5 Affordable cordless vacuum under 200USD in 2020
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By Lauren Quan | 12 August 2020 | 0 Comments

5 Affordable Cordless Vacuum under 200USD in 2020

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Well, a premium vacuum cleaner does not have to cost an arm and a leg. If you are on a budget and want to buy an efficient vacuum, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we will be looking at some of the best cordless vacuums under $200.

Like expensive ones, these cleaners offer exceptional cleaning, are easy to maintain, and consume less energy. They’ll leave you space clean and healthy. But first, let’s highlight why a vacuum cleaner is an essential accessory in your house.

Why you need a vacuum cleaner
So, why do you have to buy a vacuum while you can do the cleaning with your hands? Well, let’s find out!
  • Capture pet hair
Just imagine trying to capture every pet hair on the carpet with your hands or a rug. Daunting, right? This is where a vacuum comes in. vacuum cleaners feature powerful suction that captures all pet hair and dander. Furthermore, they feature tough bristles that capture pet hair trapped inside the carpet. Besides, you can use it to clean your pet’s beddings.
  • Mitigate fire instances
Lint facilitates household fires and one way to prevent it from accumulating around vents is to use a vacuum cleaner. All you have to do is to unplug the appliance, say your dryer, then use the crevice tool to reach the tight places.
  • Control insects
Regular vacuuming kills at least 96 % of insects according to a new research by Ohio State University. The cleaner captures tiny particles that are a perfect breeding ground of flea and other insects. Besides, by cleaning tight places such as cracks, you destroy mosquito habitats.
  • Reduce allergens
A dusty house is a recipe for an outbreak of allergies. Also, the entry of pollen from outside air causes allergies. You can prevent this by cleaning curtains, the window, and door screens. And all this is done using a vacuum cleaner.
So, let’s look at the top five vacuum cleaners that you can buy at less than $200.

Affordable cordless vacuum under 200USD
  1. Tineco A10 Hero Cordless Stick/Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

The Tineco A10 vacuum cleaner comes as a handheld and stick cleaner. This makes it ideal to use on your bed, couch, carpet, and hard floor. With a high-performance motor, it provides powerful suction that reaches particles lodged in the carpet with ease.

The cordless design allows for seamless maneuvering be it around corners or furniture. Besides, it is lightweight so you experience minimal arm strain. Its battery provides up to 25 minutes runtime which is enough to clean much of your living room space. Another highlight is that you can use it on multiple floors and also on your car seats.

With the crevice tool, you can reach tight places such as corners, cracks, and spaces between décor. This allows you to eliminate breeding grounds of spiders, mosquitoes, and other harmful insects. And to release trapped dust is as easy as pressing the release button on the bin.
  • Lightweight and portable.
  • Comes in handheld and stick models.
  • Ideal for high-up places.
  • Powerful suction
  • Runtime is low compared to other vacuum cleaners.
  1. MOOSOO Cordless Vacuum

MOOOSOO is a company that is revered for producing top-tier house appliances such as vacuum cleaners. This type features powerful suction which is suited for multiple cleaning purposes. Besides, there are two power modes to choose from; Max mode for faster cleaning and the standard mode which affords you 30 minutes.

This cleaner is taunted for its ultra-silent design compared to other vacuums. You can use it for cleaning the floor, car seats, your bed, and other surfaces. Within the 30 minutes, it will capture all debris, particles, insects, dirt, dust, and others. It features LED lights to illuminate dark corners so you can easily trace debris.

Enjoy hassle-free cleaning thanks to its lightweight and portable design. Whether you want to clean the stairs, high-up places, or delicate surfaces, this vacuum cleaner got you covered. And to purify the air in your house, it comes with a HEPA filter.
  • It features a HEPA filter that captures microscopic particles.
  • Ideal for extended cleaning due to its lightweight design.
  • It provides ultra-silent cleaning.
  • The LED lights enable you to capture most of the debris.
  • The dust bin tends to fill up quickly.
  1. Shark Upright Stick Cordless Bagless Vacuum

This bagless vacuum has a stylish white grey finish that looks awesome even when going about cleaning your house. This is a perfect choice for homes with hairy pets since it is dedicated to capturing pet hair and dander. You’ll also enjoy hassle-free maneuvering thanks to the swivel steering.

You can choose between two-speed modes. One is designed for cleaning carpet floors while the other is ideal for hardwood floors. Thanks to its cordless design, you can clean as many rooms as you need.  Although average, the 0.6-liter dust cup provides adequate space it stores captured particles.

The motorized brush with tough bristles captures particles that are lodged inside the carpet without a fuss. And emptying the bin only requires you to press the release button on top of the cup. Its design also enables you to reach spaces under furniture so you don’t have to move it around.
  • It provides a powerful suction ideal for capturing dirt and pet hair.
  • It comes with two-speed settings for optimum cleaning.
  • It is easy to maneuver.
  • Has a stylish finish.
  • Not ideal for cleaning high-up places.
  • Does not support handheld design.
  1. Hoover Linx Signature Stick Cordless Vacuum
Hoover is a renowned company when it comes to the production of vacuum cleaners. For decades, most households have been using their models such as this signature cordless vacuum cleaner. It is ideal for use both on carpet and hardwood floors and comes with two-speed settings for each floor.

Also, it weighs 10lbs making it a lightweight and portable cleaner to use. This allows you to move it between rooms and also stairs. The low profile design reaches spaces under furniture which are typically hard to clean. The suction technology integrated into this cleaner is so powerful it can capture all types of particles within minutes.

You’ll also enjoy the long-lasting removable batteries that provide a runtime of more than 30 minutes. What’s more, there is a gauge meter that indicates the level of the battery. The buttons are also strategically placed near the fingertips for seamless power control.
  • Comes with long-lasting batteries.
  • Features dual-action – carpet and hardwood floor cleaning.
  • It is lightweight and portable.
  • Comes with a battery gauge.
  • Only used for floor cleaning. You cannot use it on décor, furniture, and other surfaces that need cleaning.
  1. BISSELL ICONpet Cordless Vacuum Cleaner
Finally, we have the BISSELL vacuum cleaner that like other premium cleaners, offers unmatched suction power to capture particles and microorganisms in your house. You can choose between three power modes depending on how dirty a surface is.

This type is ideal for homes with hairy pets as it seamlessly captures all hair on the floor or carpet. Want to clean high-up areas? Well, with the BISSELL cleaner, you are covered. Besides, you can transform it from a stick to a handheld cleaner with ease.

The batteries are long-lasting so you can clean as many places as you want. So, if you are a pet owner and want a cheap yet efficient cleaner, we recommended buying this model.
  • You can use it as a stick and handheld vacuum cleaner
  • It is ideal for homes with pets.
  • It has powerful suction
  • You can choose between three power modes
  • Can cause high noise levels when used for long

Wrap up
Want to spend less than $200 on a vacuum cleaner? Well, consider purchasing either of the above vacuums. Alternatively, you can opt for the Proscenic P10 cordless vacuum cleaner that offers more convenience at the same price.

Coming with an LED screen, it allows you to control the vacuum while enabling you to view the level of the battery. The LED lights on the cleaning head allow you to trace particles while the rotatable brush head ensures all particles are captured, not to mention that it comes with a washable HEPA filter. So, the next time you want to purchase a vacuum, settle for the P10


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