Roomba 690 Review, is it Worth Buying?
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By Lauren Quan | 05 August 2020 | 0 Comments

Roomba 690 Review, is it Worth Buying?

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Let’s think of a device that could clean your house on its own while you relax. If you have a busy schedule or feel lazy to do daily cleaning then make your move for the iRobots, because iRobot vacuum cleaner says no to cleaning. They don’t argue or complain as humans do about working all day to make the house clean.
In short iRobot’s make your fantasies come true. ROOMBA 690 is an amazing robot vacuum cleaner by iRobot. It comes with tremendous functions and can be operated via your smartphones. 
The Roomba 690 contains 
● Cliff sensors
● RCON sensor
● Charging contacts
● 2 roller brushes
● 2 main wheels
● Removable dustbin
● Side brush
Roomba 690 owns a black and silver circular shape body which is 13 inches wide and 3.7 inches tall. Roomba 690’s design enables it to clean under heavy furniture, couches, and cupboards. It weighs about 7.4 pounds. 
According to its size, it's hefty. Its structure includes a button to start, pause, or end the cleaning activity. A set of icons is also present which includes the spot cleaning icon and the home icon.
It runs on 2 AA batteries. You can also control the Roomba 690 with the help of your smartphone. For this, you just have to download the iRobot app from apple store or Play store.
It is controlled by voice command. Via Alexa or Google Assistant voice commands. It’s the best choice when you want to grade up on your technology and cleaning game.
iRobot vacuum, Roomba 690 cleans with the touch of dirt detection system that assists in detecting dirt and debris by moving around. Its working style is very simple. It has a built-in bumper that helps the robot vacuum cleaner to run on the walls, you can change its path and can work non-stop. It also has a high suction power.  
Roomba 690 does not have any memory feature in it like some other Roomba vacuum models. So, we can say that it can sweep around your home but it cannot navigate your floor plan as other models do. As this model lacks memory feature but it can clean your home quicker than other higher models those who have memory feature.
Carpets gather dirt, small particles and allergens due to its soft and warm nature. Because of this, carpets can be a source of many health issues like allergy or asthma. So, carpets must be cleaned properly. In the past robot vacuum, cleaners did not provide deep cleansing to the carpet. But now, in this modern era with the technological advancements’ robot cleaners are capable of deep cleaning the carpets.
Roomba 690 vacuum cleaners can clean the carpets. As it has high suction power, it has no problems with sucking different litter on floor or thin carpets. But it struggles on the thick carpet to suck smaller particles. As it was earlier discussed that Roomba 690 has a simple working style due to which it takes more time than other models.
• It has manifold control methods like Alexa voice control, smartphone, remote control and also self-control buttons you use whatever you want.
• It can do sweeping, mopping and vacuuming.
• Compact design allow convenient storage. 
• Noiseless working. 
• Anti-collision and Anti-dropping sensors are present. 
• sensors are present. 
Better Alternative Range
 While internet surfing and market research, there are possibilities that you move towards the iRobot Roomba line. It is because the Roomba has dominated the market for many decades. But now some other iRobot vacuum cleaners are ready to give a tough time to Roomba’s realm. Proscenic products are as follows:
Proscenic M7 Pro
• Proscenic M6 Pro
• Proscenic 830T
• Proscenic 820S

Now the question arises that where to find these new products? From where to buy? So, here is your answer.
You can easily find or buy these products on Amazon, eBay and Proscenic stores. They will provide you free shipping on the purchasing of your product.
Proscenic products are the new norm. These multi-featured products are highly recommended. They are completely automatic and do not need any mechanical power to work. Not only cleaning, but they can also perform mopping action. Furthermore, they do not make any noise or any other kind of pollution as they use electric energy as a power source. These products can make your life easy. 
 M7 Pro Vacuum robot by PROSCENIC has multifarious technologies. IPANS 3.0 intelligence is used which creates real-time maps of your home & plans the best cleaning track. It has 24 sensors installed in it, including LDS 360 degree which scans your map from every possible angle & detects all obstacle locations to clean without any hiatus. 
It has a Vboost feature which automatically increases the suction power to a maximum as soon as it detects a carpet to clinch thorough cleaning. This robot has upgraded suction power with 17.7 cm suction inlet which pulls out dirt and trapped hair from hard floors and carpets. It is installed with the iRoom Cleaning System which divides your home into regions so you could choose the room or even just a zone for it to clean. 
It also works for multi-floor houses using Proscenic Home App. You can also put areas in the No-go zone in settings to restrict them from going to specific places for cleaning. With 5200mAh Lithium-Ion Battery it provides up to 150 minutes of working time. It goes back to charging as soon as the battery gets low & resumes cleaning after being charged.
● Access to a voice command by Alexa & Google Assistant
● It removes the dust from the robot’s dustbin automatically.
● The water tank is small
 M6 Pro Vacuum robot by PROSCENIC uses advanced technology to operate. It is installed with 15 different sensors including fall avoiding and obstacle detecting sensors. This robot uses LDS 360 Degree technology to create a virtual map of your home & divide it into regions using iRoom Cleaning System.
You have the option to select different regions for cleaning or to restrict the robot from entering specific regions by adding the place to the No-go zone using the app. It can store up to 5 maps which means you can also use it in multi-floor houses. 
This robot has an enlarged suction system with a maximum power of up to 2600 Pa. It has electric water which helps to mop large surfaces easily using the Y-mopping path. With 3200mAh Lithium-Ion Battery it provides up to 110 minutes in a single charge. It has a stand-by system which means it goes to charging spot when the battery is low and resumes the cleaning after.
● 2 in 1 cleaning
● Voice command by Alexa & Google Assistant
● Less runtime per single charge
● No Auto base
Proscenic 830T
Proscenic 830T is a robot vacuum cleaner with a multitude of advanced technologies. IPANS 2.0 intelligence cleaning system is used, through this system a cleaning plan is installed in the robot which aids in impressive cleaning. This machine can be controlled by an app you can start and stop the operation at any time.
The app needs a wifi connection to function. The machine is chargeable, after doing its function it automatically returns to its charging site. The charging site must be installed at an appropriate place that is easily accessible to the robot. 
It can crossover obstacles as it has a 1.5cm mounting capability which facilitates smooth function. It is equipped with a water tank, mopping action is completed by water drainage from the tank. The water will not drain during charging and standby mode because of microelectronic control technology. Sensors are installed which shields the robot from falling from a high surface. 
Pros :
● Effortless to control as it can be operated by an app. 
● Quiet working, no noise is produced. 
● Not ideal for carpet cleaning
Proscenic 820S
Proscenic 820S is a robot vacuum cleaner with an elegant design and a bunch of attributes. This tool is controlled by an app, you can start, stop and pause the function according to your need.
This cleaner has a powerful suction property and various suction modes are used. Normal mode is used for getting rid of hair, dust and dirt, the max mode is employed for removing large waste particles. It is capable of cleaning carpets efficiently.
The robot detects the carpet and switches to extreme suction speed for deep cleansing, it comes back to normal suction speed as long as it leaves the carpet surface. Anti-collision and Anti-falling sensors are installed in it to protect it from obstacles and from falling respectively.
It is powered by chargeable batteries; it returns to the charging station after completing its work. A 600ml dust bin is also attached which allows large dirt storing capacity and improved functioning. 
● The operating time is 120 minutes. 
● The sleek design allows easy storage. 
● Alexa voice control makes it unchallenging to use. 
● Boundary markers are not included. 
● It gets lost easily while returning


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