floor it is vacuuming.

Design and Size
The design of a specific vacuum cleaner determines how efficient it will vacuum your space. Always go for a slim vacuum cleaner that conforms to clean under furniture and navigate high-traffic rooms with ease.  In terms of design and size, the Roomba 985 is 3.6 inches tall thus can be able to maneuver under your sofas, beds, or any other furniture. On the other hand, Proscenic M7 pro, 13.5 inches in diameter giving it a full cleaning path for fast cleaning and 3.75 inches tall, allowing it to efficiently navigate under any form of furniture, including hard-to-reach areas on the cleaning space.

Battery Life
This is another unique specification that you need to be careful about. After a full recharge, you need a reasonable battery life that will allow you to vacuum a large area before recharging again. A long-lasting battery means longer vacuuming time, and this means no time is wasted in terms of boosting over and over again. In our case, the Roomba 985 vacuum cleaner is powered by a battery that lasts up to 120 continuous working minutes. With the added advantage of recharge and resume technology, after the 120 minutes, the Roomba 985 can automatically dock for recharging and resume vacuuming exercise without your intervention.

On the other hand, the Proscenic M7 vacuum cleaner is powered by a powerful rechargeable 5200mAh Lithium-ion battery that can power it for over 150 working minutes. This means you can clean a large area without recharging it again. The Proscenic M7 pro works with a speed of 530 square feet per hour.

Sensors play a significant role in the functioning of your vacuum cleaner. With the smart technology, you don't need to be around to control and monitor your robot vacuum cleaner, thus the need for sensors. The sensors like the anti-collision ones guide you vacuum cleaner navigate your furniture without knocking them, thus giving it a long-lasting life. In our case, the Roomba 985 comes with several sensors like cliff sensors, Dirt Detect Technology Sensors, among other smart sensors. The Proscenic M7 Pro vacuum cleaner, on the other hand, boast of the most significant number of detectors its equipped with. It makes use of 24 sensors, including laser sensors for scanning the cleaning space, cliff sensors to avoid falling off the cliff, anti-collision sensors, fan rotation speed sensor, dust box sensor, water tank sensor, among others.

Control Mechanism
A good vacuum cleaner, more so the robotic vacuum cleaners like the Proscenic M7, should provide you several control mechanisms that you can choose from the one that best suits you. For instance, the Roomba 985 vacuum cleaner comes with an iRobot HOME App that allows you to schedule, control, status monitoring it from anywhere using your smartphone.
On the other hand, the Proscenic M7 Pro vacuum cleaner also allows you to control it through several ways; Using the ProscenicHome app, you can easily connect it to your smartphone using the Wi-Fi Technology. Through the app, you can schedule, monitor the vacuuming progress, check battery level, and monitor many more monitoring issues. Proscenic M7 Pro vacuum cleaner has an added advantage in terms of control. It is highly compatible with the Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, which allows you to control it using your voice.

Pet Hair Cleaning
If you are a pet lover, then you are aware of how disturbing the pet dander is. Since this kind of debris is unique, it needs a special vacuum cleaner too to deal with it. It would be best if you chose a vacuum cleaner that is tangle-free or used a brushless motor that cannot get tangled easily. Roomba 985 vacuum cleaner is equipped with a power-lifting suction in combination with the multi-surface brushes that serve to lift pet hair off your floor and carpets. The 

On the other hand, Proscenic M7 Pro also comes with a high suction power that can deal with pet hair and dander off multiple floors.

Sweeping or Mopping Feature
Some vacuum cleaners in the market can only sweep and are not able to mob your floor, while others can mop or sweep at the same time. A vacuum cleaner that can clean and mop has an added advantage, and such a vacuum is worth buying. The Roomba 985 can only sweep your home but lacks the mopping feature. In contrast, the Proscenic M7 Pro vacuum cleaner features a large dirt canister and a water tank that allows you to switch between mopping or sweeping. You can also decide to sweep or mop synchronously.

Wall Cleaning Features
Dirt is not limited to the surfaces it will dwell. Although the floor is the main surface, dust can also be on the walls, and you have to clear it off. Here, the two vacuums are capable of cleaning walls but using different mechanisms. While the Roomba 985 vacuum cleaner makes use of the sweeping edge brush that provides a 27-degree angle on floors, the Proscenic M7 pro vacuum cleaner makes use of a side brush that can sweep on corners that can also reach out to the hard to reach points in the cleaning space.

You have all the reasons to buy the Proscenic M7 Pro. Its unique feature and vacuuming capabilities make it an outstanding vacuum cleaner in the market. You will love the Proscenic M7 Pro vacuum cleaner since it can sweep and mop simultaneously, has a high suction power, provides an automatic carpet boost, and covers an extensive room coverage in one full charged battery.

Above all, the Proscenic M7 Pro vacuum cleaner is developed and sold by the vacuum developers that offer you free delivery and shipping once you purchase them. This makes the Proscenic M7 Pro vacuum cleaner cost-effective and thus worthy of buying.


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