Review: Dyson V7 Motorhead, great for rugs
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By Lauren Quan | 05 August 2020 | 0 Comments

Review: Dyson V7 Motorhead, Great for Rugs

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For over a decade, Dyson has been producing some of the most sort-after vacuums thanks to their ingenuity, futuristic technology, and longevity in the industry. Their vacuums are easy to use, assembly, and maintain. Not to mention their sleek and colorful design.
As demand for these cleaners changed, so did they employ new technologies. And for this, they came up with the cordless range of vacuum cleaners, among them, the Dyson V7 Motorhead. It is part of the Dyson V7 series of cordless vacuums.
In this article, we look at the Motorhead model, its design, performance, and much more. So, without further ado, let’s dive in!

While it slightly resembles the V6 model, the V7 comes with numerous upgrades and more brush power. First off, it comes with a no-touch dust bin with a release tab. This allows you to empty the bin without touching the dirt. All you have to do is pull the lever and the flap at the bottom will open.
Next off, the vacuum allows you to transform it from a stick to a handheld cleaner. All you have to do is to click on the release button and you are set to clean your couch or furniture without a fuss. It complements your décor and maintains the aesthetic aspect thanks to the purple and grey exterior.

This cleaner weighs 5.45 pounds and has an ergonomic grip that enables you to reach high-up places without straining your arm. Furthermore, the crevice tool reaches dirt in tight places such as between décor.
And to capture microscopic particles, it is equipped with 15 cyclones that create a centrifugal force. As such, dust particles, pet hair, and dander will not escape this machine. Another highlight is that the buttons are easy to access. This allows you to switch between the two power modes – Max and Power mode – with ease.
When it comes to battery performance, the vacuum does not disappoint. The run time is capped at 30 minutes depending on the mode. When using the motorized cleaner-head, the V7 Motorhead runs for up to 20 minutes. The Max mode offers a higher suction power compared to the Power mode. It only takes you 3.5 hours to fully charge the battery.
As mentioned above, the suction power is determined by the mode put into operation. Typically, the vacuum has an average suction power of 1000AW in Max mode. This is adequate to capture all sorts of particles on the carpet and other surfaces.
Size and dimension 
The V7 Motorhead measures 8.2 inches in height, 49 inches in length, and 9.8 inches width. When converted to a handheld vacuum it is 5.5-inch wide and 12-inch tall. It is lightweight measuring just about 5.45 pounds.
The Dyson V7 Motorhead comes with the following accessories:
  • Charger: Used to charge the vacuum.
  • Wall mount: This is where you attach the cleaner during charging or in idle mode.
  • Motorized brushroll: It allows for faster and vigorous cleaning of surfaces.
  • Crevice tool: This tool enables you to capture particles in tight places.
How it cleans
The V7 Motorhead typically utilizes straight suction when cleaning, however, on some surfaces, it couples agitation and suction to capture debris and dirt. That said, the mode it uses to clean depends on the configuration – handheld or stick. Once the debris has been captured, the 2-tier radial cyclone system sorts out large debris from small particles. As such, the bin storage capacity increases.
Whether using the handheld or stick mode, maneuvering the Dyson V7 Motorhead is a piece of cake.
  • Stick mode
In the stick mode, the vacuum head can turn 90 degrees. This makes it easy to clean around corners and furniture. Also, thanks to its lightness you can easily clean high-up places with ease.
  • Handheld mode
The handheld mode allows you to reach places that would otherwise be impossible to reach using the stick mode. In short, it goes with you wherever you go. And thanks to the dusting brush, you can clean delicate surfaces.
How does it work on different surfaces?
Now, let’s see how the vacuum performs on soft and heavy rugs and hardwood floors.
  • Soft and heavy rugs
On rugs, the Dyson V7 Motorhead performs exceptionally. Why? Because of the friction between the rug and the debris. This allows the vacuum to capture the particles with ease. However, particles such as sugar may evade capture due to their small size. As such, the vacuum cleaner is an ideal option for rug cleaning.
  • Hardwood floor
On hardwood floors, the vacuum lacks in exceptional performance. While it captures 99.9 percent of hair, and pet dander, it fails when it comes to larger particles such as cereals. Instead of capturing, the motorized brushroll tends to fling the cereals away from the suction part. Besides, the brushroll is close to the ground which pushes the particles forward. We wouldn’t recommend the V7 on such floors. Instead, settle for the Dyson V10 model.
How to maintain the Dyson V7 Motorhead
To ensure optimal performance, you need to conduct continual maintenance. This includes:
  • Replacing the battery when it needs replacing. While this should not worry you, it is recommended that you check on the battery after a few months of operation. Ensure to fully charge it after it runs low.
  • Clean the lifetime central filter after a month. Let it dry for 24 hours before you can use it again.
  • Like the central filter, you should clean the HEPA filter once a month. Use cold water and let it air dry for about 24 hours. It is also a lifetime filter.
How to clean the Dyson V7 Motorhead
Cleaning the vacuum is straightforward. Follow the steps below.
1. Detach the different parts such as the stick, motorhead, and brushes. Use a damp cloth to clean them.
2. Use a screwdriver to disassemble the Motorhead. Use a damp cloth to clean its part and ensure that there is no debris left.
3. Next off, empty the bin by pulling the release lever that will open the bottom of the bin. Detach the bin from the motor unit by pressing the red release button. Once removed, use warm water to clean the bin and let it air dry.
4. Now, use a soft brush to clean the inner part of the motor unit.
5. Finally, clean the filter under cold water.
While the V7 Motorhead vacuum proves to be an exceptional cleaner, it is rivaled by the Proscenic P10 cordless vacuum cleaner not only in functionality but also in price. Let’s see how the P10 compares to the V7.
Proscenic P10 cordless vacuum cleaner
Unlike the V7, the P10 comes with an LED touchscreen that shows the battery level, suction mode, and error codes. This allows you to precisely control the vacuum without a fuss. Besides, the touchscreen allows you to switch between the four power modes.
Power modes and suction power
The vacuum has four power modes with the Max mode coming with an exceptional suction power of 22000 Pa while the lowest mode provides a 6500 Pa suction power. As such, it can capture from microscopic to large particles.  The cleaner thus offers a better cleaning experience compared to other vacuum cleaners.
Mini motorized brush
This type features a mini motorized brush, which is absent from the Dyson V7 Motorhead. The component allows you to remove dirt and dust on the couch, bed, and other furniture when in handled mode.
Crevice tool
Like the V7, it comes with a crevice tool that enables you to capture particles in cracks, corners, and tight places. You can even use it on your laptop and other electronic devices.
Round brush
Want to remove dust from curtains or high-up décor? Well, thanks to the round brush, removing dirt becomes a piece of cake. It captures dirt and other debris without damaging the fabric of the curtains.
The P10 also comes with a long-lasting battery that offers service for 40 minutes in low-speed mode and 25 minutes in high-speed mode. As such, it offers 5 minutes more compared to the V7 Motorhead cleaner. Again, the suction power is also higher.
The brush head of the vacuum rotates 180 degrees to the right and left enabling you to capture every particle. Also, it can perform a 90-degree rotation front-side. So, regardless of where the debris is, this cordless vacuum will certainly capture.

Wrap up
As you can see, the P10 vacuum is ideal compared to the V7 Motorhead. It features a longer-lasting battery, an intuitive user interface, a mini motorized brush, and a round brush that allows you to clean your house with ease. Not to mention the cheaper price. So, if you are thinking of buying a cordless vacuum cleaner, settle for the Proscenic P10 cleaner.


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