Shark Ion P50 V Proscenic P10: A Comparison Review
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By Lauren Quan | 05 August 2020 | 0 Comments

Shark Ion P50 V Proscenic P10: A Comparison Review

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We all know how much a vacuum cleaner comes in handy when cleaning your house. It does a thorough job and for less time. What should you look for when buying a vacuum cleaner for your home? This article will review two cordless vacuum cleaners, the Shark Ion P50 and the Proscenic P10. Between the  two

affordable cordless vacuum cleaners, which one outperforms the other or has better features? If you are searching for a vacuum cleaner that will suck all the dirt from your home, read this review to help you get an idea of what suits you the best. 

Proscenic P10 Overview
The proscenic P10 is a cordless vacuum cleaner that can both be used as a hand-van and also an upright unit. The P10 vacuum has a compact design with a sporty pistol grip. The vacuum comes with several attachments and a touchscreen interface, which makes it easier to control it. The dimensions of this cleaner are 47x10x8.6 inches and a total weight of 8 lbs.

Features: Proscenic P10
  • Power Modes-The Proscenic P10 has four different adjustable power modes. The maximum cleaning mode stands at 22,000 Pa. The lowest mode is 6500Pa, which is enough for picking up pet hairs and dust. You can switch the cleaning modes, depending on your cleaning needs.
  • Battery Life-The P10 has a 2,200mAh removable battery. A fully charged battery delivers a cleaning section of 12 to 40 minutes, depending on the cleaning mode and speed. The advantage of a removable battery is that it gives you more cleaning time if you have two batteries. Additionally, this vacuum kit has a wall bracket that can be used as a charging dock.
  • Filters-One of the key factors to look for in a vacuum cleaner is the filters, especially the HEPA filters. The P10 comes with a 4-tier filtration system with HEPA. The filters are removable and washable. You can use them for six months before you think of replacing them. The HEPA filters trap the allergen in your house to keep you healthy, especially if you have allergy issues.
  • Dust bin-The P10 has a dustbin capacity of 0.65 liters. If you have a relatively dirty house, you might need to empty the bin a couple of times.
  • Touch Screen Controls-The Proscenic P10 vacuum cleaner has an intuitive and easy to use touch screen displays. The display shows the different modes of cleaning, error codes, and battery life.
  • Accessories-This vacuum is a multi-cleaner. You can use it for cleaning the dust on the walls, floors, curtains, under the future, ceilings, and almost all the surfaces in your home. The vacuum has a rotatable floor head with soft bristles and a zigzag pattern to effectively remove debris and pet hair from your floors.
When cleaning the small areas such as the carpeted steps and the upholstery, switch the floor head with a mite attachment. The motorized brush rolls remove all the dirt leaving your space clean.
Other accessories that come with this vacuum cleaner is the soft-bristle brush and a crevice tool.
  • Suction-The Proscenic has a powerful suction power, which is twice more than other vacuums. This vacuum's suction power stands at 22,000Pa, which enables it to pick up any strand of hair, debris, food crumbs, or dust along its way.

 Shark Ion P50 Overview

The Shark Ion P50 is a unique vacuum cleaner with its motor and dust cap close to the base. This aspect makes it easier and comfortable to use because the weight is distributed at the base. Also, it has a large dustbin with two liters' capacity, which makes it suitable for cleaning a large space.
The P50 is a cordless, lightweight vacuum that uses two brushes roll, and the battery is detachable. Additionally, depending on the use, the vacuum can be used as a stick vac, handheld, or upright vacuum cleaner.

Features:  Shark Ion P50

Cleaning Modes- the Shark ion P50 has three different vacuuming modes. The Power Lift-Away feature enables you to use the vacuum in four different modes. The modes are the upright mode, which is the default mode and similar to using the upright vacuum. The second mode is the stick mode, enabling the user to easily and effortlessly clean under the furniture. The third mode is the handheld mode, making it easier for the user to clean the couches, vehicle, or upholstery.
Removable Battery- Like the Proscenic P10, this vacuum cleaner comes with a removable battery with 28.8V. It allows you to charge it separately and continue with the cleaning session if you have an additional battery. A fully charged battery can give you a cleaning session of about 50 minutes.
Filters-The Shark Ion P50 has a three filtration system, two at the pre-motor and 1-post motor. It comes with HEPA filters that keep the air around your free from allergens. The pre-motor filters are located on the side of the vacuum for easy accessibility. Clean the filters at least once in a month and the HEPA once a year.
The dustbin-This vacuum cleaner has a capacity of 0.54dry quartz. If you have a large area to clean, you will have to empty the dustbin a few times. Emptying the dustbin is quick and easy; a simple push of the button releases the bin door's bottom to release the dirt.
Accessories-The P50 comes with additional tools to help you clean the floors and the upholstery and other areas of your house. It comes with a crevice tool for cleaning the areas that hard to reach, a dusting brush for cleaning the upholstery and low pile carpets, an ION power core charger, in case you want to charge the battery separately, and an upholstery tool with linings at the front and back for a smooth agitation.
Touchscreen- The shark ION does not have the touchscreen control interface. Also, the suction power of this vacuum cleaner is not indicated.

Specs Comparison of the Shark ION P50 and the Proscenic P10
Model Proscenic P10 Shark ION P50
Charging time 4-6 hours 3-4 hours
Modes Four Three
Dustbin 0.65 liters 2.4 liters
Suction 22,000 max N/A
Battery Removable provides up to 40 minutes cleaning time Removable, provides up to 50 minutes cleaning time on low mode
Touchscreen Yes No
Filters 4-tier filtration system, including the HEPA filters 3 filters, including the HEPA filters
Weight 8 lbs. 12.3 lbs.
Accessories Floor roller brush, rotatable brush head, a powerful brushless motor, long crevice nozzle, a mini motorized brush, and a round brush. Duster crevice tool, ION power core charge, upholstery tool, and dusting brush.
Price $199.00 $299.99

Pros of Proscenic P10 Vacuum Cleaner
  • Four cleaning modes
  • Easy to empty dustbin
  • Easy to use and intuitive touchscreen display
  • Multiple attachments for different types of floors
  • Powerful suction
  • Removable batteries
  • HEPA filters
  • Easy to move and maneuver around
  • Relatively short battery life

Pros of the Shark ION P50
  • Large dustbin capacity
  • Run time of 50 minutes on low mode
  • HEPA filters
  • Lift-Away feature
  • Has headlight
  • Quite heavy in comparison to Proscenic P10
  • Minimal attachments
  • Too short hose
  • Not great at cleaning the edges
  • Does not have a motorized brush roll tool
  • The brush roll cannot be turned off

Final Verdict: Shark ION P50 V Proscenic P10
These two vacuum cleaners are high-performance and have a lot to offer when it comes to cleaning your house. The Shark ION P50 is versatile and a high-performance vacuum cleaner. However, the Proscenic P10 is less expensive and has better tech features that the shark ION. Additionally, the Proscenic P10 has an excellent suction power, which removes even the deeply rooted hairs and debris in your carpet and floors, a power that lacks in Shark ION. The vacuum's suction power stands at 22,000Pa, which powerful, bearing in mind an average vacuum cleaner has a suction power of 14,000Pa. Overall, the Proscenic P10 is a better performer and at a much lower price.


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