The Comparison Between Dyson V7 Motorhead and Shark Rocket Pro
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By Lauren Quan | 13 August 2020 | 0 Comments

The Comparison Between Dyson V7 Motorhead and Shark Rocket Pro

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There exist several vacuum developers and sellers, among them being the Dyson vacuum developers and Shark vacuum developers. Both have developed various vacuum cleaners that are best and with different characteristics and features. 

For instance, Dyson Vacuum developers have many vacuum cleaners that are heavy duty in performance but lightweight and versatile for day to day use. Dyson also develops corded upright vacuum cleaners with powerful suction and high maneuverability. For whole-home deep cleaning, Dyson gives the best.

Shark, on the other hand, develops high-quality vacuum cleaners of any kind. You can have shark robot vacuums, corded vacuums, upright vacuums, cordless vacuums, and vacuum cleaner parts and accessories. 

Dyson V7 Motorhead
Dyson V7 Motorhead is a handheld vacuum cleaner that weighs only 5.45 lbs, which makes it comfortable for you to carry it along without being fatigued. Being of small size, Dyson V7 Motorhead can easily maneuver through your high traffic floor.

Dyson V7 Motorhead is designed to operate as both the stick vacuum cleaner and a handheld vacuum cleaner. It comes with a wand that you use when you want to clean above-floor surfaces like the ceilings and when you remove the wand, it becomes effective when cleaning your car, floor, or sofas.

In terms of performance, Dyson V7 Motorhead has an outstanding performance. It offers you a fade-free 30 minutes of suction power. It makes use of a smart direct-drive motorhead and Lithium-ion battery to achieve its great suction power.

Dyson V7 Motorhead performs the cleaning exercise quietly, providing a favorable environment for you to watch even a movie while it is in operation.

 Dyson V7 Motorhead is built in a low profile, a feature that allows it to give you excellent performance even on tight points like under furniture.

According to the Dyson sellers, the price of the Dyson V7 Motorhead goes at $ 279.49.

  • It is relatively cheap compared to other Dyson models
  • Built-in good quality
  • Impressive Suction power
  • Lightweight thus high maneuverability
  • Good battery life
  • It has a non-removable filter
  • It is not suitable for hard floors

Shark Rocket Pro Stick Vacuum Cleaner
Shark Rocket Pro is one of the vacuum cleaners developed by Shark that gives a combined deep-cleaning suction as well as a self-cleaning brush roll that comes with dirt engage. It is lightweight enough to allow you to vacuum both your floor and ceiling.

Shark Rocket Pro is a stick cordless vacuum cleaner. Being designed without a cord, this makes it more versatile and mobile enough to be taken anywhere. Shark Rocket Pro Stick Vacuum Cleaner is also designed to fit in above-floor cleaning with an upholstery and vacuuming shelves. Its also designed in a way that you can fit a crevice tool onto it to aid in cleaning tight places.

Shark Rocket Pro Stick Vacuum Cleaner also has a high capacity dirt canister designed to empty by one touch.

On performance, Shark Rocket Pro Stick Vacuum Cleaner works amazingly. It is equipped with the Dirt Engage Brushroll that digs deep into carpets to ensure that any dirt deeply embedded on carpets is pulled off. With the Dirt Engage Technology, Shark Rocket Pro Stick Vacuum Cleaner will make sure it engages any dirt on your floor. It also comes with a high suction power that guarantees you high standard performance.

To boost performance, Shark Rocket Pro Stick Vacuum Cleaner is powered by a Lithium-ion battery that gives you up to 40 continuous working minutes. You can also fast charge the battery for the next cleaning exercise.

According to the Amazon online shopping platform, Shark Rocket Pro Stick Cordless Vacuum Cleaner comes with a price of $ 219.

Shark Rocket Pro Stick Cordless Vacuum Cleaner comes with various accessories that guarantee you excellent cleaning. The included accessories include the pet multi-tool and the crevice tool. Shark Rocket Pro Stick Cordless Vacuum Cleaner is also designed to accommodate more accessories like the mini-powered brush and mini motor brush that you can buy separately.

  • It comes with a superb suction power that is efficient for carpeted floors, hard floors, and pet hair cleaning.
  • Shark Rocket Pro Stick Cordless Vacuum Cleaner is safe as it has an anti-allergen filter system that makes it safe for in case you are allergic.
  • Anti-hair design
  • It comes with a removable battery that allows you to use a spare battery
  • Shark Rocket Pro Stick Cordless Vacuum Cleaner comes with powerful LED headlights that allow easy cleaning of dark points
  • It has a wide cleaning path, a feature that allows you to make a few passes cleaning a large area.
  • It cannot stand on its own
  • In high traffic homes, the dustbin may not be efficient.

Now, how does Dyson v7 motorhead relate with the Shark rocket Pro stick vacuum cleaner?

Cleaner Heads
Both the Dyson V7 motorhead and Shark Rocket Pro vacuum cleaners have motorheads, but a difference comes on the type of brushes they use. Dyson V7 makes use of a brush roll with two rows bristles that is small and lightweight while Shark Rocket Pro uses a large and heavy brush roll. The brush roll has a comb-like device that helps in removing hair.

Shark Rocket Pro is heavier than the Dyson V7. Shark Rocket Pro weighs around 7.3lbs while the Dyson V7 weighs about 5.45lbs.

Both Shark Rocket Pro and Dyson V7 vacuum cleaners don’t have a stand that they can use to stand on their own. But the Dyson V7 comes with a wall mount that you can use to hang it after use.

Shark Rocket Pro is louder compared to the Dyson V7 vacuum cleaner. The noise level depends on the suction power you are operating on. For instance, the Shark Rocket Pro produces 74.2 decibels in standard mode and 75.1 decibels while operating in the max power mode. The V7 produces 68.2 decibels while on standard mode and 70.9 Decibels while on the max mode.

Battery Run Time
There is a variation in battery run times of the two vacuum cleaners depending on the mode they are operating on. On the standard power mode, Shark Rocket Pro runs for 18 continuous minutes while the Dyson V7 runs for 23 minutes. While in max power mode Shark Rocket Pro works continuously for 10 minutes while the Dyson V7 operates for 6 minutes.

Recharge Time
Both Shark Rocket Pro’s battery and the Dyson V7 vacuum cleaner’s battery takes three and a half hours to recharge fully.

The two vacuums have great performance on different floors, but Shark Rocket Pro is a bit efficient in operation. In terms of picking up dirt, Shark Rocket Pro picks around 99.9% of the available dirt while Dyson V7 picks about 99.3% of the available dirt.

Recommended Vacuum Cleaner
Among the available vacuum cleaners in the market, the best is the Proscenic P10 cordless vacuum cleaner. You will enjoy its service because of its four suction powers ranging from the lowest being 6500 Pa and the maximum mode being 22000 Pa. you are free to adjust between the modes depending on the floor your vacuuming. The high suction power is achieved by the use of a powerful brushless motor that runs at a speed of 11000 revolutions per minute.

Proscenic P10 cordless vacuum cleaner has a mini motorized brush that serves to clear off the dust from surfaces like beds, pillows, and sofas. It is further equipped with a round brush that is ideal in dealing with pet hair.

The problem with many vacuums is that they are powered by a battery that will require regular recharging, something that may be annoying in case you have a large room to clean. However, this is not the case with Proscenic P10 cordless vacuum cleaner; it is powered by a removable 2200mALG Lithium-ion Battery that offers you a continuous suction power of up to 45 minutes.

In case you need Proscenic P10 cordless vacuum cleaner, don’t hesitate to visit its developers and sellers; the is a vacuum developer and seller online shopping platform. They believe in quality, and that is what they deliver for you. Visit them today and access the top-ranked vacuum cleaners with much-discounted prices.



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