Which is best? Comparing iRobot Roomba, Neato, Eufy, and Proscenic Vacuum Cleaners
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By Proscenic | 21 August 2020 | 0 Comments

Which is best? Comparing iRobot Roomba, Neato, Eufy, and Proscenic Vacuum Cleaners

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Wondering which is the best vacuum cleaner?

Separating the best from the rest! 

A vacuum cleaner is one of the most important household appliances as it helps you in keeping your home or other property spotless and hygienic. The vacuum technology has also seen some important advancements in the last few years. Nowadays, a vacuum can do more than just removing dust and pet hair. They are now loaded with several innovative and useful features that can make cleaning effortless. 

A few questions that may make it challenging to buy a vacuum cleaner…. 

How do you know what type of vacuum cleaner you need? What model will work best for you? How much should you spend on a vacuum cleaner? What features or characteristics you should look for? What is the latest technology and how does it make a difference? 

Though everyone wants something good that can help in effective cleaning, the problem that many people face is finding the best vacuum cleaner. When you are shopping for a vacuum cleaner, the options are endless and there can be many terms that you may not understand. 

If you are not sure which vacuum cleaner would work best for you, this guide will help you get to know about some best models and their comparison. Our vacuum ratings and recommendations along with a vacuum cleaner buying guide can be of great help. 

We can answer all of your questions, including: 

-How we test robot vacuums? 
-What is our testing procedure? 
-Which is the best robot vacuum? 
-What’s our pick? 
-What a robot vacuum is capable of? 
-Are robot vacuums worth spending money? 
-What features to look for in a robot vacuum? 
-Can I take good care of my vacuum at home? 
-Can I buy vacuums at Black Friday Deals online? 
-Why should you trust me? 

Let’s get started… 

How We Test Robot Vacuums 

Well! It will be good to start with testing robot vacuums that are making quite a rage in the market.   Robotic vacuum cleaners are a convenient companion for a quick cleanup as compare to stick vacuums. The kind of vacuums are gaining huge acknowledgment as you need to do is just set up your vacuum and it will get the job done for you. Isn't it easier? 

Take a look at what happened behind the doors when we test robot vacuums and spent over 14 days of torture testing on a group of 10 robotic cleaning vacuums. Check it out here: 

Expert Testing

Our expert testers have tested the robot vacuums for their functionality and capability to compare the performances and help you decide what to buy. As they have more than 10 years of testing experience, they were able to effectively determine the product’s technical performance in the best labs. 

Choosing the Models

Wondering how we choose what we test when there are so many models to choose from? We mostly choose the most popular models among users. We aim to pick the best-selling models as they already come with some good features, compare them, and come up with our unbiased results. 

In simple words, here’s what we take into for picking vacuum cleaners to test:
-Popular or best-selling models 
-Market sales information
-Survey with manufacturers 
-Member requests for specific models

We put together the above-mentioned criteria to make a final list that goes to our experts for final testing. Once they come up with the results, we give ratings to each model that goes to our buyers so that they can get the best value for their money. 

Our Testing Procedure

In our opinion, it’s the performance that can make or break any product and that’s why we consider it an important element while testing different models. 

Here’s how we test different vacuum cleaners…

Function on Hard Surfaces - The foremost test is dirt removal from hard floors in which a measured amount of sand is spread evenly over a vinyl floor and let the robot vacuum run for at least 25 minutes to test the dirt pick-up capacity. Secondly, a few objects such as chairs and tables are placed in the room to test the sensor’s performance. 

Function on Carpets & Rugs - To check how different robot vacuum models work on carpets and rugs, sand is sprinkled evenly onto a section of carpet and let the vacuum do the cleaning job. The experts let the vacuum run for a set period and weigh the sand collected. 

Performance on Corners and Edges - Cleaning is not just about hard surfaces and carpets, a vacuum cleaner has to perform well even on the impossible-to-reach spaces such as corners and edges. To test this, sand is spread into a right-angled corner and see how well it picks up the dirt. 

Removal of Pet Hair - A lot of people have pets in their houses and that’s why we also check the vacuum cleaners for pet hair removal. Pet hairs are embedded into the carpet or sofa and the vacuum is allowed to run for a few minutes to check how effectively it removed hairs. 

Ease of Use & Effectiveness - Whether it’s a robot vacuum or a traditional one, it has to be easy to operate and effective on every surface. However, robot vacuums are extremely easy to use and that’s why not much emphasis is given to this criteria while scoring them. 

Overall Score Explained 

Here’s how the overall score is calculated: 

-Dirt pick-up from hard surfaces - 40%
-Dirt removal from carpets & rugs - 30% 
-Corners & edges cleaning - 15% 
-Pet hair removal - 15% 

Based on the overall score, our testing experts provide ratings to different robot vacuum cleaner models. 

Which is Best? 

Comparing the Top Vacuum Cleaner Brands: iRobot Roomba, Neato, Eufy, and Proscenic 

If there is one home cleaning tool that is extremely important in our lives, it is none other than the vacuum cleaner. Though many homeowners still prefer manual cleaning, vacuum cleaners came a long way in the technological era. Today, robot vacuums are gaining huge acknowledgment due to the ease of use and performance it offers. The type of vacuums cleans better and faster as they come equipped with smart features such as sensors to detect objects in their way. 

With robot vacuums, fantasies came true as the best models come packed with electronic eyes, smart sensors, floor plan mapping, elegantly designed hardware, and better cleaning power. However, the fantasy does come at a cost but it certainly takes the vacuum cleaning to the next level. 

With that said, let’s compare some top models to find the tried-and-true vacuum cleaner… 

iRobot Roomba 

The Roomba series offers good performance and durability at an affordable price that you may hardly find in other similar priced robot vacuums. The company keeps stock of all the spare parts for every model which is an excellent thing. So, even if a part does break down after years of use, you can get it replaced easily. 

Coming to the performance, the 600 series models are better at cleaning carpets and rugs as they come equipped with two brush rolls. The semi-random navigation system allows the vacuum to perfectly work in smaller space but it may have trouble cleaning big spaces. Furthermore, the bots are a bit taller and louder than other similar models. 

While testing the Roomba 600 series, we found these models worth discussing: 

Roomba 614 

“Reliable & Repairable!” 

Starting with iRobot, the Roomba 614 s reliable and repairable as compared to similar bots from other brands. Though it works great on hard surfaces as well as carpets and rugs, it works best with cleaning three or four rooms at a time. 

Roomba 675 

“Reliable & Connected!” 

Though it is the same as Roomba 614 in terms of features and performance, it comes with Wi-Fi connectivity. You can connect the vacuum from a smartphone app and also integrate it with other smart-home voice assistants. 

Roomba S9 Plus 

“Powerful Suction & Cleaning Power!” 

This robot vacuum costs a whopping amount but delivers powerful suction and excellent cleaning power. Though the bot works great with dirt and dust removal from hard surfaces, it struggled a bit to clean carpeting and area rugs. 


Neato Robot Vacuums 

Neato Botvac Connected series consists of some strong cleaners with one of the nicest smartphone app. The Botvac line is better at cleaning floors as compared to other similar models and the latest ones finally have remote control functionality. You can pair the smart robot vacuum with its app on your Android or iOS device and control it right from your phone. 

The brand offers the D-shaped advantage allowing the vacuum to get into the corners and along walls but it comes with a single brush embedded in the edge. However, the new models do come with improved navigation capabilities to clean better. Also new with the connected models include the cleaning modes, full-powered turbo mode, power-saving eco mode, and more. 

Neato Botvac D7 

“Affordable & Connected!” 

A midrange connected robot vacuum offering quite an impressive performance while cleaning up dirt and dust. When tested, it effectively cleaned sand from low-pile carpet and rugs but not that effective on bare floors and mid-pile rugs. 

Neato Botvac D85 

“Solid & Smart!” 

This model performs pretty well at stubborn pet hair pickup but lacks in performance as compared to the original Botvac 85. Though it looks a lot more similar to previous models, it boasts an updated silicone spiral blade brush and also claims better suction and quieter cleaning. 

Neato D4 

“Affordable & Compact” 

The model was designed to offer great value for everyday life and comes with features like LaserSmart technology, No-Go Lines, and D-shape design. However, it is solid but not superior in terms of performance but fits the budget. 


The brand offers a range of robotic vacuum cleaners to make cleaning more convenient with emphasis on high-suction and self-charging. The vacuums are cheaper than other models and quite good at cleaning as they use suction and sweeping brushes to clean hard floors, broad swaths of carpet, tile, and other types of flooring. 

The pre-programmed cleaning sessions in the latest models allow you to get the job done while you are sleeping or away. The re-engineered robot comes with improved suction and all features packed in the slimmest body. It offers quiet operation and works well on hard floors to medium-pile carpets using its multiple cleaning modes and remote control. 

Eufy RoboVac 11S 

“Budget-Friendly & Quiet!” 

This particular model stands out as the quietest robot vacuums we have ever tested and offer ed excellent performance with bare floors as well as rugs. It effectively fits under more furniture, rarely gets stuck, and good for cleaning but not as durable as a Roomba. 

RoboVac 11S Max 

“Affordable & Solid!” 

This cleaning machine is highly affordable and cleans hardwood floors effectively but comes with a basic navigation system. When tested, it took a while to negotiate the test room but covered the space well and end up cleaning almost spotless. 

RoboVac G30 

“Powerful & Purposeful!” 

This compact robot vacuum got quite impressive ratings as it offers some great features and cleaning capacities at an affordable price tag. It comes with strong suction but short battery life and features smart navigation for systematic cleaning but doesn’t support virtual boundaries. 


Proscenic Robot Vacuums 

The company is known for providing smart and powerful robot vacuums that are ideal to be used in large as well as small spaces. The latest vacuums come with a HEPA filter which makes it an excellent companion for hard floors and carpeting. Some other impressive features include Alexa’s voice control, companion apps, and great battery life. 

Some of the Proscenic robot vacuum models are convertible and have a mop function in addition to the vacuuming. Though the overall performance of the Proscenic bots is excellent, some of them might be tricky with picking up debris on certain types of rugs. However, the company sells a replacement kit in case you need to replace brushes, etc. 

M7 Pro 

“Smart & Strong Suction!” 

The model comes with an impressive 2,600Pa of suction power and a HEPA filter for cleaning hard floors and carpeting. It supports app and Alexa Voice control so that you can schedule cleaning jobs. It features IPNAS 3.0, Vboost, 2-in-1 cleaning, multi-floor maps memory, no-go zone setting, etc. 

811GB Robot Vacuum 

“Wet & Dry Cleaning!” 

The well-built robot vacuum comes with a seamless design with no visible buttons or knobs to catch on furniture and provide trouble-free cleaning. It has a large dust bin and comes with an ingenious bin and water tank combo container for sweeping and mopping. 

820S Robot Vacuum 

“Simple & Budget-Friendly!” 

It could be a solid option for those looking for a budget-friendly robot vacuum as it comes packed with features like app control, voice control, smart mapping, self-adjusting suction, and more. However, it does find it challenging to collect fine debris but offer good cleaning at its price. 

What’s Our Pick…

Our Pick: Here’s a tie I guess… 

iRobot Roomba 614 

After testing this particular model on different surfaces and carpets, the results were quite impressive. Not only it did good on hard floors but better at cleaning rugs too. One thing to be noted that it works best when used to clean three or four rooms at a time. 

Here are your buying options if you wanna go with this option…


Proscenic M7 Pro 

It comes with powerful suction and an array of features making it a good purchase when you’re planning to invest in a robot vacuum. Some noticeable features include advanced laser technology, selective cleaning, auto carpet boost, big battery, and intelligent dust collector. 


Budget Pick 

Eufy RoboVac 11S 

The affordable and quiet robot vacuum cleaner works best in small spaces and rarely gets stuck under furniture. Though it is not as durable as other models we’ve tested, it does offer good overall performance for its price. 

Here’s are your buying options… 


Midrange Pick 

Neato BotVac D7 

Neato D7 robot vacuum is a good midrange pick as it vacuums up dirt and dust pretty well. On average this robotic cleaner works well on low-pile carpets and rugs as compared to other similar models. It also did a good job on hardwood bare floors and collected a good amount of sand. 

Where to buy…


Other Popular Models

-iRobot Roomba 980
-iRobot Roomba 966
-Dyson V10 
-Dyson Hoover
-Cordless Vacuums Shark 
-Miele Upright Vacuum 
-Electrolux Ergorapido 
-Bissel probat 2x
-Shark Lift Away 

What a Robot Vacuum is capable of? The Pros and the Cons…

A robot vacuum will probably make your life easier as all you need to do is start the bot and let it do the rest. The latest models even return to their charging station on their own which means you don't need to worry about anything. Also, our years of research and testing tells that the best robots work well on different kind of surfaces or floor plans. They can pick up pretty much any type of dust and debris from hard floors, tiles, and carpets or rugs. 

If you are new to this concept, you must be wondering what a robot vacuum is capable of and what’s not… Well! The robot vacuums are designed and manufactured for cleaning and that’s what they do best. Due to their compact size, they can get into spots that manual cleaning tends to skip, like underneath furniture or corners. However, some people consider using a traditional vacuum for deep cleaning while others rely entirely on their bots. 

Pet owners usually gain the most from a robot vacuum cleaner as they don’t have to manually clean pet hairs from carpets or rugs or furniture as bots can clean pet hears from furniture and fibre. 

However, there are some things that robot vacuum cleaners can't do… 

The robot vacuums are not comfortable with high-pile carpets as the wheels can't get enough traction and the brushes may get jam. Secondly, bots cannot climb stairs which means they can't automatically reach into certain tight spaces upstairs or downstairs. Also, they don't work on curtains, couches, car seats, or any such thing. The robots can get stuck on stray cables or may get tangled on fabrics. 

These are a few weaknesses that every robot cleaner might have, however, each model has unique pros and cons. A good robot vacuum will navigate a room with ease and do the cleaning job brilliantly. 

Are Robot Vacuums Really Worth It? 

Robot vacuums are an autonomous device designed and manufactured to clean different types of surfaces such as heart floors and carpets of all dirt and debris. The difference between a robot vacuum and the traditional ones is the ease of use as the robots are automatic with not much manual work involved. 

Robot vacuum cleaners have come a long way since their launch and now many homeowners are discovering their advantages. But, are they worth such a shopping cost? Look at the following advantages of having one… 

-Sleek & Smart: The robot vacuums are sleek and designed to provide multiple tasks. They are smart as they remember the layout, set virtual boundaries, and find their way back to the charging station when ran out of fuel. 

-Pretty & Powerful: Apart from being looking pretty, they are loaded with features like different cleaning modes, sensors, remote control, and more. Once the machine is programmed, it is good to go which means you don’t have to worry about cleaning. 

-Contended & Convenient: Once you set it and switch it on, the robot will finish the rest of the job. No manual cleaning or help is required as the vacuum works as per the set time and boundaries. 

-No Time, No Problem: In today’s busy and overwhelming word, it is challenging to take time for cleaning. Since robot vacuums do not require manual operation, they can save you an astonishing amount of time. 

-Can Clean When You are Away: Yes, you read it right that a robotic vacuum can clean your home even when you are away on vacation, business trips, or other occasions. All you have to do is a bit of programming and scheduling. 

-Fits into Tight Spaces: It is quite difficult to sweep and mop hard-to-reach corners manually, but a robot can clean smaller places due to its compact size. These areas may include all the corners and nooks that your traditional vacuum may not able to get in. 

-Access to Own Recharging Stations: There are no cords to deal with as the latest models come with their recharging stations. It means that you do not have to deal with tangled cords or put the bot back to charging manually. 

-Great Solution for the Physically Challenged & Elderly: A robot vacuum can be an ideal solution for people with mobility issues. With its ease of use and hands-free operation, a cleaning bot can be a liberating product for physically challenged and elderly. 

-Smart Home Connectivity: With homes and appliances going smart, a robot vacuum with the ability to stay connected allows you to control it remotely with the smart device. Now, you can access your cleaning bot anytime, anywhere. 

What Features to Look for in a Robot Vacuum Cleaner? 

-Performance & Price - Most robot vacuums are loaded with features like interactive maps, invisible various, and intelligent zoning which makes them high-performing bots. However, make sure you get the best performance for the price you are paying. 

-Durability & Repairability - Though some models are designed to last long, while others may require maintenance. There's nothing like a lifetime product, so we recommend cleaning bots that can be easily repaired and come with easy-to-find replacement parts. 

-Smart & Sensors - Wi-fi and smart-home integration are two main parts of a smart robot vacuum as the features allow you to keep track of when you need to replace parts, schedule cleaning, adjust cleaning modes, etc. 

-Size & Speed - The bots that are relatively short and lightweight have an advantage over heavier ones as they can easily reach under furniture. As far as speed is concerned, speedy one will take less time to clean the entire space. 

-Noise & Navigation - If you are buying a robot vacuum to be used in a home full of kids, quieter robots will be a better choice. Another important feature you should look for is navigation efficiency that how quickly a robot can navigate and clean space. 

-Cleaning & Connectivity - You may want to choose between different cleaning modes as per your specific requirements. Furthermore, app connectivity will help you get the job done more effectively and efficiently. 

-Battery Life & Boundary Markers - A bot with great battery life is more likely to accomplish the cleaning task effectively. As far as boundary markers are concerned, you can keep your bot out of a certain area if it does not have interactive maps. 

-Dustbin - Though the size of the bin isn't extremely important unless you have a big family and heavy cleaning requirements. It is always good to go for robot vacuums with self-emptying bins so that you don't have to worry about the bin filling quickly. 


Can I Take Good Care of My Robot Vacuum at Home? 

Care & Maintenance! 

Yes, you can take care of your robot vacuum at home until and unless it does not require heavy maintenance. Here are a few simple tips steps to take good care of your cleaning bot: 

-Pick up any charging cables, laundry, or other items that may get stuck.
-Shake off the filter every few sessions and replace it every few dozen sessions. 
-Check if there are any hair wrapped around the brush roll and cut them away. 
-Keep the bearings on the brush roll, caster, and side brushes clean. 
-Use a microfibre cloth or cotton swab to wipe the sensors clean. 
-Use a can of compressed air to blow dust out of bot gears. 
-Replace parts like filters and side brushes a few times every year while the brush roll about once a year. 
-If your body breaks down, check the manufacturer or supplier to see if parts are available for replacements. 

Can I Buy Vacuums at Black Friday Deals Online? 

One of the most popular items for consumers during Black Friday is vacuum cleaners as cleaning is the main part of the holidays. If you want to buy a feature-rich vacuum cleaner without spending a fortune, holiday sales are the best time to get the best value for your money. You can find great deals on different types of vacuums including robots, uprights and sticks, canister vacuum and more

Black Friday 2020

In 2020, Thanksgiving in the United States in on Thursday that is November 26 which means that Black Friday deals begin the next day, November 27. 

You can buy your favorite vacuum at Black Friday Deals online and enjoy a great discount along with other offers. You can check out store circulars and websites for great buys on popular models such as Proscenic, iRobot, Shark, Dyson, Miele, and more. Even the big players offer many feature-rich models on discounts during Black Friday sales. 

Here are some of the best 2020 vacuum deals: 

-Miele Complete C3 Canister Vacuum 
-Dyson V11 Animal Vacuum Cleaner 
-Dyson V7 Cord-Free Vacuum 
-Shark Navigator Upright Vacuum 
-Walmart Pre-Black Friday

Check out some popular websites where you can get some great deals: 


With their ease of use and functionality, homeowners are discovering the many benefits of vacuum cleaners. But, are they worth spending a huge amount? Looking for deals and offers can be a great idea to get your favorite model at a fraction of cost. 

Why Should You Trust Me?

Vacuums are a part of our daily life because clean is hygiene. They not only help you clean dirt and debris from your floors but you can also get rid of pet hairs on your carpets, rugs, and sofas. 

But the question is… why should you trust me for my opinion regarding different vacuum models? Well! Being a writer who is passionate about writing unique and engaging content, I have researched a lot about vacuum cleaners and tested many popular models for their features and performance. Also, I have worked as an editor and edited many other vacuum guides, including robots, handheld, and other styles. 

Here are a few reasons to trust me:

-What I experience is what I write! I have visited so many homeowners using robot vacuums to check how well the cleaner works in their space. Some live in big villas while others in apartments and small houses with each place having different layout and requirements. 

-Lurked on social media posts & reviews! I believe that people who are already using the robot vacuums can provide the best and genuine feedback. That’s why I paid attention to all of the reviews, comments, emails, and tweets to better understand the vacuum game. 

-Communication is the key to success! I am the kind of person who believes in effective communication and I have talked to representatives from all the major brands. Also, I had a few sessions with robot-vacuum engineers. 


Here we answer some frequently asked questions to make it easier for you to decide whether you should go for a robot vacuum or not….

Q. How well will the bot cleaner clean dust and debris from my floors?

A. A store cannot tell you how well a robot vacuum cleaner will clean, this is where our research and testing helps. We compare different models for their cleaning capacities and other features to tell how well they perform on different surfaces and circumstances. You can check the above-mentioned models to gain a better understanding of their performance, features, and price. 

Q. How much of the floor will a robot cleaner cover? 

A. The latest bot cleaners did pretty well on cleaning a complete room with tables, chairs, carpets, low-hanging curtains, and other furniture. However, the performance may vary from one model to another as they come equipped with different technology and features. 

Q. Can robot vacuums navigate easily through obstacles? 

A. The navigation capabilities and sensors in a robot cleaner make it possible to easily get through obstacles and challenging corners. The best can navigate all of the obstacles like tables and chairs, a floor lamp, a tangle of wires, other such things with no trouble. 

Q. Is the robot vacuum cleaner easy to operate and maintain? 

A. The cleaning bots are quite easy to operate as all you need to do is program and schedule a few things to get the job done. As far as the regular maintenance is concerned, keeping it clean regularly will help extend its life. 

Q. Can bots help reduce allergens? 

A. Allergy sufferers often need to be extra careful while sweeping and mopping floors, this is where a robot vacuum can play an important role as nothing has to be done manually. Traditional methods of cleaning and dusting don't remove allergens but using bots can. 

Q. Why choose a HEPA vacuum cleaner? 

A. HEPA stands for High-Efficiency Particle Arresting and the filers of a HEPA filter are made of glass, synthetic, and cellulose layers. The design makes it easy for the vacuum to trap microscopic particles such as dust mites, animal dander, etc and this is the reason why HEPA vacuums are best to buy. 

Q. Should I buy a cleaning bot? 

A. Though it is your choice, a robotic vacuum offers many advantages over traditional ones but has some cons to just like other products. Our overall testing and ratings indicate that there is nothing wrong with investing in a robot vacuum. 

The Final Verdict 

A robot vacuum cleaner is a great addition to your home or office as it gives you an easy way to clean and save more time that you can use on things you enjoy most. There is no need to spend all of your time and energy cleaning the floors the entire day when a bot can do it for you. The good news is that you don't have to spend a fortune to get a decent robot vacuum for your particular needs. Today, most of the popular brands offer budget-friendly options to increase their audience reach across the world. Also, you can save a lot by buying your favourite product from seasonal sales like Black Friday or New Year. 

A robot vacuum cleaner is becoming a hands-down choice among homeowners as well as commercial establishments. It one of the most effective ways to reduce the amount of time and effort you spent on cleaning. The best ones might bear a higher price tag but they also come with a vast array of benefits. 

Using bots for regular cleaning can best be referred to as smart cleaning as it does much more than what an ordinary vacuum cleaner offers. A high-quality bot usually lasts at least 30 minutes that is enough to clean a modest house. It automatically resumes its vacuuming chores after self-recharging from its charging dock. 

Robots are becoming such a blessing to homeowners, bringing forth a better quality of life along with improved hygiene. However, there are a few cons that everyone has to bear with, it's still a good option to invest in a cleaning bot. One thing to be noted, the more money you spend, the more features your vacuum will come with. 

If you are looking for an ideal robot vacuum cleaner for your home or office, it is always good to read some buying guides and compare top models. With proper research and basic knowledge, you will get the best within your budget. 

Are you ready to choose a bot over your traditional vacuum?



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