The Best Robot Vacuums of 2020
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By Joey | 12 August 2020 | 0 Comments

The Best Robot Vacuums of 2020

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           The Best Robot Vacuums of 2020

Robot vacuum cleaners are the major breakthrough in the home appliances. Having practical hands-free use, it's the favorite machine for everyone. Homeowners always recommend buying a robot vacuum cleaner, but are they really worth it considering which one to buy and how much to spend.
Are robotic vacuums worth the money?
Almost everyone nowadays is busy with their jobs and family, and they hardly find time to look after other things. Rooms, floors, carpets get dirty. Having an infant justifies it because they are the ones to spread mess all around. Wired vacuum cleaners were always a hassle for people. First, you switch it in a socket, and if the wire is too short or too long for the place you want to vacuum, it was a problem. Now with the advancement in technology, robot vacuum cleaner the best option for most of the people as it cleans the area with a single command and precisely. So, it's safe to say that the robot vacuum is a safe investment.


This machine is the best of all for people with big homes and a more prominent family. Cleaning has never been more natural before. No matter if one is having guests to visit or having a house party. No matter how much dirt and debris, the cleaning brush will remove all the pet hairs. Shark IQ will clean it all as it got a dustbin, which stores waste up to 30 days. So, forget about changing the trash as compared to other local robot vacuum cleaners in which dustbin needs to be replaced after every vacuum. With this, you need to install the dustbin once and forget about it for 30 days. Now select the area of your home you want to clean by mapping the whole house and giving voice commands through Alexa or Google Assistant.
The negatives of this vacuum cleaner are that it is deafening. It is not suitable for people who love silence. If you are fond of silence, you should not go for this machine.
Shark IQ starts from $299.99 on Amazon.
  1. Noiseless as compared to other machines.
  2. Tracks the movement and maps your home.
  3. Vacuums all types of floors.
  4. Compact size, does not takes a lot of space.
  5. Can be connected to Wi-Fi and voice assistants such as Alexa and Google Assistant.
  6. Comes with a dustbin that can automatically empty itself.
  7. Self-Charge.

iRobot Roomba 960


iRobot Roomba is like the smart version of all the vacuum cleaners out there. It has all the functionalities available; you name it. This vacuum cleaner cleans all the dirt and debris in three ways, first, it loosens, then it lifts itself and sucks all the mud like this vacuum knows what to do and what not. With the multi brush system, it grabs the dirt and debris, and auto-adjust adjusts its height to the level where it cleans carpet and floor effectively leaving no area dirty.
This vacuum has inbuilt dirt sensors that directs it to clean harder on the surface with more dirt and debris, and it does not stop until it cleans spots of these kinds. These sensors also navigate the robot to slide under furniture and beds to clean better and accurate. No wonder it is the smart version of vacuum cleaners out there. Wi-Fi connection with voice commands and all the goodies are available in this machine. So, connect it to your mobile phone or give voice commands and let it clear everything out. It's not even noisy, no wonder it is admired by many people and recommended by many too.
iRobot Roomba is available on Amazon.
  1. 1600 Pa suction strength.
  1. Smart navigation system.
  2. Remote control
  3. Efficient and intelligent
  4. Effortless setup
  5. Good for rugs and wood

Roborock E35:

Roborock E35 is the most economical and user-friendly vacuum cleaner out there. It is used in small offices and small-sized homes. It has comparatively high specs than the mid-range vacuums, but there is a contrast in price also. So, it is a high-end vacuum. If you don't want to spend all your money on a vacuum-like Roomba, the best vacuum cleaner is Roborock E35. Considering its price bracket.
As compared to the features, it has all the goodies one vacuum needs but also the higher end vacuums like Roomba. It does a great job on carpets, rugs, floors and basic stuff to get the home clean.
If we talk about the battery, it is a lithium-ion 5200 mAh battery, with a maximum of 150 minutes operation which is more than enough for a small space such as office and home. You can leave it on and it will get the job done. The sensors lookout for the hurdles so it cannot bump into extra objects while cleaning the room.
Its brushes have different sizes for different purposes, such as debris sweeper, vacuum cleaning. The dust bin is easy to open and gets most of the dirt in it if you compare it with other vacuums of this price bracket it can store most of the debris while other need to be emptied out after some time.
Roborock E35 is a good deal maker as if you are looking for a budget vacuum cleaner and cannot afford bigger machines like Roomba or Goovi, then this is the best option for you.
  1. High end Machine.
  1. Cleans home automatically.
  2. Fully controlled cleaning.
  3. Low profile.
  4. Cleans out rugs, carpets, wooden floor and tiles.
  5. Brushes of all kinds.

Roborock S4:

In the world full of Roomba robots, the Roborock S4 is the best budget robot with the same goodies and features like Roomba robot. But is it even worth it to try? This machine starts at $220. This robot like the other flagships returns to its base for charging after cleaning out the home. The most interesting thing is, when you buy Roborock S4, you get more accessories as compared to other vacuums.
Its 13.8 x 13.7 x 3.8 inches having a weight of 14.42 Lbs. The best thing about this vacuum is the cleaning time. Its runtime is more than 100 minutes so you can figure it out if you need to clean the bottom floor of your home which could be 1500 square feet, it can do it without any hassle.
There are different modes to select from in this machine. For example, Edge cleaning mode cleans the edges of the home. Maximum power mode cleans the home but increases the suction power of the vacuum it can be of great use if you are having a party or after the party it can clean the dust and debris with greater power. The most interesting mode of them all is a timed mode, this mode sets the time. If you want your vacuum to clean the home after lunch let's say, at 3:00PM, just set the timer and let it do its job.
It comes with a remote. There are buttons on the remote for all the 6 modes mentioned above. Buttons for the machine to return to its base for charging, pause the vacuum and so on.
One of the best features of this machine is the side brushes that are able to clean the corner of the home which other vacuums in this price range are not able to do. Roombas only has one side brush which is not a effective as this one. The sensors do a great job for not falling down the stairs and not bumping into furniture with full speed, rather it bumps softly.
  1. Fast and efficient
  2. Quiet
  3. Lots of modes to select from
  4. Accurate sensors help in maintaining pace.

Roborock S5:

Pure Clean is a full machine with very high end specs. It is the kind of robot that will do the work in small as well as large places like kitchens or TV lounge or a small home. It has a total of 150 minutes run time with its lithium-ion battery and has a 2.9" low profile to clean the smallest of the bit. It has anti-fall sensors which detect the gap between the stairs and floors.
It's dual rotating brushes first removes the debris coming along the way, and then it sucks all the dirt and debris making the work easier. The cleaner has a two-way air passing system making the task easier and passing the dirt directly into the dustbin. The pet hair does not get clogged into the filter either.
The robot adjusts itself according to the map of the home and returns to its default position once done with work.
  1. Best navigation
  2. 200Pa strong suction
  3. Has a powerful app to control the robot
  4. Ultra high 5200 battery

Proscenic M7 Pro:

Proscenic M7 Pro is the most powerful and intelligent vacuum ever to exist. Its design is very compact that it can adjust in the most complicated corner of the home, making it easier to clean everything. With its 1600 Pa powerful suction, it cleans dirt, debris and crumbs quickly leaving no trace behind.  It is ideal for wood surfaces and other surfaces. Easy to use remote control and auto clean at one click.
Proscenic M7 Pro is an intelligent machine, and it returns to charging point when the battery is low—making it ready to use with a fully charged battery. So, the battery is never an issue for people who use Proscenic M7 Pro.
Proscenic M7 Pro's compact design makes it easier to glide under sofas and beds and clean thoroughly without any complications. The powerful suction sucks almost everything, even from the carpet. Those large wheels like to go everywhere like rugs, carpet, wooden floors and tiles. Everything can be cleaned easily.
For the price, the best of the best option is Proscenic M7 Pro. This product is value for money as it has almost everything an ideal robot vacuum cleaner needs.

Pros of proscenic M7 Pro:
  1. Covered with 24 sensors, it can handle the complex environment without effort.
  2. Scans and maps your house in all degrees intelligently, learns the shape of your house and the location of the obstacles, then plan the best cleaning path and clean one by one without any omission.
  3. Automatically increases suction power to the max mode when a carpet is detected, to ensure a thorough cleaning on the carpet.
  4. Upgraded Suction Power:Installed with 17.7cm suction inlet, powered with 2700Pa in max.
  5. It comes with a big dust bin and a water tank, you can choose to sweep, mop, or sweep and mop synchronously. 
  6. The robot vacuum will return to charge automatically when the battery gets low.
  7. Able to climb a height of 2cm step.
  8. Automatically remove dust from the robot's dust bin.
  9. The robot vacuum can be controlled by Alexa&Google Assistant


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