8 Best Commercial Vacuum Cleaner 2020
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By Joey | 14 August 2020 | 0 Comments

8 Best Commercial Vacuum Cleaner 2020

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                       8 Best Commercial Vacuum Cleaner 2020 

Commercial vacuum cleaners should clean all types of surfaces in your home compound whether dry or wet. Talking of the Commercial Vacuum Cleaner X8 series or the industrial heavy vacuum cleaner? All should be selected with great considerations to their features. 

Commercial vacuum cleaners are intended to run for longer hours compared to the residential vacuum cleaners. But if you a looking for the best commercial vacuum cleaner 2020, buying one that can trap pet hair, weighs less, purifies the polluted air and filters over 99.9% of the dust in your room would definitely give you better results.

The vacuum cleaner market is densely saturated with all types, shapes and styles of cleaners. If you are a first-time buyer, choosing one that best suits you can be extremely confusing. To help you emerge victorious in this daunting task, you'll learn the following:

Part 1:  Things To Consider When Select Commercial Vacuum Cleaner   

Part 2: The Best Commercial Vacuum Cleaner 2020, and 

Part 3: Where to Buy the Best Commercial Vacuum Cleaner 

Things To Consider When Select Commercial Vacuum Cleaner:  Buying Guide  

Anyone can buy any item provided you can read. However, as a consumer, you have to buy a product that best satisfies your needs. This section is dedicated to enlightening you on the things you should consider when selecting the best commercial vacuum cleaner.

They include:
Type of the commercial vacuum cleaner  
There are many different types of commercial vacuum cleaners today. Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages. There are upright vacuum cleaners, which are the most common and more purchased. On the other hand, the backpack vacuum cleaner worn on the shoulders may be good if you are cleaning small surfaces but not fit for cleaning motels and other larger spaces. Other types include the canister vacuum cleaner, battery vacuum cleaners and tank vacuums.
The size and types of surfaces to clean  
Different vacuums have different weights, brushes, wide cleaning areas and different suction power. First, determine the size and types of surfaces to clean and then carefully read all the specifications of the vacuums available and you'll know which best suits your circumstances.

An easy to maintain vacuum should top your shopping list. And why should you buy a machine that would always need an expert whenever a small problem arises? Read the user manual to know how complex the vacuum cleaner is in relation to your experience.

Noise level of the vacuum cleaner 
Picture this: Suppose you intend to use the commercial vacuum cleaner to clean offices whose occupants are busy analysts and accounts. To put in another way, how much noise would be suitable in a room with a small baby? Again, the sound of the vacuum indicated in (dB) should be as low as possible. 

Cleaning frequency 
Some of the commercial vacuum cleaners already in the market cannot withstand a two-hour cleaning job. Just look at the quality of the brushes, motor rating and tank capacity and you guess whether you can clean for two continuous hours. 

8 Best Commercial Vacuum Cleaner  

Product Name    Weight    Sound Rating    Recommended Surface
1    Hoover Commercial CH32008    10.75 lbs    62 dB    Hard floor and carpets
2    Shark Navigator NV356E    13.7 pounds    Low    Hard floor and carpets
3    Shark Navigator DLX     20 pounds    Low    Hard floor 
4    Black+ Decker Dustbuster    Lightweight    Low    Multi-surface
5    Bissell BigGreen  Vacuum 
    12 pounds Low Hard floor, dual floors and carpets
6    Shark Rotator Vacuum (nv501) Lightweight Low Hard floor and carpets
7    Bissell Air Ram Vacuum Lightweight  Low Hard floor, carpets, Dual Action 
8    Proscenic P10
    Extra Lightweight Low Hard floor, furniture and carpets

1.Hoover Commercial CH32008 Hush Tone Vacuum  

The extra-long 50" cord takes away the use batteries that would require frequent replacements and thus extra costs. And in case the cord is damaged, it's easy to replace.  As one of the best hoover commercial vacuums, the Hush Mode makes it perfect for cleaning in busy places without disrupting other people. Its sound level is rated at 62dB.  
The HEPA filter made with HEPA media can trap 99.97% of the dust, pollen and microns below 0.3 microns. This 9 L canister vacuum cleaner weighs 10.75 lbs. It's therefore lightweight thus qualifying as a good commercial vacuum cleaner.

2.Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional NV356E    

Whether cleaning a bare floor or a fluffy carpet, Shark Navigator will best vacuum any particle present. Running at an only 120 volts, your electricity bill will be at the bare minimum. Just as the name suggests (Lift-Away), you can carry it to whichever place you want to clean as it weighs 13.7 pounds. 
Even though the dust cup capacity is small- 2.2 quarts, it’s easy to empty and resume work. The Anti-Allergen Complete Seal is designed to capture 99.9% of the allergens and dirt in one cleaning session.

3.Shark Navigator DLX  

As an upright vacuum cleaner with Brushroll Shutoff, you can use it clean bare floor as well as deep carpet cleaning. Shark Navigator DLX weighs 15.2 pounds and has an extra-large dust cup container thus allowing large cleaning area without getting tired or emptying the dust cup.
For easy navigation around the furniture and other obstacles in the cleaning area, it has a Swivel Steering, which is comfortable to handle. This Gold/Silver vacuum cleaner comes with an Anti-Allergen Seal and HEPA Filter that traps 99.9% of dust, dirt and allergens.

4.Black+ Decker Dustbuster   

If you are looking for a commercial vacuum cleaner that can clean every part of your house with mush ease Black+ Decker Dustbuster Cordless vacuum cleaner is the tool to use.  The Lithium technology deployed allows it to have a strong suction power and fade-free power. The hand handle has switches well-aligned at the fingertips thus giving the best user experience.

Its lightweight nature coupled with a comfortable handle makes it the most portable and effective hand vac for commercial purposes. This Dustbusters’ most parts are removable and washable which makes it an easy to maintain vacuum cleaner.

5.Bissell BigGreen Commercial  Vacuum Cleaner       

This low budget vacuum cleaner is modelled to appear like a stick vacuum cleaner a factor that makes it light and more effective. It cleans both hard floors and carpets very well. Whether short or tall, anybody can use it with much ease- thanks to its 5 position height adjustments.

Image the surface you can clean in one session with a vacuum whose cleaning path is 13” and the power cord 30”. This is what Bissell BigGreen Commercial Vacuum cleaner can do. 

6.Shark Rotator Professional Lift-Away Vacuum (nv501)        

This is probably the best upright-corded vacuum cleaner that is extremely easy to operate and maintain. Its extendable nozzle plus the dynamic swivel steering will allow you to clean every part of your home. You can maneuver this tool to whichever area you want. The HEPA filter helps improve the air in every area you clean.

Talk of suction power and you’ll find Shark Rotator Professional nv501 to have the highest among the lift-away category of vacuum cleaners. Be it carpets, wooden floors or tiles, no dust nor allergen on these surfaces will not be sucked into the 1.3 quarts dust cup.

7.Bissell Air Ram Cordless Vacuum Cleaner      

Bissell Air Ram is among the best versatile cordless vacuum cleaners. This is due to its sturdy compact design, extendable handle and a multi-surface brush roll. The LED lights produce enough light to illuminate under the furniture and dark hidden corners. Also, it's fitted with an easy-to-empty dirt bin and a high energy Lithium-ion battery that gives a runtime of 40 minutes.
You can clean both hard floors and carpets. The collapsible handle makes it to maneuver under the chairs and other low profile obstacles.

8.Proscenic P10           

If you want the most powerful vacuum cleaner, Proscenic p10 is the best commercial vacuum cleaner to go for. 
Here is why;
a.It has four adjustable power modes which are easy to operate from the comfort of your figure tips.
b.22000pa suction power(Max) which allows it to suction small, medium and large particles.
c.Removable high power rated LG Lithium-ion battery (2200 Am) that powers the Proscenic p10 for 45 minutes.
d.Tangle-free rool that makes it easy to clean every corner and section of the house.

              Where To Buy The Best Commercial Vacuum Cleaner 

Our experts only recommend two places if you want to buy a commercial vacuum cleaner that suits your needs. They include,

Amazon is the most popular place anyone would wish to buy any kind of product.  The only two main disadvantages associated with this site are anybody can sell which often leads to low standard products and lack of expertise in the products sold. 

Proscenic may not be the ideal site if you are buying other items besides vacuum cleaners, home appliances and humidifiers. Proscenic.com is the only place where you should buy the best commercial vacuum cleaner. Every item sold is tested and verified to ensure it meets the highest international standards. Therefore, the Proscenic P10 from Proscenic.com is our recommended commercial vacuum cleaner.

The Commercial Vacuum Cleaner X 8 commonly known as the Sebo Automatic x8 Commercial Upright Vacuum cleaner has been in the market for some time now. Even though it has been applauded for its efficiency, the Proscenic P10 outweighs it in many aspects and thus remains the customer’s choice.


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