Is it worth buying a Shark Vacuum Cleaner?
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By Lauren Quan | 21 August 2020 | 0 Comments

Is it Worth Buying a Shark Vacuum Cleaner?

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After performing a simple search for top vacuum cleaners, you are likely to stumble on Shark brands. And this is not because of search algorithms but rather because it is one of the most sort-after brands in this industry.
Shark vacuum provides more convenience, efficiency, and of course are multifunctional. That is you can use them on the carpet and hard floors without a hassle. From Motorhead, animal, handheld, to stick cordless vacuum cleaners, the company covers all cleaning needs.  So, let’s look at some of the most popular models.

Top Shark vacuum cleaners for 2020
  1. Shark Navigator Freestyle Upright Stick Cordless Vacuum
First on the list is this vacuum cleaner that only performs as an upright cleaner. It does not support the cleaning of high-up places and surfaces such as sofas. That said, it performs exceptionally when it comes to cleaning floors such as carpets and hardwood. Besides, it offers high suction power, as such, no particles are left on the floor.

The cordless design will allow you to move with it from room to room, and since it is lightweight, you can use it to clean your stairs. Also, it comes with two-speed modes for hard and carpet floors. Its dust bin is extra-large thus can accommodate more dirt. Therefore, you don’t need to empty it constantly.

The batteries are removable and rechargeable. This means you’ll rarely experience interrupted cleaning. The best part? It does not take long to charge them fully. And thanks to the swivel steering feature, you’ll have an easy time cleaning around furniture and corners. While it lacks LED lights to trace particles, its suction power will capture even the minutest particle.

The low profile design allows the vacuum cleaner to reach under furniture spaces. This eliminates potential breeding grounds for mosquitoes, spiders, and other insects. So, if you are into upright vacuum cleaners, then this Shark model will do the trick.
  1. Shark UltraCyclone Pet Pro Handheld Vacuum Cleaner 
Shark also manufactures handheld vacuum cleaners that perform as good as to stick cleaners. Although small and compact in design, this handheld provides high suction power for seamless cleaning of your couch, bed, car seats, and other surfaces. You can also use it to vacuum curtains and high-up places.

It also comes with a long-life filter system that does not need constant maintenance. All you have to do is wash it at least once a month. It comes in a lightweight design so you can clean your surfaces with minimal strain. Besides, the ergonomic handle will provide you a comfortable grip.

The dirt cup is large enough to handle even intense cleaning. It is also easy to empty the dirt without touching it since all you have to do is press the release button and the cup will empty itself. You can use it to clean delicate surfaces such as glass tables and other furniture.

It is an exceptional vacuum for quick cleaning given its powerful suction, long-lasting batteries, and ease of use. So, is you are looking for an efficient handheld vacuum cleaner, this Shark model is what you need. Besides, it comes in a pocket-friendly price ideal for homes on a budget.
  1. Shark VACMOP Pro Cordless Hard Floor Vacuum Mop
What about a vacuum cleaner that also acts as a mop? Well, that’s what this cordless vacuum offers you. It is specifically meant for hard floors. Thanks to its spray mop feature, it cleans simple and tough spills without a fuss. And the suction is powerful such that no particle can escape capture. It leaves your hardwood floor shiny and clean.

With the powerful LED lights, you can trace hidden debris in dark corners and under furniture spaces. Also, the low profile construction allows you to clean under furniture without moving it around. It comes with a magnetic charger that offers easy charging. It is lightweight with an approximate weight of 5 pounds.

Another highlight is that you do not need to clean or replace the filter system. Just dispose of the pad. When it comes to emptying the bin, just press the release button. This offers a hygienic way to dispose of dirt. The mop spray is powerful such that it cleans stains that are hard to remove with hand cleaning.

If you are looking for a mop vacuum, then settle for this model. You’ll enjoy the long runtime, easy maneuverability, powerful suction, and more. However, avoid using it on carpet floors.
  1. Shark WV201 WANDVAC Handheld Vacuum
This yet another handheld vacuum cleaner that performs exceptionally. Unlike the UltraCyclone Pet Pro model, this comes with a crevice tool that allows you to reach particles lodged in tight spaces such as cracks, car seats, and others. It also features powerful suction to capture pet hair and dander.

It affords you hygienic bin emptying thanks to an easy-to-press release button that mitigates contact with the dirt. The power buttons are also placed strategically near the fingertips so you can easily control the speed of the suction section. And, the cleaner is lightweight allowing you to move with it around and also clean high-up places.

It has a brushless motor that mitigates constant maintenance while offering exceptional suction power. It is also easy to use since all you need to do is switch it on and you are set to go. The charging dock offers fast charging for quick clean-ups. It also acts as its storage area. Moreover, it features a compact design reducing the required storage space.

The high capacity cup bin will allow you to use it for long. This handheld vacuum will perform exceptionally when it comes to average cleaning. And as all Shark vacuums, it features a long-lasting battery.
  1. Shark ION F80 Lightweight Cordless
Last on the list is this lightweight cordless vacuum cleaner that offers dual cleaning modes. You can use it for your carpet or hardwood floor. To ensure exceptional cleaning, it features two-speed modes for each floor type.

It comes with powerful suction that captures dirt, dust, debris, pet hair, and dander.

It affords you up to 80 minutes runtime without interruption which is ideal for small to medium spaces in your house. The low profile design will enable you to reach surfaces under furniture and thanks to the motorized brush head, it can reach particles lodged inside the carpet.

With the provided crevice tool, you can capture particles in hard to reach places such as car seats, cracks, and between décor. This means that you’ll be in a position to remove 99.9% of all particles in your home. It is also easy to use since it comes with easy to reach well-labeled buttons.

It comes with a removable dirt cup that can hold dirt until the 80 minutes are through. So, if you are looking for an efficient Shark vacuum cleaner, you can opt for this model.

The best part about Shark vacuum cleaners is that they come at a pocket-friendly price. Likewise, Proscenic vacuums are also highly efficient, versatile, easy to use, and of course affordable. One of Proscenic popular cordless vacuum is the
P10 model.

Wrap up
This model features most of the must-have cleaning features such as powerful suction, flexible brush head, crevice tool, and a soft brush. Unlike Shark models, this type can clean ultra-delicate surfaces thanks to the soft brush.

It comes with a touch screen that allows you to intuitively adjust settings and also keep an eye on the battery’s power level. Also, the easy-to-reach buttons ensure that you can control the vacuum without much hassle.  You can also use it on carpets and hard floors with ease. The motorized head offers high suction power for quick cleaning.

As you can see, the P10 offers all convenience that Shark vacuums afford you and more. So, the next time you
want to buy a vacuum cleaner, settle for the versatile and cost-effective cleaner.


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