Is the Dyson DC41 Good for Pet Hair?
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By Joey | 25 August 2020 | 0 Comments

Is the Dyson DC41 Good for Pet Hair?

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                                          Is the Dyson DC41 Good for Pet Hair?
As a pet owner, you understand how a nuisance pet dander can be if not cleaned well. But this should not limit your love and obsession for pets. The Dyson DC41 was developed and sold by Dyson, a smart home appliances developer company in the United Kingdom that later moved its production to Malaysia and Singapore. Dyson was founded in the year 1991 by James Dyson. Over the years now, Dyson has developed different appliances like vacuum cleaners, air purifiers, desk fans, LED lamps, and many more smart home appliances.
Over the years now, Dyson has developed and released many appliances into the market. They are best known for developing modern, cool, and sophisticated products. Dyson DC41 has even built the reputation of Dyson more because of its classy vacuuming abilities.

When was Dyson DC41 Released?
Dyson DC41 was released in 2011 as the first upright vacuum cleaner from Dyson with a new Radial Root Cyclone technology and an automatic adjuster providing maximum suction power in the suction head. The Dyson DC41 was released as a replacement for the Dyson DC25.

What is the Difference Between the Dyson Ball and the Dyson Animal?
Both the Dyson ball and the Dyson animal vacuum cleaner are developed by the Dyson vacuum developers but differ immensely in terms of features and functionality.
Here are its key feature differences;
Cleaner Head- Dyson Ball Vacuum Cleaner and the Dyson animal both comes with a self-adjustable cleaner head that gives it a high suction power and does not waste any suction power while changing from one floor to the other. The adjustable cleaner head has an advantage in that you can clean different types of surfaces using maximum suction and high effectiveness. 
Weight- the two vacuum cleaners differ slightly in terms of weight. The Dyson ball vacuum cleaner weighs about 16 pounds while the Dyson animal vacuum cleaner weighs 17 pounds.
Color- the Dyson animal vacuum cleaner and the Dyson Ball vacuum cleaner differ in colors, although it’s not an important feature to consider on a vacuum cleaner. The Dyson Ball comes with a yellow colored body while the Dyson Animal comes with a purple body.
Suction power- the Dyson Animal, has a slightly lower suction power compared to the Dyson Ball vacuum cleaner. It comes with a 245 Air Watts suction power while the Dyson Ball comes with a 250 Air Watts suction power.
Pet Hair Pick- if you are a pet owner, then you need to go for the Dyson Animal because it comes with a tangle-free turbo tool that the Dyson Ball vacuum cleaner does not have.

How do I Service my Dyson DC41?
Any vacuum cleaner, like any other machine after using it for some time, it may develop some problems that will require to service it. The Dyson DC41 also develops some common problems that need to be serviced for the smooth vacuuming experience. 
Some of the problems that Dyson DC41 can have include; dirt picks up issues, power and electrical issues, an unusual smell, visible issues, and unusual noise.

Here is how to service your Dyson DC41 in case of any of the following common issues;
Dyson DC41 Lost Suction
This is a common problem associated with the Dyson DC41 that may be caused by congestion of dirt on the filter. To service your Dyson DC41 with this problem;
  1. Remove the C clip to access the cleaner head and inspect any blockages.
  2. Visually inspect any blockages on the cleaner head.
  3. Inspect the Air Flow. The air flows through the lower side of the cyclone assembly, and this is where you need to inspect and remove any excess debris or any dust, hair or fibers.
  4. Finally, check for any blockage on the hoses. 
After this, your Dyson DC41 suction could have been restored.
Unspinning Brush roll
The brush roll must spin for your Dyson DC41 to pick debris. If it is not spinning, inspect for any congestion on the brush roll, check if it is damaged and requires replacement or repair.

General Cleaning of your Dyson DC41
Cleaning your Dyson DC41 should be normality, you don’t have to wait until it stops functioning before you do maintenance. General cleaning of your Dyson DC41 is a basic service that you need to carry out often.
For you to clean you Dyson DC41, follow the following easy steps;
  1. The first thing you need to ensure is that the dirt canister is empty and free from any dirt.
  2. Open the top part of your Dyson DC41 and remove the foam filter.
  3. Remove the Roller Cover. To remove the roller cover, you need to flip your Dyson DC41 upside down then use a screwdriver to remove the bottom cover. At this stage, inspect the roller and clear any hair and dirt trapped here. Use the compressed air to blow any dirt in the roller.
  4. Use the compressed air to clean the dirt canister. Make sure you blow any hole on your Dyson DC41 to clear any clogged dust.
  5. Wash the filter sponge by running water through it and squeezing the trapped water off the sponge.
  6. Wash the canister thoroughly using water and soap
  7. Using a wet mop, wipe the cyclone section of your Dyson DC41 to get rid of any water
  8. Replace back the detached parts of your Dyson DC41 before testing its workability.

How do I Clean the Filters on My Dyson DC41?
Filters play a major role in any vacuum cleaner. It’s the filters that make sure you have a clean environment on the air you breathe. The filters on your Dyson DC41 filter allergy-causing microorganisms and traps dust and make sure it does not escape back to the environment after vacuuming.
As a maintenance practice, you need to clean them regularly. Follow the following stepwise guide to have your Dyson DC41’s filters cleaned;
  1. Turn of your Dyson DC41 and disconnect it from any power source.
  2. Detach the filters from your Dyson DC41
  3. Using cold water, clean the filters. Rinse the filters under running water till they are clean. Avoid the use of any detergents, just use water.
  4. Leave the filters on a warm environment to allow them dry. Its recommended that you allow the filters 24 hours to dry.
  5. Replace the filters back to your Dyson DC41 and experience the best vacuuming experience.

How Many Filters Does a Dyson DC41 Have?
Dyson DC41 makes use of two filters; one pre-filter and one HEPA filter. The filters serve to remove household dirt and improve air quality. The HEPA filters also serve to trap allergy-causing microorganisms, thus making Dyson DC41 safe for you in case you are allergic.

What Parts does Dyson DC41 Have?
The Dyson DC41 vacuum cleaner comes with a number of parts that aid it in performing its vacuuming service. The parts include; the spring, the link wire, the brush actuator, On/Off Actuator, Switch, Switch cover, Connection insulator, Duct Assembly, duct Hatch assembly, Screw, Wand handle, Power Code Assembly, Cable Protector, Tool Holder, Stair Tool, Lower cable Winder, Sole Plate Wheel, Soleplate Axle, Brush Housing Assembly, Axle and roller and many more parts.

The Dyson DC41 vacuum cleaner is one of the vacuum cleaners that can offer you pet hair cleaning solutions. With a good suction power and a tangle-free brush, Dyson DC41 can give you outstanding performance in clearing any pet dander.


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