iRobot Roomba i7 VS. Proscenic 830T Robot Vacuum, which is Worth to Buy?
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By Lauren Quan | 12 August 2020 | 0 Comments

iRobot Roomba i7 VS. Proscenic 830T Robot Vacuum, which is Worth to Buy?

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There exist several vacuum cleaners in the current vacuum cleaner market developed by different developers such as the iRobot and Proscenic. iRobot, for instance, has invested much in developing various intelligent vacuum cleaners over the years now. They have made sure that through them, you get the easiest way to clean your floor every day. iRobot furthers substance after-sales services like free shipping, 1-Year warranty, and also a 60-Day money-back warranty.

Proscenic, on the other hand, is presumed to be the future solution givers on intelligent life. 

They are a comprehensive smart home appliance manufacturer with an investment in products like humidifiers, robot vacuum cleaners, water flossers, and many more smart home appliances. With Proscenic, you are guaranteed a 1-year warranty in any purchase you make, free shipping on all orders globally, 30-Day Money back guarantee plus any purchase from Proscenic is safe and secure.

Contrast Between Roomba i7 and Proscenic 830T Vacuum Cleaners
Both the Roomba i7 and Proscenic 830T vacuum cleaners are smart home cleaning vacuum cleaners developed by different developers. They relate in several ways as follows;

The capacities of the two vacuum cleaners vary immensely. While the Roomba i7 comes with a dustbin capacity of 500ml, the Proscenic 830T vacuum cleaner comes with a dustbin capacity of 600ml. This means that you can have a longer cleaning time with the Proscenic 830T vacuum cleaner than the Roomba i7.

Suction Power
Suction power determines how best a vacuum cleaner will offer the cleaning service. The higher the suction power, the efficient the said vacuum cleaner. The Roomba i7 vacuum cleaner comes with a suction power of 1700Pa, while the Proscenic 830T vacuum comes with a suction power of 2000Pa while operating on the maximum mode. 

Battery Life
Battery life is an essential factor to put in place. The Roomba i7 makes use of a rechargeable battery that can offer you 60 continuous working minutes while the Proscenic 800T is powered by a rechargeable battery that lasts for 120 uninterrupted working minutes. Since the two vacuum cleaners make use of rechargeable batteries, make sure you choose a vacuum cleaner with longer working life. The battery life is an essential factor if you don’t want to stop vacuuming to recharge regularly. 

Control and Compatibility

Both the Roomba i7 and Proscenic 830T provide you an easy way to control them. For instance, the Roomba i7 vacuum cleaner is easy to manage using the iRobot app. You only need to download the android app, connect it to your vacuum cleaner, and control your vacuum cleaner. Roomba i7 is also highly compatible with the Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

On the other hand, Proscenic 830T can also be controlled through an application that allows you to plan, monitor, stop cleaning, and remote control it. Proscenic 830T also has an added advantage as it is highly compatible with the Amazon Alexa, allowing you to command it through your voice.

A rechargeable battery powers the two vacuum cleaners, but not all can automatically return to the charging dock. With the Roomba i7, you have to monitor the battery life and command it to return to the recharging dock. On the other hand, Proscenic 830T automatically detects when the battery is low and automatically returns to the charging station for recharging.

The design is another essential feature if you need excellent maneuverability. A good vacuum cleaner must be made slim enough to allow it to maneuver under your furniture for effective cleaning—these vacuum cleaners in a circular shape with different profile sizes. The Roomba i7 comes with 13.4 inches in diameter and 3.7 inches in tallness. In comparison, the Proscenic 830T vacuum cleaner is 2.992 inches tall, making it effectively fit under furniture, the corners and hard to reach points in your home.

Smart Mapping

The smart mapping technology allows your vacuum cleaner has a plan on the specific area it requires to clean. The Roomba i7 uses the iAdapt 3.0 Navigation in line with the vSLAM technology that allows it to map your room n its surrounding to seamlessly and efficiently vacuum it. The Proscenic 830T, on the other hand, uses the IPANS 2.0 intelligent cleaning system, which allows real-time positioning and smart home cleaning plan. The system also allows the vacuum to determine where it is and lets it systematically have your home cleaned.

No Go Zone Technology
While vacuuming your home or your office space, there are zones that you won’t like the vacuum cleaner to vacuum, and the two vacuum cleaners offer you this. The Roomba i7 creates virtual boundaries that restrict it on the specific rooms it should clean. On the other hand, the Proscenic 830T makes use of virtual magnetic tape, which restricts it from entering the area that does not need to be vacuumed.

Pet Hair Picking
Pet hair is a speck of particular dirt that requires a unique vacuum cleaner. Pet hair can easily tangle the brush of your vacuum cleaner hence may render it ineffective. The Roomba i7 is ideal for you if you own pets. It makes use of a premium 3-stage cleaning system that clears any pet hair from your home. The Proscenic 830T also comes with the V-boost technology that aids in clearing off any pet hair with no struggle.

When deciding to but a vacuum cleaner, it should not strain your budget; instead, go for a vacuum cleaner that has the best features you require with a budget that will not strain you. When a vacuum is cheap, it does not mean it is ineffective; some lowly priced vacuum cleaners sometimes offer the best vacuuming surfaces than the higher priced ones. For instance, the Roomba i7 comes with a price of $599 while that of Proscenic 830T is just $ 268.

Both the Roomba i7and Proscenic 830T are cordless and can be scheduled to vacuum your home. You don’t need to follow them from place to place to make sure that they are vacuuming your house. The funny thing here is that you can also schedule them to clean your home even if you are not around. To achieve this, they are equipped with several sensors that direct them. They come with sensors like anti-falling sensors that direct them to avoid falling off the cliffs. The anti-collision sensors that lead them against knocking your furniture when vacuuming a high traffic room. Also, the dirt sensors that direct them to dirt more so where it is highly concentrated. 

Both the Roomba i7 and the Proscenic 830T allows you to schedule their cleaning activity. Using the respective mobile applications, you don’t need to be at home to have the vacuum clean your space; you only need to schedule it and have the house vacuumed at any time.

Cleaning System
When it comes to the cleaning system, the iRobot i7 and Proscenic 830T use it to ensure the right positioning and house planning so that it can clean your house without challenges. 830T uses IPANS 2.0 while the Roomba i7 uses the vSLAM technology cleaning system. Furthermore, for navigation, it uses the iAdapt 3.0.

Considering all the factors and features, you only need to go for a vacuum cleaner that suits your budget at the same time satisfying your needs. The Proscenic 830T outweighs other vacuum cleaners in terms of features, service delivery, and majorly the cost. The Proscenic 830T is cost-effective, thus worth to buy.

The fantastic thing with the Proscenic 830T is that it is developed and sold by the Proscenic is considered as the future of manufacturing devices for intelligent life. It is one-stop online shopping with a good collection of smart home appliances.

Visit them today and have the best quality smart appliance among them The Proscenic 830T at a discounted price. You will also be amazed by the free shipping service globally.


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