Dyson V8 vs V11, Do You Know the Differences?
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By Lauren Quan | 20 August 2020 | 0 Comments

Dyson V8 vs V11, Do You Know the Differences?

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Are you looking for a permanent cleaning solution? Your search for the best cordless vacuum cleaner ends here as we have a perfect solution for you. Trending in the market are the dyson vacuum cleaner , with Dyson V8 and V11 in the lead.

Now the question arises that What is the Difference between Dyson V8 and Dyson V11? We shall discuss it for your convenience.

Dyson has made its name in the vacuum industry. For years its products are ruling people’s homes and hearts. It manufactures a variety of products including lights, hairdryers, hand dryers, vacuum cleaners, purifiers, bladeless fans, etc.
The company strives to provide users with innovative products that add beauty and elegance to your home. Every year Dyson successfully launches new vacuum cleaners which are far better than the previous models. You can easily decide among the models considering your needs and requirements of cleaning.

Here we are going to do a comparison between Dyson V8 vs V11. 

Comparison between Dyson v8 and v11
Both models are 2 in 1 vacuum cleaners. The main difference in their design is in the assembly of parts. 
In V8, extension wand intersects the motor and dustbin at a perpendicular angle. It is lighter in weight and functions with versatility. It is designed featuring Archimedes’ principle which enables it to be lifted for high cleaning.
While in V11, dustbin rotates at a 90-degree angle which provides an in-line assembly. 

Digital screen:
Dyson V8 does not have a digital screen feature. 
Dyson V11 has a digital screen behind the handheld motor which shows data about battery life, power mode, etc. 

Suction power:
V8 has a maximum suction power of 115 AW which enables it to deep cleanse your house in a very short time. It can easily collect ground-in debris and filthy particles.
While the maximum suction power of V11 is 185 AW. The reason for the high suction power of V11 is its inline assembly. It has an adjustable suction mode for different floor types. Along with sucking micro dust and bacterial particles of 0.3 microns, it is also designed to purify the air we breathe in.

Digital motor:
The revolution of Dyson V8 digital motor is 108,000 rpm. This speed is considered 5 times faster than a Formula One car engine. It is capable of generating 115 AW energy for extremely powerful suction.

The Dyson V11’s Hyperdymium motor can spin at 125,000 rpm. This is double suction power than any of the cordless vacuum cleaners available in the market.
Cleaning head:
Dyson V8 is available with Direct Drive cleaning head or fluffy cleaning head. Though it can be used to clean all sorts of surfaces like walls, carpets, sofas, etc. 
Dyson V11 comes with Torque Drive cleaning head which is quite similar to Direct Drive head of V8 but with 20% more suction power. The torque head administrates the brush bar resistance. This feature enables the cleaning head to work easily on all floor types with auto adjustable suction modes.

Dustbin volume:
The dustbin of Dyson V11 (0.74 L) is bigger than Dyson V8 dustbin (0.54 L), that's why it can collect more debris than V8. It prolongs the working time of the V11 model. The dustbins are transparent and can be emptied with a single click. No more worries about getting your hands and clothes dirty while emptying the bin. 

Some pros and cons of Dyson v8 and Dyson v11 are discussed below:

Dyson V8
● Lightweight and flexible. 
● Transforms into a handheld cleaning device in just one click. 
● Easily clean corners of your house
● 40 minutes non-stop runtime. 
● Powerful suction with v8 digital motor. 
● Can capture up to 0.3 microns dust particles. 
● 0.54 L dustbin is attached. 
● Hygienic bin emptying feature. 
● Quiet working. 
● Lesser Battery time
● Battery charging time is high
● Heavier than other models 
● Less cleaning efficiency than V11

Dyson V11
● High torque head with DLS technology to sweep floors of all kinds. 
● LCD is installed which displays performance and run time. 
● It has twice suction power than any other cordless vacuum cleaner. 
● Sealed filtration system and HEPA filters to trap 99.9% of the dust. 
● Powerful suction with in-line configuration. 
● Carpet cleaning is appropriate in all modes.
● Absorbs vibrations to dampen sound. 
● Transformable handheld device in one click. 
● 0.77 L large dustbin is attached.
● V11 is the latest model in the Dyson V-series. 
● 60 minutes runtime. 
● It is the heaviest of all the Dyson stick models. 
● No swappable battery
● High torque head causes scattering of debris in low power modes. 
● No accessory bag is attached. 
● Expensive than other Dyson vacuum models. 
We recommend Dyson V11 over the V8 model. Because Dyson V11 is the latest model with the most advanced technologies. Although it is a bit expensive than Dyson V8 because of its high efficiency and more accurate cleaning it is worth buying.
Moreover, it has a longer run time than the Dyson V8 model. And it takes less time to recharge than V8. Dyson V11 is preferred because of the deep cleaning of carpets, it has various suction modes to clean different kinds of surfaces. 

Proscenic P10 cordless vacuum cleaner:
Proscenic P10 is a cordless vacuum cleaner with great suction capacity with a total net weight of 2.2 kgs. It can be easily lifted or moved around with a single hand. It can develop 22000 Pa powerful suction, which can easily suck animal hair, debris and dust particles from the floor and carpets.

The suction power can be adjusted on four different modes. The first speed is to clean visible dust, the second speed is to clean fine particles and pet hair from carpets. The third speed is to collect larger particles while the fourth one is to suck microscopic dust and bacterial particles and do deep cleansing.
A new technology is seen in this vacuum cleaner- it is equipped with a V-turbine floor brush. Such vacuums have dual brushes, one of them is hard while the other is soft. This combination aids in better and deep cleaning. The cleaning gets easy even in darkness due to the presence of 4 light indicators. 
Proscenic Pro 10 comes with a transparent, built-in dustbin which is easy to disassemble anytime. It is equipped with a turbo 3.0 brushless motor of extreme power for extreme operations. It has a powerful suction of 22000 Pa.  It comes with a useful LCD through which you can control Power Levels, Power Suction, On/Off Switch and details about error codes etc.

Proscenic Pro 10 is such an advanced gadget that it comes with a 4-layer filtration system. Cyclone dust, Steel mesh filtration, sponge filtration, and Hepa filtration. These layers can work wonders in filtering the debris and eliminating all secondary pollution created by traditional machines. They also ensure deep and neat cleansing. 
Proscenic Pro 10 is powered by rechargeable Lithium batteries. Its working time depends upon the model used, but can be up to 50 minutes with a cleaning area of 260 square meters. And it takes 2-3 hours to charge completely. It has an installed fault sensing system. This system detects all problems or issues with any part of the gadget and notifies the user urgently.

● Powerful suction. 
● It can support multiple batteries. 
● The LCD touchscreen is quite a feature. 
● Easy maintenance.
● High-speed vacuum cleaner. 
● Different kinds of brushes to clean every corner. 
● Eco-friendly. 
● Noiseless operation. 
● Short battery timing when used at Max power mode. 
Proscenic products are reliable and long-lasting. Proscenic P10 promises an extraordinary experience for customers. It has all attributes of an ideal cordless vacuum cleaner. It is highly recommended that you should buy this vacuum cleaner, once you use it you will never forget it.


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