iRobot Roomba 960 VS Proscenic M6 Pro, which is worthy of buying?
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By Lauren Quan | 06 August 2020 | 0 Comments

iRobot Roomba 960 VS Proscenic M6 Pro, which is worthy of buying?

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In this guide, we will discuss why you need to purchase either iRobot Roomba 960 or Proscenic M6 Pro. Furthermore, which gadget is cost-effective.

Many people might not be aware of vacuum cleaners, and that is the big reason why they are not living with one. However, this should not be the case. Now I don’t know much about you, but since you are here, I will not exaggerate, but the robot vacuums are gaining popularity fast as we could imagine.

In fact, due to the improvement in technology and the world of the Internet of Things (IoT), where technology is playing a significant role in handling human-computer interaction and task completion and increased adoption of the use of Smartphones in this 21st century.

People are starting to realize several gadgets that would help them clean their private rooms and be family-friendly with pets or with kids playing around. As a result of any activity held within the house or any home, one must accumulate some dirt or, in more cases, a lot of trash that takes more time to clean up manually and freshen the air.

Before you decide on why you need this particular gadget for your home, you must understand what they are first.

It is necessary to have a clean home. Hence, vacuum-cleaning is the best choice and serves home cleaning purposes such as floor mopping, its more convenient that you need these gadgets.

iRobot Roomba 960
This is part of the series of autonomous robotic vacuum cleaners sold by iRobot

Its Identified as a low profile device with a height of 3.6 inches purposefully to cater to critical places cleaning activities such as under the beds, wardrobes, cabinets under the tables sits and other furniture’s positions. It has a large dust container of 750ml that allows emptying it after two cycles throughout the house of 2000square feet and more.  

The following are factors to consider before making a decision which one to buy
  • Design
  • Battery
  • Suction
  • App
  • Design
The iRobot Roomba series, in this case, the 960 is a rounded-shaped device comes with two large rubber wheels to make It easy to navigate through the door thresholds and also prevent the delicate surfaces from damage. Has the front wheel purposefully to enable forward movement of the robot. It is designed with two roller brushes to make transitions from carpets to hard floors easier. Its back part has the dustbin as the front part is covered with sensors to indicate obstacles.

On its top, there is a camera to help in the navigation of which, when it's covered with an opaque material like a cotton piece of cloth or any other equipment that hinders visibility, then the robot navigation won’t work.
It has a sweeping brush that collects or helps grab dirt in the corners; however, the brush might still miss some of the hardest circular-shaped vacuums as the edges might be too big for the brush.

The robot has three buttons on its top where the “Home” button commands it to go to charging station, “Spot” button commands to remove spots. And lastly, the large button “Clean” to activate the robot.

Proscenic M6 Pro

This is not the latest product among the Proscenic series, but it’s one of the best vacuum cleaners to put on your prior list. Proscenic is a combination of “prosperous” and “Scenic,” a symbol for a future intelligent life as we travel in this IoT world.
  • Design
It is designed with a black and silver smooth gradient exterior giving it a glossy feel and measures roughly

345mm in diameter and 94mm in height.

The LDS sensor is located on the far rear of the vacuum.

It is surrounded by infra-red sensors of which need to be kept clean all through.

The M6 Pro has the main rolling brush at the base, the water tank holes, two rubber wheels, the four anti-fall sensors, and the center well.

At the rear, the air exhaust is located with charging contacts.

Under the same rubber cover on the top, there two main buttons at the top can be used to turn on and off the device, send back to base for recharging, start/ pause cleaning and reset network configuration.

The general design of Proscenic body consists of a very soft main brush with rubber.

The dustbin is located beneath the top cover right next to the cleaning and cutting tool.

To use this vacuum cleaning gadget, you need to attach the mop adapter.

It is controlled by remote control, which is of higher quality and more compact with an LCD screen on top.
Besides, the dustbin is divided into two compartments a 300ml one for dust and 180ml for water.

Several features make M6 pro be your number one priority to go for. Despite its quotation of price, you won’t regret its worth, and usage will move around your expectations in line, and the duties played together with your consistent maintenance, you will have the best of the device.

Here we look at the pros of M6 pro and a few of the features and where to get the M6 pro vacuum cleaner.
  • LDS 360
M6 pro scans your house through 360 degrees. This cost-effective intelligent robot vacuum helps you make the quickest and organized cleaning plan.
  • Battery
Uses Li-ion type battery, 14V 3200mAH, which totals 110 minutes of continuous cleaning hence making it more appropriate and endurable.
  • Advanced Electric water tank
With the programmed water outlet system, it can clean large surfaces and distribute water homogeneously through the mop, unlike the Roomba’s iRobot.
  • Y Mopping
Moping is enhanced with a Y shaped cleaning path that enables triple-pass mopping action hence cleaning every dirt and grim, unlike the 960, which does not clean circular edges.
  • 2 in 1 cleaning
Has a large capacity tank that is divide into two part of it collecting dust and the other for mopping which makes it convenient and appropriate.
  • iRoom cleaning system
 This is the feature that makes the M6 Pro exclusive as compared to Roomba’s 960. Gives the M6 Pro the capability to divide your house into multiple regions. Innovative systems through which you can select specific rooms you want to clean at a scheduled time. This helps you have an organized cleaning schedule.
  • No, Go zone
An app controls the M6 Pro, and you can enable the settings to define forbidden areas that you don’t want the robot to clean and protect your precious items.
  • Real-time Maps Memory
Up to 5 maps can be saved in robot memory which makes it load quickly than those devices that get their plans saved in the app
  • Virtual Voice Control
With the exciting and more interesting current virtual voice technology, you can voice command M6 Pro with Alexa and Google Assistant to start-stop and charge.
  • An Always Stand by System
Always home and always ready. Smart and seeking the charging spot when the battery is low and returning to where it left to continue and finish up the task. This is how quick the M6 pro is.
  • Laser Sensors
M6 Pro is covered with 15 sensors that help the robot vacuum cleaner to handle different surroundings. A fall avoiding sensor can detect the ledge. And more importantly, it has the Obstacle detecting sensor that can prevent a collision.
  • Suction Enlarge System
It has a powerful turbine that maximizes its excellent suction power of up to 2600Pa. Capable of removing all types of dirt, unlike other devices.

With the fast growth of technology in the 21st century and the significant impact of the intent of things as the path we are walking through, I recommend you go for M6 Pro is its more convenient, cost-effective, and also worthwhile to have in this era.

However, the robot may not only perform better for someone who doesn’t love smart devices, of which I don’t this that kind of people exist, so you have the best priority to go for. Specifically, in terms of control, you enjoy using Voice commands through Google Assistant that so familiar with any android device that makes it more relevant and fun.  You can purchase your M6 Pro here at an affordable price.  


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